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I first met my girlfriend Nicole in college. We were casual friends for several years and ended up moving to the same small town after graduating by complete coincidence. There weren't many other people our age in the town so we started to hang out regularly. We went to bars and movies almost every week. Eventually I worked up the courage to ask her out and I was surprised when she said yes. Nicole was gorgeous and had several boyfriends over the previous few years that I knew her. She had no trouble garnering attention from other men and I was undoubtedly a step below her normal standards, at least in terms of looks.

Nicole was extremely open sexually which was great. She didn't cum easily during sex but she masturbated often and enjoyed dressing in naughty outfits. She encouraged me to talk about my fantasies with her and she often shared her own fantasies with me. I was hesitant to share with her at first but I eventually was comfortable enough with her to reveal my cuckolding fetish. She had not heard about it before but she seemed to understand why it was arousing for me. I mentioned corollary fetishes of humiliation and feminization as well. While we discussed it, she gave me a handjob and touched herself at the same time. I came quickly and she spent the next 10 minutes masturbating next to me in bed with my cum on her hand.

After a couple weeks, she brought up the cuckolding idea again and asked me if I still wanted to try it. I cautiously said yes. She said that she'd be willing to do it but wanted to include some her own fantasies as well. In particular, she mentioned her fantasies of dominant older men, public exhibitionism, blackmail, and degradation. Nicole had mentioned all of these fetishes to me before but this was the first time she suggested actually doing them. I'm no psychologist but I think she was into aspects of degradation because she was tired of men showering her with unbridled adoration and wanted to be in a subservient position for a change.

We put an ad online seeking a older dominant guy for her who would force her to do humiliating things. Given the size of our town, we only got a few serious replies. One guy in particular stood out over the others. His name was Mark. He was nearly twice our age but he worked out regularly and had a very muscular and athletic body. His cock was eight inches and I instantly felt the tinge of inadequacy after Nicole read that part of his email. She emailed him back and they were conversing over the phone within the hour. Nicole was very open about what she wanted and Mark was in sync with all her desires. They set up a meeting for the following Saturday. Nicole didn't want me to be present when she was with Mark so she persuaded me to stay home with the promise of telling me everything that happened afterwards.

Nicole got ready for the meeting with Mark. He sent her an email on Saturday morning with precise instructions for where to meet him and what she should wear. Per the instructions, Nicole put on white tube top with no bra and short black skirt with no panties underneath. You could easily see her boobs through the tube top and you could see her pussy from behind if she bent over slightly. It didn't help that she was wearing 4'' heels either. She looked very slutty but seemed pleased looking at herself in the mirror.

Before leaving, Nicole said that she wanted me to feel included while she was gone but wanted make sure that I didn't masturbate waiting for her. She instructed me to get naked which I did and then told me to put on a pair of her panties. I was initially hesitant but she got a pair out of drawer and gave them to me directly. I slipped them on and instantly felt humiliated. The panties were pink and lacy. I got a slight erection and Nicole pushed me on to the bed proceeded to tie my arms and legs to each corner. She did a remarkable job tying the knots and there was no way I could get loose of them. Before she left, she turned on the TV and played a porn DVD of girls getting picked up on the street and fucked in vans.

The DVD had stopped playing for nearly an hour when I heard Nicole come in to the apartment. She looked somewhat disheveled and she sat down on the bed next to me and started telling me about her night. She met Mark at a his house. He made her strip once she got in the door and proceeded to take pictures of her in different poses. He even made her hold her drivers license next to her face for a couple of the pictures. Once done, he threatened her that he would put the photos online and send them to her friends and family if she didn't follow all his commands throughout the night. He then told Nicole to put her outfit back on and they got into his car. While driving, he unzipped his pants and made Nicole suck his dick. This was exciting for her because it also prevented her from seeing where they were going.

They arrived at small strip club in an adjacent town. Mark told Nicole to walk up to the bar once she got in and ask about trying out as a stripper. She did as requested but the bartender said the owner was not in there on weekend so she couldn't try out. She then flirted a little with the bartender and told him she was really eager to give it a try. He eventually agreed but said she couldn't dance on the main stage because the other girls would get mad. He said she could give him a private lap dance and he would tell the owner if she did a good job. She agreed and the bartender led her to a back room. There was a pole in the center of the room and a small couch against one wall. The bartender sat on the couch and told Nicole to start dancing. She started on the pole. She wasn't great but figured out some moves after a minute or two.

She bent over a couple times giving the bartender a great view of her pussy. She then took off her top and skirt and was completely naked in front of the bartender. She approached him on the couch and straddled him. She was touching her boobs and bouncing up and down. Eventually, the song stopped and she asked the bartender what she should do next. He said she did a good job but he wasn't sure if she was good enough to work there. There was then a knock on the door and Mark walked in. Nicole was startled at first but soon put together that this was all set up by Mark beforehand.

The bartender told Mark that Nicole was only ok and Mark became upset. He told Nicole that she had one more chance to make the bartender happy or he was going to release her photos. Another song started and Nicole got back to dancing. She put her boobs into the bartender's face and then turned around and rubbed her butt on his crotch. She could feel the bartender get an increasingly hard erection so she got on her knees in front of him and started touching his dick over his pants. The bartender responded by pulling his pants down and revealing his cock which she instantly took in her mouth. By the time the song ended, and the bartender was close to cumming. He stood up, grabbed Nicole by the hair, and shot his load all over her face. He had a lot of cum and she was covered from chin to forehead. The bartender pulled his pants back up and left the room.

Mark told Nicole to put her clothes back on but not to clean the cum off her face. She did so and Mark then walked her out of the club. Once outside, Mark walked Nicole down the street. People walked by and noticed the cum all over her face. Most people had looks of derision. Some teenagers openly laughed when they saw her. Eventually, they arrived at a park. They walked behind a small structure in the corner of the park and Mark told Nicole to take off her clothes and lay down in the dirt with her face down and ass up. She did so and Mark then took some lube and rubbed it on her asshole. Nicole had never done anal but wasn't going to protest in her current situation. He fingered her ass for awhile and then took off his pants and guided his penis into her. He went slow at first but once he was completely inside her, he started to pick up the pace. As he fucked her, Nicole could feel his balls slap against her pussy with each push. She still had the bartender cum on her face and she could taste it on her lips. After she loosened up, it became pleasurable for Nicole and she rubbed her pussy as he fucked her ass. She came twice before he shot his load inside her.

After putting his pants back on, he took out his camera and shot some more photos of Nicole with cum on her face and dripping out her ass. He took her clothes and said he'd walk to the car and drive it over to the park. He left Nicole there completely naked and she was a little worried. After five minutes, she heard someone approach. She covered herself but soon realized that it was the bartender. He told her to lay down on the ground spread eagle. He then took off his pants and positioned himself in between her legs. He put his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. Nicole came again as the bartender really started pounding her. After about five minutes, the bartender came too and shot his load into her pussy. Nicole now had cum on her face and in her pussy and ass. She felt completely used. The bartender left and Mark came back with Nicole's clothes. They got into the car where Mark had a towel for Nicole to clean herself off. He dropped her off in front of his house and said that he would be happy to meet with her again if she wanted.

As Nicole told me this whole story, she was touching herself and reliving every orgasm in front of me. I had a huge hard on poking through the pink panties. Nicole then reached over and grabbed my cock. She gave it three pumps and I shot my load onto my own stomach. She was surprised by how sensitive I was and said that I must have really enjoyed her story. She then untied me but said I had to spend the night in her panties.

She hasn't met up with Mark again but we're thinking of doing it sometime soon. It was exhilarating for us both and hopefully Nicole will let me watch her with Mark one day.

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