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My girlfriend and I lived together in a small apartment when we were in university. She was beautiful, sexy and daring. She liked to tease me, specially in public. She would grab me, or kiss me and whisper to me that she wanted to fuck. She would flash me her tits or lift her skirt or put her hand down my pants when no one was looking. We almost got caught many times.

One day we went for a walk in the park. It was cool and windy, and there weren't many people around. We sat on a hill and started making out. Then a couple of young men came along the bath below the hill. We were kissing and I had her blouse open and was feeling up her tits when she saw them. She said "Those guys could see us." and then grabbed my cock. I looked and saw they were just talking and walking by and said "I don't think they noticed." Then she pulled her blouse open more and said "Do you dare me to walk down there and show them my tits?" She was always teasing me and trying to embarrass me, which was easy. I was very shy, but it also excited me, to think of her brazenly flashing those guys. We let them walk on and kept making out. We were soon alone again and we fucked in the park.

Another time, we were at a company party at her father's house. All the staff were there for an afternoon in the pool followed by a BBQ. As the afternoon wore on, I was in the kitchen, getting some food ready when my girlfriend walked in, all wet in her one-piece bathing suit. It was cut high over her hips and open at the sides, and very thin but opaque red - very sexy and revealing. There was no one there, but people were coming and going and, as usual, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it and kissing me. I told her someone might come in, but she didn't stop. Then she said "Mike saw my tit." and she pulled the right side of her top to the middle, exposing her tit and said "Like this." and she pulled back a little so I could see her tit. "I dove in the pool and when I came up, it was like this and he was right in front of me and I just froze." I asked "What did you do?" and she said "I just stood there and let him look. I don't think anyone else could see but he did. I think he liked it." Which was obvious. So there we were, kissing in the kitchen, here with her tit out again and she's telling me she just let one of the staff have a good look. And I had a huge hardon and she kissed me then knelt down and sucked my cock. After a few seconds, she came back up and whispered in my ear "I think he wants to see some more. Do you dare me to show him?" Always teasing about flashing other guys, which always embarrassed me and always turned me on.

So anyway, one day we were home in our apartment and my brother came over. He had a short course at the university and was going to stay the night rather than travel home. We had a nice dinner but then I had to study for an exam, so I left them to talk and watch TV. But after a while, they were wrestling. She was athletic and competitive and liked to show off her strength, so it wasn't too surprising, but it was getting a bit noisy and distracting.

After about half an hour, they stopped and my brother went to the bathroom. She came over and kissed me and apologised for making so much noise. She told me they were wrestling but she had a problem. She was wearing one of my shirts and she said "The buttons keep popping open." and she pulled it open a bit and sure enough the buttons popped to reveal her low cut bra and cleavage. I pulled her close, put my face between her tits, pulled down the cup of her bra and sucked on her nipple. It was very erect. "If we keep wrestling, it will pop open again and he'll see more." she said. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" I asked her. She was obviously enjoying herself and she was turned on. She leaned over and said "One time he grabbed me from behind and he grabbed my boob. Through my shirt, of course. But if my shirt came open, he might grab my boob." She put my hand on her boob and pressed into me and said "Do you dare me to keep wrestling? I beat him last time and I think he wants another chance to win. But if you hear screaming, you better come save me." I just have to study for another half hour, I told her. Then we heard the toilet flush, she straightened up, I went back to my studies and they went back to the sofa, and in a few minutes, the wrestling started again.

I finally finished, but it had gone quiet by then. They were on the sofa, watching TV. he was sitting at the end of the sofa and she was in her robe - short white silk and almost sheer, laying on the sofa with her head in his lap. "We're exhausted." she said. "We were hot and sweaty, so we had to have a shower." I hadn't even noticed. "And I'm still hot, so I need to cool down."

They were chummy and she's a tease, but this was unusual even for her. She's extremely sexy in her robe and she obviously didn't have anything on under it. I stood and looked for a minute at her, layed out like that. Her dressing gown is short, hanging only to her upper thighs and with her laying like that, she was really quite exposed, though not so my brother could see exactly. I sat on the edge of the sofa in front of her, hiding her from the waist down. "We're watching a movie." She said, and so we all sat there watching.

But we weren't just watching the movie. She was almost naked and she had her head on my brother's lap and he had one arm over her, because there wasn't really anywhere else he could put it. Sometimes he had it on her arm and sometimes he was giving her a head massage. But all I could think was her head is in his lap, pressed against his cock.

It was weird, but exciting at the same time. She was always teasing, but she had never done anything like this before. I was nervous, but then I began to smell her. She was getting really turned on. She was wet and I realized if I could smell her, so could my brother. I had been rubbing her legs and because of how I was sitting, my brother couldn't really see what I was doing. When I smelled her, I ran my hand up between her legs to find a soaking wet pussy. Her robe was so short her crotch was really exposed. She pulled her legs up and I slipped my fingers between her lips and into her pussy.

It was surreal to be fingering my girlfriend while we were all together on the sofa. We were still, ostensibly, watching the movie, but I wasn't paying much attention any more.

When I looked up, she still had her head in his lap, and one hand under her head, on his thigh. I also noticed that her robe was falling open. From where I was sitting, I could see her tit. She didn't to anything to hide and gradually her robe opened more. Eventually, it was obvious that he could see her also. I was nervous, but also extremely aroused. Here she was, almost naked. I had my fingers in her very wet pussy, her robe was falling open exposing her breast to my brother and she had her head in his lap and a hand on his thigh, and it seemed, gradually, to be going higher.

None of us said anything. We were pretending to watch TV, but by this point, our attention was elsewhere. I didn't look at my brother and he didn't look at me, but from the corner of my eye, I could see that he was looking at her when he thought I wasn't looking.

I didn't know what to do. It was a bit scary, but also very sexy. Eventually her robe had fallen almost completely open so her one breast was obviously exposed and still she did nothing about it. I almost reached over to pull it closed, but instead I reached inside and gently touched her, feeling her tight nipple. She didn't stop me. I still had my other hand with my fingers in her pussy, sliding in and out. She just lay there and very gently wiggled.

After I was feeling her tit, there was really no pretence of watching TV any more. We were still silent, but I slowly opened her robe further, then I pulled my hand away from her exposed breast and watched as my brother slowly moved his hand down to massage her breast. He went slowly and gently at first, gradually feeling around the her firm globe, then squeezing her nipple, then pulling up to her other breast, pulling her robe further open.

She moaned a bit and rolled over onto her back and her robe fell open, exposing her chest. This also pushed me forward to the edge of the sofa, allowing my brother to look down her body. He continues to massage her breasts and I ran my hands down her front and down her legs, opening her robe all along her body. I turned to look at her and them, and she reached up and pulled my brother's head down for a quick kiss and then down to her tits.

I moved down the sofa and continued to rub her legs, gradually spreading them open. Her smell wafted up, filling the room with the smell of her pussy. My brother was kissing her tits and running his hands all over her chest and he looked down to see her bush between her open legs as I ran my hands up to her crotch and massaged her soaking wet pussy. I had never known her so wet.

Then I moved a bit further down the sofa and watched as my brother leaned forward and kissed down her stomach, finally reaching between her legs. She was on her back, her robe fallen to the sides, her legs were spread wide open and he started eating her, right in front of me.

This went on for some time and then he sat up again. She rolled over towards him and started feeling up his crotch. While she was naked, we were both still had our clothes on, but she was massaging his cock and started feeling for his zipper. Then he excused himself and went to the bathroom.

I kissed her and she opened my pants, pulled them down and started giving me one of her wonderful blowjobs. My brother came back and sat on the floor in front of the sofa. I couldn't take any more. I lay her down on the sofa and mounted her, fucking her sloppy pussy until I came.

Then I said "What about him?"

She quietly got up and went to my brother. She stood over him, with her robe open, just fucked and all wet and slippery between her legs. She undressed him and sat on top of him, rolling him on his back. Then she fucked him too.

When we were done, we talked. I said I hadn't ever expected or done anything like that before, and I hoped he was OK. He said he was OK if I was, and that he wasn't sure what kind of relationship we had, but he didn't want to cause any problems. But she said "It's OK. It's not the first time he's seen my breasts."

Then she proceeded to tell me that when they were wrestling her blouse had come open and her bra and come down and he had seen her breasts earlier, but even that wasn't the first time. She said a week earlier, when she had been home for the weekend, he had come over for a bike ride and after that they had gone to her room and he was massaging her legs and back. She said "When he was massaging me, I lifted myself up and he reached under me to feel my breasts, but nothing happened."

So, it was less of a surprise for them than it was for me. But we agreed that it was all OK and we turned in. My brother to the sofa and my girlfriend and me to bed, which was just a few feet away behind a divider, in our little bachelor apartment.

I was so turned on that I couldn't sleep. It was weird what had happened, but incredibly sexy. She hadn't showered, and I kept feeling her slippery pussy. I got another erection and fucked her again, and I fucked her two more times before morning. Each time I woke up, I had an erection and fucked her.

One time in the night, she went to the bathroom. She was gone a long time, but I was exhausted and fell asleep, so I don't know what happened.

In the morning, we had breakfast and my brother said it was a hard night, laying there awake, listening to us fuck again and again.

So that was our first threesome. Despite the awkwardness, we all enjoyed it. Maybe the taboo of sex with my brother even made it better. Certainly, she was no longer a tease. She delivered what she had only suggested so many times before.






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