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We are an Asian couple in our 30s. We moved to this city in 2010 when I got a better position here. My wife was reluctant to come at the beginning as she had a lover in previous city but I promised her to have more fun here. She wanted to continue her accounting study so we lived near her college and had two roommates who were also an Asian couple. They were very nice and gave us a lot of help when we just moved in.

As a part of the job agreement the first year I had to take business trips to other states. My wife was upset as it took usually a couple of weeks and she hadnít got used to the new life here yet. In a Friday evening, when I was having dinner in a hotel, my wife called saying the home router was completely broken and she needed the Internet for her study. I asked if she could get help from the flat mates she said they had an escape this afternoon for the weekend, and no one she knew could fix this for her. She was almost crying.

I said baby donít worry Iíll find someone to help you. I texted Matthew our network admin to see if he could help my wife to buy and setup a home router/modem tomorrow. He replied, you are lucky, man, I just broke up with my girlfriend last week so the plan for this weekend was cancelled and Iím still in the town. I was excited and told him Iíd like to pay him. He said itís ok :), also I have a spare router if you want I can fix it straightway.

The problem resolved easily so I was very happy when I phoned my wife. She kissed me over the phone and asked, itís Matthew? She laughed, the funny and handsome voyeur? Last time she came to my office sitting at a guest room chair waiting for me while Mattew was fixing a cable at the corner. When she looked away from her smartphone screen, she noticed a man staring at her legs and skirt for a while. She asked what heís looking for. He smiled and said are you a ballet dancer? She said no just some other dancing. They chatted a while before I came in. I introduced my wife and asked if heíd like to have lunch with us at the restaurant downstairs and he did come with us and made a lot of fun during the lunch. My wife thanked him as sheís new to the town so hadnít been so relaxed for a while. She whispered to me, Matthew was alike to her ex-boyfriend especially when heís smiling. I said he is my colleague so don't think about it. She replied with a smile, letís see. So tonight Matthew would come to fix the matter she was very happy.

Matthew said heís left so I told my wife to let him in when he came. He promised it shouldnít take more than 10 minutes if she could prepare a laptop for him to configure the device. She sounded excited, I will text you when done honey. I added, please have a bit more clothes, heís shy and may be scared. I knew my wife like to not have underwear and bra under her night robe especially the roommates weren't home. She didnít seem to care saying am I scary? I said ok I would be watching TV while waiting. After an hour I still didnít receive her messages. I thought Matthew was bluffing so I called her, honey is Mattew still helping? She answered, yes quite helpful but she didn't seem happy to answer my call. Ok, let me know then, I replied and went to take a shower.

I checked my phone again when I was out. There was a message - went to sleep baby call you tomorrow. I texted was it fixed?? She didn't reply. I was a bit frustrated because she even didnít answer my calls. After several tries, she finally picked up the phone. With apparent satisfaction and laughing and chatting around, she said sorry baby the phone was left on dining table. Matthew is still there? Fixing till so late? She answered innocently, yeah just fixed my problems so I made some tea for him. Ok, I had no idea so I said text me when he leaves. Then I fell asleep and forgot it.

In the morning 7am I picked up my phone reading news like usual. To my surprise, I did receive a message saying he is leaving. It was sent 5am! I immediately called her but only got an iPhone auto-reply saying she will call me back later. I understood she must be sleepy as she was always hard to get up in early morning so I had to wait for call back till lunch time. She rang and said baby I was tired. I had some feeling, asked did he sleep with you? Yes no point to let him go it was 1am. Fuck! I damned it.

She was still innocent, yes fucked three times. What?? I was crazy, you used condoms right? Sorry baby, you forgot to buy more a couple of weeks ago and it's too late to buy one. So all bareback? Yes do you like it? She teased me. My penis was already hard like rock just reluctant to admit it. But I was quite upset as she promised to have condom every time unless itís a long term relationship with a trustful man. He is coming again this afternoon, to fix the socket, she explained, I pulled out the cable and broke it but he didn't know so he bring in tools today to completely fix it. But you told me he fixed your problems, I was confused. Of course baby I was lonely at home, he satisfied me and filled me up, she was laughing. Will you fuck again? She answered why not, maybe tonight baby, I was exhausted, and do you want him to know you are aware now? No! I yelled, heís my colleague everyone will laugh at me then. She said ok, he said so too and was afraid of you but I made him comfortable. I sighed and asked how it started? She told me the story briefly and more details when I went home.

He was surprised as soon as she opened the door. When he was working on the floor, she sat at a chair watching him. He couldn't fix it in 10 minutes so he turned around and stared at her again. Got troubles? He nodded. Does it help? She opened legs slightly more. He looked into her legs and cunt without underwear. He smiled. I told you his smile is charming baby, she said. He asked, dance? She said you bet and stood up. He came to hold her. After some music, she leaned on his shoulder. He said wow I like your smell. He hold her head and kept sniffing. She was giggling and hugged him. He put his hands on her ass and pushed firmly toward to him. When she kissed on his neck gently feeling something is happening, I called and interrupted.

Oh so you were of upset, I realized. Yep, but it's fine I offered him so good tea, she said. When she was making, she screamed when some hot water sprayed on hand. He came quickly to hug her from back, took her hand and sucked. Is it ok? He asked. If you keep sucking, she replied, feeling his tough thing touching her hip. He then gently raised up both her arms and started kissing from fingers down to arms and neck. I was hot, baby, she whispered, he pulled up my night robe and bent me then started fucking. So you fucked in kitchen? Why you didn't answer my calls? She said sorry it was a good fucking and I liked to enjoy a bit more, and yes, he was also a bit scared when you were calling. He grabbed me and moved to our bedroom. Did he like to fuck you on our bed, I wondered. You guess, she winked when we were chatting on our bed later. He was a little worried as he heard Asian husbands are generally conservative. She said, yes but wives are now more open. He asked are these husbands aggressive when they heard about wivesí affairs? She comforted him by inviting him to enter her again and said donít worry honey I will manage it if you try hard enough. Then he just kept fucking her so hard. Do you know what we were doing when I answered your call? I said no. She looked at me and giggled, his cock was inside me while kissing my breasts and he penetrated faster while we were talking and unloaded. What? Yeah, he let me suck it off completely. She showed me how she wore that night. I was surprised and said you bitch you planned to get fucked did you? She laughed, yeah either Mattew or a classmate whoever came to fix for me. Would you like to feel it? She bended and showed up her CUCKOLD ass. I started fucking here without any more words.

Back to the following Saturday, my wife got him and totally forgot about the Internet but just fucking like rabbits. On Sunday he still stayed, but one more thing she forgot was the roommates who also got a big surprise when they saw a white guy walked out from our bedroom behind my wife who wore night robe. It was really embarrassing as my wife was apparently just fucked so some sperm was still on her messy hair. They didn't say anything but just said hi to him. She felt nervous initially but fine later as the roommates were still so nice to her and looked understanding the situation. She told me they would eventually found out if he kept coming while I was away. They even had the dinner with my wife and Matthew together that night and they also liked him. They totally ignored me while I wasn't. My wifeís happy sex life started from that time again and it led to more open and exciting stories.

If anyone likes to know more about my wifeís sex life with other bulls, I would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me with your details, e.g. location, age, size, do you and how you like to fuck my wife, and your photos better showing your big cock.

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