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I have enjoyed sharing my wife with select men for many happy years. Here is how I was able to get her involved and interested.

Most women will not simply allow a new partner into their bed just because we fantasize about it. They have to be "seduced" into it somewhat gradually. If your lady is like mine, she loosens up a bit after a few drinks (or tokes). She will be much more likely to be in the mood for sex in general, and more likely to be open to the introduction of anything slightly "naughty/kinky".

We were having some great sex one night after a party. We both had a few drinks and was my wife ever feeling horny. After she had cum a few times I brought up the name of a guy that I knew she was attracted to.

He was the owner of a business that we frequented and he used to flirt with her every time he saw her. Stephan was a handsome, charming guy and I knew she thought he was hot.

I had just started to slowly fuck her again when I whispered "I'll bet Stephan would like to be me right now, fucking you with his big hard dick."

She started moaning as I increased the tempo of my thrusting, so I continued. "I'll bet you wouldn't mind if we pretended He was fucking you." She began to moan louder now and I could tell that she was really getting aroused.

I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and lifted her bare ass up off the bed. I began to thrust into her hard and fast.

"Stephan's fucking you now baby", I said, "Take his big hard cock!"

She nearly exploded in orgasm as I slapped it to her good. I then turned her over on her hands and knees and let "Stephan" fuck her doggy style. She had another huge orgasm and after she came down I finished her off as myself again.

I was just as turned on as she was and as I stroked in and out of her sopping wet pussy I asked her if Stephan fucked her good.

"Did you like the way he fucked you honey?"

"He sure made you come, his big dick must have felt real good in your pussy."

I got so aroused that I came like a fire hose. Well after that night I began to "role play" as various men from time to time. Always men who I knew she found attractive, and always someone she knew or came in contact with fairly often.

She really enjoyed this "safe" kinky game, and it is what led to our first threesome. I will gladly relate that story in another post, but try planting the seed of experimentation this way.

The worst that can happen is that you two will have a lot of fun in bed with this "game".

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