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This is the husband here wanting to tell you all about my wife having a get together with some old college roommates to meet at one of the girl's homes in a relatively nearby city (2 hour drive away) for a mini-reunion last weekend. My wife was excited to see her old girlfriends, and I was excited by the possibility for my wife to have some fun in a different city, with maybe a new friend.

My wife just said "yeah right" whenever I mentioned to her that this would be a good opportunity for her to play with someone new (she has had two lovers since we started in this lifestyle, both of which were old friends from high school). I decided not to push the issue any further, and I drove her down and me and the kids left her at her friend's house and we stayed in a nearby hotel.

About an hour after dropping off the kids I texted her and said that the kids are having fun and that she should have fun too...at least a "bj" which as you all know is short for blow job. Her only response was "kiss the boys for me and I love you".

The lack of acknowledgement of my sexual part of the text peeked my curiosity and got my heart (and blood to my dick) pumping. I found it extremely odd that she didn't say any contradictory response to my "bj" comment, and it kept me up late thinking about what she was doing.

The girls had planned an evening out at a local bar where there was an 80's band playing. I knew at a minimum my wife would be having a great time drinking with her old friends and maybe dancing, but was hopeful that she may meet someone while she was there.

Anyways, the next morning around 10:00 AM she texted me and asked how the night went with the kids. I texted her back and wrote "great", and asked her if she had fun? She wrote "Yes, we did". The "we" comment of course peeked my curiosity and I then asked if she had "any (fuck-buddy name omitted) type fun", and she replied "not really".

For those of us who have wives who are not always forthcoming with the details, we know that "not really" means something definitely happened! I started to ask in texts about what happened and she texted "later". Ohhh...the agony of having to wait for details!!! It is so bitter sweet!!!

Well, we spent the entire day exploring the city as a family and arrived home very late Sunday night. She was in no mood to talk or play that night because of the long day, so I had to wait another entire night to find out what happened!

Anyways, last night after the kids were in bed I started to ask her questions about what happened. Now, I had not cum (in her or masturbated) for five days, and my cock was already hard. I pulled it out right in the living room and asked her if she met someone. "Yes" was her only response. My cock twitched and she giggled. I brought my dick to her mouth and she surprisingly took it in her mouth and sucked me for a little while.

I then asked her more details, and she said that she saw this "hot" guy walk by her table of friends and that she made eye contact with him. Her friends saw the connection and started to pick on her and "egg" her on to go talk to him. Actually, she said that her friends "dared" her to, and my wife is always up for a good dare. She got up from the table and walked straight up to him and his friend and asked if they wanted to join a table of 4 "hot" girls.

They of course said yes, and the "hot" guy sat down right next to her she said. My wife and her new friend talked and flirted for a while as he rubbed her legs under the table. She also moved her legs on top of his so he could massage her legs better right in the bar. Of course as she is telling me this my wife and I have gotten naked from the waist down and I am about to enter her hot pussy. I slide right in because she is obviously wet thinking about him.

I asked her if her new buddy knew that she was married, and she replied "Yes, I told him". That got me so hot that I almost came inside my wife right then! It is so hot that it didn't matter to him and that he wanted my wife anyways! What man wouldn't I suppose! She then told me how good it was to have a "hot" man caress her like he did and that it made her really wet. Well, with that news I blew my load deep inside her and came a ton (for me anyways).

Well, they had a little alone time in the booth at the bar, and she said they french-kissed and light touched each other for only a little while. This kept me hard for a little while longer while she was able to finish and cum on top of me. Wow...this has a lot of potential!

She gave him a way to contact her on facebook, and he has already asked to be friends and all that on fb. Maybe they will chat online tonight and figure out how they can get together. I'm sure he wouldn't mind driving 2 hours to get some fantastic pussy, so I am certain that they will hook up soon since she told me about three times how hot he was!

The pictures attached are ones I took of her recently in secret. She knows I have them but doesn't always know when I take them. She pretends to be offended but then gets wet knowing I want to share them ... and share HER!

Oh, and maybe the best part is she told me that he wanted to take her on a vacation or a cruise with him. She hasn't said no yet either!!! All she has said is "I probably don't need to do that"...I love words like "probably".

- T & I




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