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My g/f, Andrea & I recently had wild sexual experience that has totally changed our lives. Andrea is gorgeous who is usually timid & quite shy. I am very proud of my hot girlfriend & encourage her to dress in revealing clothes so other men can see what a gorgeous woman I have. She has reluctantly gone along with my requests & I have picked out some pretty sexy outfits from various lingerie catalogues that she wears to out of town engagements.

I had always dreamed of having other men see her naked & my dream finally came true, with a strange twist. A friend of mine at work, told me about a nude beach about an hour from our home that was frequented by alot of couples & guys from a near-by Army base. He said it was a fun place & hinted at some of the wild goings on there in some of the driftwood "condos." I got an instant hard-on from the thought of my sexy Andrea stark naked on a beach & being ogled by a bunch of horny servicemen. After much begging on my part, Andrea agreed to go but only on a weekday when it wouldn't be so crowded.

The following Monday, I took a sick day & we headed out to the beach. We got there by 10am & found the place to be pretty much empty. Someone had built a series of small "condos" out of driftwood at the back of the beach for provacy & as windbreaks so wet set up in one. Andrea timidly stripped off her mini skirt & halter & exposed her luscious body to the sun.

We spent the 1st 2hours soaking up the sun & spashing in the surf together. Because of the sparse crowd, Andrea was the only woman on the beach & attracted quite a bit of attention. I made sure she was well oiled with suntan oil & was thrilled as guys went out of their way to walk past us & check her out. I noticed that most of the guys had bigger cocks than me. When I mentioned this to Andrea she giggled & said "I noticed. Maybe the sun makes them grow?"

And at that point Andrea suggested we return to our "condo" & as we approached, I noticed that a guy had put down a blanket right beside our condo. I also noticed that he was easily the most well-hung guy on the beach with a thick un-cut cock hanging halfway to his knees. Andrea noticed him & whispered to me "Oh my god, look at that thing! It's huge!" I felt a twinge of jealousy from her reaction to this guy's enormous cock & felt like my plan was backfiring. The whole idea behind me going to this beach had been that I would enjoy seeing guy's drool over Andrea & be jealous of me. It never occured to me that Andrea might be the one doing the drooling.

We walked over and he started a conversation with us. As he spoke he was busy checking out Andrea who was staring intently at his huge cock.

I was about to say something back when the guy said "Cool, I'm Sam. What's your name mate?" I shook his hand & said "Scott & this is my girlfriend Andrea." he turned to Andrea & said "Andrea, my dear, you are one sexy lady." Andrea blushed from head to toe & softly thanked him.

"So this is your 1st time here. What do you think?" he asked while sitting down at the back of the condo with his back against the wood. Andrea laid down on her belly facing him while I sat next to her. "It's our 1st time," I answered, "How can you tell?"

"First, I come here all the time," he explained "& I could never forget a fox like Andrea. & from the way she's staring at my cock, I know she's never been to a place like this before."

"I'm sorry" Andrea stammered, "I didn't mean to ..."

"Hey, don't sweat it" he said smoothly "I don't mind. I come here to look & be looked at, just like you."

I had to admit that his comment was true & his open attitude made me feel much more at ease. My initial jealousy was replaced with a twinge of excitement at seeing my g/f naked in such close proximity to such a well-hung stud.

"Hey, do you guy's like getting high?" Sam asked to break the awkward silence while pulling a big joint from his beach bag. I love to smoke reefer & Andrea rarely does but she eagerly said "Oh yeah."

After lighting the joint Sam got up on his knees & walked over to the edge of our blanket & handed it to me. As I took a hit I noticed that Andrea's face was now level with & only 2 feet away from Sam's groin & Andrea couldn't help but stare at it. I had to nudge her to get her to take the joint & as she did she gave me a sheepish gulity look. By the time the joint was done I was stoned as & I could tell from the way Andrea was giggling at Sam's comments that she was pretty stoned too.

Sam stretched out on his side on the edge of our blanket & started to tell us about some of the wild things that had happened on the beach. Andrea's face was now less than a foot from his huge tool, & her inhibitions buried by the reefer, she stared at it with a look of pure lust on her pretty face. Now that I was stoned, her interest in his cock somehow excited me rather than bothered me & I found myself enjoying her obvious interest in his dick. I could tell that he was quite aware of our interest & saw that his cock had started to grow hard. Before our eye's it twitched & grew until it was nearly 8" long & his foreskin had peeled back to reveal the tip of his fat swollen head.

"Hey man, I don't usually get a woody here at the beach but the way your girl is looking at me, I can't help it. I hope you don't mind" Sam said to me.

I couldn't beleive how huge his cock was & as it bobbed in the air a bizarre image of him fucking Andrea with it flashed through my mind & my own cock grew hard instantly.

Noticing my erection, he chuckled & said "Naw, I guess you don't mind. And I don't have to ask your girl" He brought his hand down & began to jerk off right in Andrea's face saying "You like my cock don't you girl?" Looking like she was in a trance, Andrea nodded her head & said "It's huge!"

"Damn straight it is. And I bet you'd like to see what it tastes like, wouldn't you?" he taunted her.

Andrea hesitated for a moment before saying "Oh I could never. I'm taken...."

As he continued to jerk off infront of us, a steady stream of precum oozed out of the tip of his cock & he rubbed in into his shaft until the entire thing was coated with the sticky fluid. When a big drop of precum oozed out of the tip, Sam caught it on his finger & held it out for my girl saying "Go on Andrea, taste it, You know you want to see what it tastes like."

When she hesitated he rubbed his finger across her full bottom lip, forcing her to taste his cock juice & I saw Andrea quickly lap it up. Then he turned to me & said "Hey Scotty, your girl seems to like my cock, & your getting off on it too, aren't you?"

I wanted to say no way but my erection said otherwise so I meekyly said "I guess" with a stupid grin on my face.

Then he reached out to play with Andrea's shiny hair while saying "C'mon baby, your man won't mind. Give it a little kiss!" while pulling her face towards his throbbing member. Andrea made no effort to resist & let him rub his slimey cock against her face. She looked over at me with a desperate look that was part fear & part sexual hunger & in my stoned & excited state I didn't know what to do or say.

Her big eyes locked on mine, she parted her lips & gave his swollen cock head a long sloppy kiss. When she finally came up for air, Sam rolled onto his back & pulled Andrea to him so she was kneelin between his legs.

He pulled her face down to his cock & asked her to lick it. Andrea lowered her face & began to eagerly lick up & down his shiney shaft, replacing his sticky precum with her own saliva. I sat there in complete shock as I watched my innocent girlfriend slide her lips along his cock. Where I should have felt jealous & angry, all I felt was raw lust as I watched my beautiful girl worship this guy's throbbing hard on.

Andrea seemed totally out of control, whimpering & moaning as she worked on the man's cock. After licking nearly every inch of his huge member she moved to his side & pursed her lips around his shaft. Then she slid them back & forth along the underside of his shaft, moving from the wide base of his dick up to the swollen tip, which continued to ooze precum. After awhile Andrea came up for air & stared for a moment at the huge cock throbbing before her while gently squeezing his large balls.

Andrea leaned forward to rest her head on his flat stomach & suck on the fat crown of his cock. Her hand looked soo tiny as she wrapped it around his thick shaft & gently pumped it while sucking on the fat head of his cock.

I moved to his feet so I could get a better view & noticed that his hand was now exploring her nice ass cheeks, squeezing her. Then his hand moved out of sight & I saw her ass squirm as his hand found her swollen pussy. I couldn't see his hand but I could see her rock against it & I could hear the moist sound of his fingers sliding into her pussy.

Andrea continued to suck on the first few inches of his cock, her lips sliding down the dark shaft while her hand pumped on the base. Sam fingered her tight pussy while she did so.

I looked at Andrea & instead of my shy innocent girlfriend I saw a cock hungry cocksucker worshpiping another cock. With the help of some potent weed, Sam h\d taken advantage of my desire to exhibit my foxy girl & seduced her before my eyes.

"Oh man, she's making me cum. Man she's good," he grabbed the base of his cock & began to jerk off into Andrea's mouth. Andrea pulled back for a moment & stared wild eyed at me as she felt Sam's cock throb. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock eagerly sucking it while staring into my eyes with a look of intense anticipation.

Sam began to grunt each time he stroked his cock & then with a loud growl he started cuming in Andrea's mouth. Her eye's opened wide as she struggled to swallow his load, his cum came quicker than Andrea could swallow & the remainder escaped her lip's & ran down his shaft, coating her hands with hot sticky cum.

Andrea looked over at me with this wild look in her eye, not moving a muscle as Sam knelt infront of her. His cock throbbed in her face & she kept switching her gaze between his cock & me. It was obvious that she wanted it but was worried about I felt. I was still terribly excited but not sure if she should actually let him fuck her.

While I hesitated Sam gently spread her knee's apart, rocking her back on the blanket while her thigh's parted to reveal her bare pussy. Rubbing his cock along her wet slit he teased her, then put on a condom.

"Please!" Andrea begged softly while staring at Sam's throbbing cock, "Please Honey, just this once!" Sam watched me as I struggled to deal with this bizarre request from my girlfriend.

Feeling like I was in a trance, my lust won out & I reached out to grab his hard dick. I guided it to Andrea's wet cunt & worked the fat head between her swollen lips. Andrea gasped at the first contact & then whimpered as Sam dropped down ontop of her. His hands gripping her ass cheeks as he slowly slid his huge cock inside her tight pussy. He fucked her gently at first, slowly sliding the first half of his cock in & out of her stretched lips. He also leaned down to kiss her & she responded by wrapping her arms around him & eagerly returning his kiss.

My cock throbbed with passion as I watched this stud slowly fuck my sweet girlfriend.

Her kiss seemed to excite him further & he began fucking her harder, driving more & more of his cock deep inside her. With a growl he drove his cock in to the hilt & held perfectly still, letting her adjust to his huge cock. Andrea broke the kiss & squealed out "Oh god honey, he's big. It hurts but it feels soo good." She wrapped her sexy legs around his waist & her hands moved to squeeze his muscular ass cheeks.

Sam slowly withdrew his amazing cock until just the tip was left in my girl & then just as slowly drove it back inside her. I scooted behind him & could see her lips stretched around the base of his shaft. As he pulled back I could see his shaft coated with her sweet pussy juice, an obvious sign of her arousal.

He fucked her slowly for awhile, savouring the feeling of her hot cunt clinging to his thick shaft. As he fucked her he whispered lewd thing into her ear & Andrea eagerly responded, begging him to fuck her harder.

As his excitement grew he picked up the pace & fiercly rammed his cock into her over & over again. His body gleamed with sweat in the hot sun as he pounded into my wife like a man possessed.

Andrea screamed in lust with each thrust & then her whole body stiffened as a powerful orgasm wracked her slender frame.

With a loud grunt, Sam slammed his cock into her as his cock twitched & he cum deep inside her, the feeling of him cumming inside her only enhanced her own orgasm, once they both recovered, Sam withdrew his thick cock with an audible "pop."

They lay there in the after glow, kissing & cuddling as my own cock exploded all over the sand. And after some small talk, we went home and had a long talk about it. Andrea wasn't sure about what she just did and need a lot of reassurance from me. After nearly 3 hours of talking and making her feel at ease I noticed she was extremely wet again.

We fucked thinking about what happened and did so every night that week.

I want to go back to that beach and she does too but she wants to wait a long time before we do again.

I can understand and will have something planned next time we do.

- Scott





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