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This is a story about how my college girlfriend hooked up with my roommate. It was in the first semester of my freshman year. I met my girlfriend Lauren in one my biology classes. We sat next to each other in class and started doing our homework together regularly. Lauren was half white half latina and had dark brown hair. She was very sexy though she wore sweat pants and baggy shirts most days. We connected quickly and started officially going out within the first month of school. After some initial prudishness, she became very outgoing sexually and we would spend the night together regularly. It was great to sleep with her but it was sometimes awkward with my roommate Noah. Noah was a receiver on the football team who was redshirting his freshman year. He was at least six inches taller than me and noticeably more muscular and athletic. We got along ok but Lauren and Noah sometimes quarreled with each other constantly. Noah wasn't super happy about all the time Lauren spent in our dorm room and Lauren often complained that Noah was a stupid jock and an asshole. Noah was also known for being somewhat of a lady's man and Lauren despised the way he treated some of his hook ups.

Just before Thanksgiving break, Noah and I were having a casual conversation and he mentioned that he thought Lauren had the hots for him. I laughed at the idea and told Noah that Lauren straight up hated him. Noah conceded that they didn't get along but maintained that Lauren would have sex with him if given the chance. I didn't believe Noah in the slightest but I humored him as he made his argument. Eventually he said that he could prove it to me and proposed trying to hook up with her that night. He said that if I left Lauren in the room with her for a few hours, he could make it happen. He even said that he would leave his laptop on with a webcam so I could see it all happen. I was confident that Lauren wouldn't pay any attention to his efforts and agreed to give him the opportunity to humiliate himself.

That night, Lauren and I were studying together in the dorm room and Noah was playing on his laptop. I told Lauren earlier in the evening that I had to leave for a few hours to do a problem set for another class. She said ok and agreed to wait in the dorm room for me until I was back. I got up and left at 7pm and told Lauren and Noah that I'd be back after 10pm. I packed my bag with my laptop and headed off to the library. Once there, I found a private corner upstairs with no one else around, opened my laptop, and initiated the webcam chat to Noah's computer. Noah accepted the chat and positioned his webcam so that I could see the entire room. Lauren was lying down on my bed reading a book and Noah was folding his laundry.

Thirty minutes went by and nothing much had happened. Around 8pm, Noah got a call from one of his girls and I could see Lauren get upset listening to his conversation. Noah was making plans to meet the girl at a party later that night. He told her to wear something sexy that showed off her boobs and ass. After he hung up the phone, Lauren asked Noah which one of his sluts he was talking to. Noah replied asking why she even cared. Lauren was thrown off by his comment but then said that he should be going soon to get to the party. Noah agreed but said he had to get ready first. He took off his shirt and shorts and was now just standing in his boxers in the room alone with Lauren. Lauren looked at him and asked what he was doing. He said he was going to take a shower. Lauren chided him and said he could get undressed in the bathroom and didn't have to do it right in front of her. Noah replied saying that he didn't want to deny her the opportunity to look at his body and see what she's missing. Lauren told Noah that he was ridiculous but kept looking at him. Noah then dropped his boxers and picked up a towel. Lauren looked for a second but then turned her head away. She then told Noah that she didn't want to see him naked. Noah said that she thought she did. Lauren was a little flummoxed and didn't have an immediate reply. As Noah walked out of the room with just a towel around his waste, he said that he would assume that Lauren wanted to fuck if she was still in the room by the time he got back. Lauren was visibly surprised that he said this but the door closed before she had the opportunity to confront him about it.

After a couple minutes, Lauren started to pack her books into her bag. I was happy to see her get ready to leave and I was starting to celebrate my victory over Noah. However, after she packed her bag, she got stopped and sat back on my bed. I was now starting to get worried. She sat there for another couple minutes and then went over to the mirror. She was checking her face and her hair. Just that second, Noah opened the door and walked in with a smile on his face. Lauren told Noah to not get any ideas. Noah asked Lauren why she was still in the room. Lauren said she was still getting ready to leave. Noah told Lauren that she looked ready to leave and that her bag was all packed. He asked her again why she was still there and started to approach her. She leaned against my bed and let him walk up right in front of her. He let his robe drop to the ground and he was now completely naked a foot in front of her. He asked her if she wanted to have sex. She said yes and nodded her head.

I was so surprised. Noah started kissing her and they made out for the next couple minutes. He eventually pulled her shirt up over her head. She stood up and dropped her pants. She was now in her bra and thong. Noah sat on the bed and Lauren got on her knees in front of him. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him. After a few minutes, he pulled her up. She took off her bra and he pulled down her panties. They were both completely naked now. Noah fingered her while kissing her and then pushed her down on the bed. She spread her legs and he pushed his cock inside of her. Soon he was pounding her and she really seemed to enjoy it. She had an orgasm and he then repositioned her into doggy style. She was directly facing the webcam now and I could see her react to every thrust. She came again and Noah asked her where she wanted him to cum. Lauren said not to cum insider her so he pulled out, turned her around, and started jerking off in front of her face. He started to cum and Lauren put her mouth on his dick. She sucked him for another twenty seconds and Noah then got off the bed. He started to get dressed but Lauren stayed on the bed naked. Once dressed, Noah said he had to leave for the party. He walked over to his laptop with a grin and turned off the webcam. My screen went dark.

I noticed I had an erection but luckily no one was around the library at night to see me. I started to pack up and head back to my dorm room when I received a text from Lauren. She said she was going back to her dorm room because her roommate needed something. I said ok and I didn't see Lauren again until the following evening at dinner. She seemed a little distant but didn't admit to anything. After a week or so, things got back to normal although Lauren did seem to limit her interactions with Noah. Noah apologized later for fucking Lauren but said he had to prove his point. Lauren and I continued to go out for another couple months before our relationship fizzled out at the beginning of the second semester. I think about Lauren often and her hook up with Noah. Hopefully I can meet a girl in the future who will cuckold me more deliberately and repeatedly.

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