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When my ex and I were first journeying down this path, she was afraid to do much. We started out with both of us going to night clubs where we'd both get drunk and then I'd tell her to go dance and flirt with some guys to get free drinks. Opening her mind up to having fun with somebody else. Eventually this led on to us getting kinkier in bed. I'm super into the humiliation part of cuckolding and I knew she enjoys playing with toys so I bought a cock sleeve off of amazon.

Whenever we'd start having sex I would put the sleeve over my cock (which basically tripled my size). She absolutely loved it. I was getting off so much on her body and screams when the sleeve was on while fucking her, it was crazy. The best part, after she had cummed a few times, I would take it off and fuck her normally. She literally couldn't feel me at all. This was the sexiest fucking thing at the time (we're still pre-bull at this time.) I'dd pound her pussy and she would lay there looking me in the eyes laughing and saying things such as "are you seriously in me?", "I can't feel a fucking thing hahahaha".

After a month or so of playing with our sleeve and talking about cuckolding during sex, she finally agreed to giving head to someone that night. We drank all day long while she looked online through her dating profile looking for the right guy. She was looking for a good looking guy with a bigger cock than mine (perfect for me to get off to). After about 2 hours of scrolling, she found him, exchanged photo's and she told him she did have a boyfriend but that I was into it and wouldn't be in the room during the time she would suck him off. He came over that night and I just hid in the closet with it cracked, she had a camera filming it all and she went to town on his dick. This situation happened maybe 6-7 times before her first having sex with another guy.

At this time she lived in an apartment with 3 roommates. One night her roommates threw a party that I was invited to of course, but I was having a fun night with my friends at my house just a few miles down. I was taking advantage of this party to suffice my cuckolding fetish and was texting her throughout the night to have fun and let loose. She never said anything about being interested in any guys there but after about 3 hours into the party I texted her maybe three times within 20 minutes with no response. So I called. It got ignored. I called again; ignored. I called again and she answers and says, "Can you quit fucking calling, I'm in the middle of sucking this guy's dick and he's filming it for you and you're fucking it up!". This blew my fucking mind. This was the hottest thing she had done yet. She, on her own was fucking around with this random guy with a huge dick and filming it for my pleasure.

I hung up immediately and drove to her apartment. I waited for her to text me that she was finished with him and that she was in her bed waiting for me to come up. I've forgotten to mention by this point we have both gotten into sissifying me a ton. So when I ran up to her apartment I was in my shorts with one of her thongs on underneath. As I walked into her room and shut the door, she asked if I was mad or happy and I just jumped in her bed and started sucking her face. Right where another man's cock was fucking her mouth. She told me to strip to my panties so she could give me the sloppy seconds of her mouth. We eventually fucked and this night was concluded.

Fast forward about a month and we're doing our same old cuckolding stuff. She's humiliating me by having me go to class in her underwear and even has gotten me to suck off two different guys that I had met on the net (she would drive me to their house and wait in the car while I went inside and sucked these men off).

One of the following nights during the next month, we both have no class for the next week and she's invited me over to 'have some fun'. I come over with some alcohol and we're drinking/listening to music while she is online looking for a man to come over and get his cock sucked. At the same time, she is texting one of her 'bulls' (only blowjobs still up to this point but she likes this man's dick). An hour or so goes by and the dating guy she's gotten to agree to come over has just stopped replying for maybe 45 minutes or so. We're both wanting to wrap up the night she she invites the old trust worthy bull over. He replies "On my way"!

Now in her apartment when she would cuck me I'd always be dressed in her clothes, hiding in the closet or underneath her bed. Listening and beating myself off and enjoying the show. So the bull texts her he just pulled up and I run to my closet, leave a crack and see her take off her shirt and get ready for him. She's on her knees in the middle of the floor and I hear the door open. Yay! Time to see my slut get her mouth fucked. It's typical for this bull to only last 5 or so minutes from her mouth so I enjoy the show for what it's worth. He leaves, she gets in bed and I get out and join her.

After every blowjob she's given, I always get in bed with her and suck her face. Clean off whatever residue is left etc. Well while I'm cleaning her after this bull has left, she gets a message notification from the previous guy she was chatting with. He texts 'Just parked at your place, what room number?". Apparently during the time the actual bull showed up and fucked my girlfriend's mouth, this man was responding to her to no avail and just came over. We both sat there for maybe 20-30 seconds and she said "Should I invite him up?". I was in cuckold ecstasy. I blurted out 'Yes!' as any cuck would.

This time, I get underneath the bed. She still has her shirt off and walks to the front door topless to let him in. I hear them enter the bedroom together. I'm literally numb as this point, it feels like a nonstop orgasm through my body just knowing she's about to be with her second man tonight. She has him take his pants off and get into the bed where she starts going at his cock. This lasts for maybe 10-15 minutes. I know her mouth has got to be getting sore by now as I've sucked my own cocks and my mouth is sore within 5 minutes. Idk how she's still sucking but she's a god damn champion.

She asks him after about 15 minutes if he was close? He tells her "not really, I can't really cum from a blowjob". She continues to suck his cock and he's asking her if she wants to fuck to hurry things up. She declines saying she just wants to give head. I'm under neath the bed still and the thought of her finally getting with another guy has me blinded. I start texting her maybe 5-6 times "Do it!!" "Fuck him, I wont be mad!" "Do it!! :)))". 'Ding!' 'Ding!' 'Ding!'.

She obviously knew it was me who was texting her so she checked her phone while going down on his dick. She doesn't respond but I hear her say to him "fuck it, let's do it". My mind is blown. I pull out my phone and just start recording. I'm under the bed so the screen is just dark but I hear him enter her pussy. She lets out a moan and he just goes to town on her. Maybe 3-4 minutes into her being fucked, something clicked in her head that this was a show for me. She starts moaning more and more saying how big he felt. How small her boyfriend was compared to him. Everything I loved hearing while during our normal intercourse.

He eventually cums on her stomach, puts his clothes on & leaves. I crawl out from under the bed and she has this huge smile on her face. I get into the bed and she tell's me to "clean it". I swallow maybe about 90% of the load that was on her stomach. She pulls my cock up to her mouth, sucks it a few times and asked if I enjoyed her having sex with someone else.

I told her "I loved it.". Maybe after 10-15 seconds of sucking my cock. we both laugh at the fact that she has had 3 cocks in her mouth within the past hour, and now, 2 guys have fucked her. She got off on this. I was already inside of her when she told me to pull my dick out, rub it in the rest of his load that was on her stomach and fuck her with his cum on my dick. I slid my cock through his cum, rubbed it all over my cock and shoved it back into her.

She let out a moan and humiliated me more as I was fucking her saying things such as, "Do you like fucking your girlfriend's sloppy seconds?" "Shove his fucking cum into me!" "I still can't even feel you, you little dick!". I blew my load into her and mixed the two. We both passed out.

This lifestyle continued for about two more years. By the time we split, she had fucked maybe 5-6 guys and sucked about 20 different dicks. We eventually split due to our career paths and moving states but this was the greatest experience of my life. I still feminize myself to this day, waiting for the day I meet another woman like her.

I'll be ready.

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