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I'm 26 and my girlfriend is 25. Her name is Nicole. We've been living together since we graduated from college. Nicole is somewhat nerdy and likes to play video games. She is the type of girl who almost exclusively has male friends. She works at an internet startup in San Francisco and she is the only girl in the ~20 person company. She is the administrative assistant at the company and works mostly with the CEO helping him schedule meetings and keeping the office organized. She is sexy too but can be a little aloof about her own sexuality. She never thinks guys are hitting on her, even when they buy her drinks and dance with her. I'm super lucky to have her. I'm very skinny and somewhat boyish. Nicole herself could probably pin me wrestling.

In college when we first started dating, I told Nicole about my cuckolding fetish. She was pretty accepting of the concept but wasn't interested in actually doing it. Over the next few years, we discussed it only five or six times, usually while roleplaying during sex. It never got too intense but I definitely kept her aware of my fantasy. I wanted her to be with bigger and more masculine guys who would treat her like their own personal sex slave.

A few weeks ago though before Christmas, Nicole told me that she had met someone after work. Her office was in a building above a bar and she would go to the bar ofter while waiting for the train after work. She'd usually just have food or one drink but apparently she became somewhat of a fixture there. The bartender gave her free drinks since she was the only girl there most of the time. On a Friday, there was apparently a small party at the bar for some guys birthday. One of the guys from the party sat by Nicole at the bar, chatted her up, and eventually asked her on a date. She didn't accept but she got his phone number and told him she would think about it.

The guy's name was Tyson. He was really tall. Nicole said he was maybe 6'4''. He worked at a warehouse and had big muscles, a beard, and looked a little bit like lumberjack. Nicole liked that. I told Nicole that she should call him and go on a date if she liked him. I said that I was a little jealous but that also very turned on that she had met someone finally.

The next day she called Tyson. He wasn't there but she left a detailed message. She told him that she had a boyfriend but would be willing to go on a date if he promised to be discreet. That evening, Tyson called back. He said he understood the situation and was still be interested in seeing her. They set up a date for the following Friday. They would meet at the same bar under her office and then walk around and try to find a restaurant for dinner.

Nicole always wore jeans and t-shirts to work but when the day of her date came, she brought a duffle bag with a change of clothes to work. Once everyone was out of the office, she went to the bathroom and changed into her date outfit. She put on a red dress that she had only worn once before. She got it during college for a graduation party but thought it was too revealing to wear normally. The dress was short and fit pretty tightly to her body. She put on a long coat over it because it was cold outside and then headed to the bar. She was there about thirty minutes before he was suppose to arrive and managed to down a couple free drinks from the bartender in that time. She doesn't have a huge tolerance so she was already somewhat tipsy when he arrived.

When Tyson arrived, he was still wearing his work attire. He apologized for not dressing up but Nicole told him that she thought he looked good and 'manly'. They had a drink together sitting at the bar, now her third overall. They apparently had a good connection and Tyson was resting his hand on her back and her leg by the end. Nicole eventually mentioned that she was hungry and they headed out to get some food.

They meandered down a few blocks looking for a restaurant. It was cold and Nicole clung to her coat and Tyson tightly. He helped keep her warm and also helped her walk straight after al her drinks. They eventually found one place but they had to wait 30+ minutes to get a table so they decided to keep looking. After they turned the block, Tyson stopped and told Nicole that they were in front of the warehouse he worked at. Nicole asked if she could go inside to go to the bathroom and Tyson obliged.

The warehouse was full of repair parts for cars. It had long rows of shelves full of boxes. Tyson led Nicole to the back where there a small bathroom. He took her coat and she went in and relieved herself. When she came back out, Tyson was sitting at a table. This was the first Tyson got a full view of Nicole in her red dress without her coat on. There were no other chairs at the table so Nicole sat on the table right above Tyson. They talked more and Tyson started holding her hand and touching her body which she accepted readily.

Tyson then noticed that Nicole had gotten some grease on the bottom and back of her dress. She had leaned against something on the way to the bathroom. He told her and she got up and inspected the damage. Tyson mentioned that it would be hard to get out and the dress might be ruined. Nicole wasn't too flustered but said she should try to clean it as soon as possible. Tyson told her that there was a washing machine downstairs that she could us. He led her up down rickety steps to a small basement that had a industrial sink and a washing machine. It looked like no one had used the machine in over ten years but Nicole thanked Tyson for helping her. After showing her how to work the machine, Tyson went back upstairs and Nicole took off her dress and started the wash. She was now just wearing a pair of thong panties and a bra. She hadn't quite thought everything through and didn't know what she should do next.

She tepidly walked back up the stairs, opened the door, and called out to Tyson. He came back and saw her exposed in her underwear. She told Tyson she was cold and needed him. He took her back to the main warehouse area where it was warmer. He told her that she was incredibly sexy. Nicole blushed but accepted the complement by giving a twirl and showing off her backside too. Tyson walked up to her and was now holding her in his arms. They began to make out and couldn't keep their hands off each other. While they were kissing, Tyson got his hands behind her back and unclasped her bra which she let fall to the ground. Soon after, she pushed her panties down and they fell to her feet. Nicole was now completely naked while Tyson was still fully clothed. Tyson asked her what she wanted and Nicole responded by saying that she wanted to be his slave and his slut. Tyson didn't believe her but she repeated herself and said that he could use her however he wanted.

Tyson told Nicole to start by getting on her knees. She did so and was now completely naked, on her knees, and in the middle of a warehouse. He told her to close her eyes and start masturbating. While she masturbated, Tyson took off his clothes. He then told her to stop masturbating and open her eyes. When she did, she saw Tyson's huge 8'' cock inches in front of her face. He told her to suck his cock. She eagerly took his cock in her mouth. She struggled to handle the size of it but she sucked it vigorously. After ten minutes of giving him a blowjob, Tyson pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to get up. He then led her to the table and bent her over the side of it. After a couple of spanks, he put his cock into her pussy and started fucking her. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and fucked her hard. His cock completely filled her pussy. She had never had a cock so big before. She orgasmed three times before he pulled out. He said he was gonna cum and told her to get back on her knees. She did so and he came all over her face soon after. After he was done, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him for a couple minutes until he was fully drained.

Nicole got up and used her panties to wipe the cum off her face. She was still naked and both her and Tyson had completely forgotten about dinner. Tyson went down to the washing machine and brought her dress back up but it was wet and still clearly had grease on it. They both agreed it was ruined. Tyson told Nicole she had been a good slut and said she should go home wearing just her coat. She didn't really have any other option. She got her coat and went to pick up her bra and panties. Tyson told Nicole to leave the bra and panties where they were and just take the coat. She complied and they kissed before she left.

When she arrived home, I was so surprised to see her naked under her coat. She told me about everything that had happened while I jerked off. I eventually came into my hand and she then said she was tired and needed to go sleep. As we slept in bed together, I kept thinking about what she did. I couldn't sleep at all. I went to the bathroom twice during the night and masturbated while she slept. Since that night, I've encouraged her to meet with Tyson again. It's only been a couple weeks since their date. She hasn't called him yet but hopefully she will try being his slut again sometime soon.

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