The other Husband Sucked my Milk Out

Emma Hum


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Just before my husband Will and I moved to our present house, we were vacationing in Hawaii with my sister and her husband Randy. I had gone topless on beaches on the Mediterranean and in Hawaii before, so I did the same this time on a remote beach in Hawaii.

It was the first time Randy had seen me topless, and it was probably the best possible time, from a guy's point of view! I was still lactating shortly after weaning our second child, so my breasts were full, hanging and jiggling like a bowlful of jelly.

My husband enjoyed watching me show them off, and for me it felt much better not to have them bound up in a tight swimsuit top. We had flirted and teased before, but it had always ended there. Seeing my bare breasts aroused his interest, and other things, quite a bit more, and his arousal perked my interest quite a bit more too!

From then on, Randy and Will egged me into other little adventures - snorkeling nude at Hanauma Bay on Oahu with many other people around, strolling across Kapiolani Park wearing only a hat, a couple of flower leis that didn't cover my bouncing breasts, and a little scarf-skirt while Will and Randy shot pictures. Then I dropped my skirt and walked back in the nude! They tried to get my sister to join me in some of these things, but apparently the exhibitionist genes passed her over and turned up in me.

Anyway, over the course of some ten days, one thing led to another. One morning I went for an early swim, topless again, at an uncrowded beach near the condo where we four were staying. There were about a dozen other people on the beach and in the water. Randy soon turned up there too. He said it was just coincidence - he was out for an early morning stroll - but I think it was planned.

In any case, he and I got to playing around in the mild surf, splashing, grabbing, etc. In the back of my mind, I knew it was foreplay. I turned to escape his watery attack, he reached out, grabbed for me and got a handful of my bikini bottom, which slipped to my knees.

I turned, laughing, and found myself naked in his arms, then we were kissing, with lots of tongue. His hands were all over my breasts and between my legs. I rationalized that the people snorkeling in the bay or walking on the beach couldn't really see what we were doing, because we were in water above our waists.

Still, I knew some of them had been studying my bare breasts, so they probably had a pretty good idea about the rest. And when he raised my nipples to his lips and started sucking the milk out, there couldn’t have been much doubt as to what was going on!

I briefly realized that here I was, a mother of two, my second baby at age two having last suckled at my breast only days before, and now this grown man, my brother-in-law, was drinking my milk, and I knew that wouldn’t be the end of it!

It just happened, the culmination of those days naked in the tropic sun. His gentle sucking of my nipples really felt good, and his very hard cock was out the top of his swimsuit. I started stroking it as he stroked my clit. We were both breathing heavily and, in our moment of intense passion, quite oblivious to anyone watching from the shore.

He pulled his suit down, I wrapped my legs around him and took his cock as far into my vagina as I could. It filled me like nothing I had had before. I rode his cock like a bucking horse and we fucked like bonobo chimps standing right there in the surf!

He whispered, "Oh, God, I've been wanting this for so long!" I was surprised how ready for it I was too, how much I wanted it, how suddenly and wildly we did it. With my legs around his waist, I was humping him hard and fast, sliding my pussy back and forth on that hard cock. He slammed his cock into me as far as he could while continuing to suck my nipples, one then the other, noisily and greedily.

The speed and intensity built to a peak, then, suddenly, I came with a shudder, and he came. We exchanged our fluids there in the water - my milk squirting into his mouth as his semen gushed into my vagina. We gradually relaxed our embrace and I put my feet back on the sand.

Then we both felt a little sheepish. "God, that was good," he said, wiping his lips, his hands still fondling my breasts. I nodded and didn't say anything. He pulled his suit up, I tried to find mine but couldn't. "Well," I said, "It won't be the first time I've been nude on a public beach." I waited for the waves to wash his jism away, then I just walked out of the water, up the beach to where I had left my towel and my coverup, and I started drying myself.

He came up, we exchanged a few meaningless words, and I started to put my clothes back on. He said, "Wait." Then he asked if I would give him some of the photos we all took, just something special to remember this moment.

Well, I was struck with the romantic tone of that request, having figured he would just want to go to his room and go back to sleep. I had been posing for him and Will in several situations over the past few days, so I told him 'yes' I'd make sure to email him a few when we got home.

The ones here in this email are what I sent him. Oh and 'Yes', my husband and sister now know about this little tryst. My husband loved it and we use it as foreplay before sex. My sister took awhile but finally came around to accept that it was just sex and nothing more. Now she even jokes about it and eggs us on.

Emma Hum




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