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Last year me and my girlfriend Cindy were doing some travelling round Australia. As you can see, Cindy is a small build, only a handful of breast but with a nice round ass. We’d hired a camper van that was basically a van with a mattress in the back, and we were headed north up the west coast. One of the nights we’d stopped at one of these outpost places, there was a small store, basic facilities, petrol pumps and somewhere to park for the night.

It was near deserted and we’d been sitting outside the camper having a few beers and got chatting to a Swedish couple Andy and Sandra who had stopped on their journey south. Like us they had hired one of these cheap camper vans. We’d had a good few drinks and was having some fun, but Cindy was getting giddy and I knew she wanted to get in the van, if you catch my drift.

In the back of the van Cindy started telling me that the cubicles in the bathroom had glory holes in them. I was a bit unsure as to where she was going with this, but she said wouldn’t it be fun for me to fuck her through the gloryhole as though we were strangers? We weren’t allowed to speak to each other I’d just go in, stick my cock through and she’d go to work on it.

Cindy has always been a little kinky and given the drink I wasn’t too surprised by this request! She said she’d head to the bathroom and be in the middle cubicle. She wanted me to go in a minute or two after and pretend I was a stranger and to stick my cock through the hole. We got out of the van and Cindy headed over to the toilets wearing just a light summer dress and g-string underneath.

Andy was still around drinking a beer. He told me Sandra had headed to bed as we chatted and asked what we were up to. Being drunk and in the spirit of boys will be boys, I told him what Cindy wanted to do. We laughed and he said jokingly that he might come listen. What possessed me to do this next thing I’ll never know, but I suggested that he went in and pretended to be me.

After his initial disbelief and some goading from me we headed on over to the toilets. The toilets were dimly lit and were filled with the sound of the generator turning over. There were 3 cubicles along the back, which had doors fitted to the floor so you couldn’t see anyone’s feet. The middle door was closed and locked. Andy headed to the cubicle on the right, he looked at me with a questionable look on his face, I smiled and gave him and nod, he took his semi out and put it towards the hole.

Andy’s cock disappeared through it with the help of Cindy’s hand. She must’ve been that drunk that she hadn’t realised it was a different cock. From the expression of Andy’s face, I could tell she had wrapped her lips around it. He gave me a ‘ok’ hand gesture and was obviously enjoying himself, but I wanted to see.

I headed into the cubicle on the other side. This side had also had a hole cut in to it. I climbed up on to the toilet seat and peered over the top to see Cindy crouched down working her mouth over Andy’s cock, wanking it, sucking it and licking it while her other hand was underneath touching her, from what I can only imagine, sopping pussy.

After a minute or so of this she took her head away, and began to turn. I stooped below the top of the cubicle so she didn’t see me. I heard a slight moan from when she must have guided his cock into her pussy. I took a look back over the top to see Cindy pushing back against Andy’s cock through the glory hole as she balanced herself by holding on to the cubicle wall. Cindy was trying to murmur her moans, but I thought she needed some help. My cock was solid from watching her, so I stepped down and guided it towards the hole. I’d forgotten that as far as she knew I was on the other side. This didn’t seem to bother her as she took my cock in her mouth, stiffling her moaning.

I could feel the motion of her getting fucked by the rhythm of sucking on my cock. This came to a stop and Cindy took my cock in her hand, I felt it rubbing against her sodden pussy lips and it slipped very easily in to her. Andy peered his head round tying up his shorts, give me the thumbs up and disappeared all the while Cindy continued to the plow her pussy on to my cock. I was so turned on by this point that it was impossible to hold out, and before I knew it my throbbing cock was pulsing a load of cum into Cindy's twitching pussy.

She slid off and I made a move for back to the camper. Cindy appeared five minutes later gave me a kiss and told me how fun and exciting it was.

She didn’t let on, but I don’t think she knows that I know she fucked more than one guy in there that night!

I used to be a mildly jealous person and afraid of sharing her but after that night it's all I can think about.

- No Longer Chicken



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