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It was inevitable for my wife. After looking online for a single male we found one and we went out and met him and we came home with him just for drinks never planing anything beyond that. But we had went upstairs and the guy stayed downstairs and we were just going at each other. I asked her, what if we just let him watch us have sex and she agreed but said she would not have sex with him and I agreed.

We went back down and had some more drinks and then asked if he'd ever watched two people have sex in front of him. She was stroking my cock as she asked him and I was already kissing her neck and had pulled up her skirt a bit with my hands on her thighs. I seen his excitement as he agreed that he would love to.

By now I had my hand in her wet panties and she was rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. I Pulled apart her blouse revealing her nice breasts. We were licking and kissing as he sat there with his drink. I told her to tell him to take his cock out. An she let him know it was ok for him to enjoy himself as he watched.

Now with his cock out jerking and watching us, she said he could get naked if he wanted, so he did. She now had my cock out and had me undressed while she jerked me off. I was still exploring her wet soft pussy with my fingers. She had me sit up and she pulled her wet panties to the side riding her skirt up to her waist as she straddled me on the couch, she asked him if he was enjoying the view, he only replied in a faint mumble stroking his hard cock.

As she was riding me she kept her head turning towards him to watch him jerk off to her. She stopped and got off me and then walked up the stairs staring at both of us as she turn the corner into the bedroom. I looked at him and said, "well let's go up, shall we"? We finished our drinks and took the rest of our clothes off and went upstairs. When we reached the top of the stairs the room was dimly lit and her lying on the bed in her wet panties and high heels.

She pointed out a chair set a foot off of the bed so he could sit and watch and the beckoned my with a finger towards her. As I got to the bed she laid me at the foot of the bed with my legs hanging off and once again pulled her wet panties to the side and slowly mounted my hard cock. She whispered in my ear as she fucked me about how much it turned her on to have someone watch her fuck and she then said "what if he just laid in my spot and they made out", I objected to it at first.

She asked again and said again as she was slowly grinding my pulsing cock, "kissing only, no sex though while the stranger laid under her and they kissed" She repeated. She begged some more and told me I could fuck her from behind while she was on top of him making out. I agreed and he took my spot under her. She was dripping wet by this time. At first I sat in the chair and just watched both their naked bodies together while she kissed him and told him he could touch her ass, but no sex.

He said ok and I watch as she teased him with her tongue to his ear. His hands squeezing her hot ass. I could see the juices from her pussy as he spread her back and forth. Then I got behind her and started fucking her as she pushed into me. I felt the head of his cock touch my cock every so often when I realized she was jerking him off and rubbing his cock on her clit as I fucked her. This I didn't expect at all, but it just made my cock throb even harder, I didn't stop or say anything.

His hands were on her ass spreading her for a great view of her asshole for me.

I then heard her say something about her ass to me, but then I realized it was to him when I seen his hands go for her asshole and rub it. She pushed back into me harder and the tip of his finger entered her asshole. First the tip and every time she pushed back he penetrated her farther. I couldn't believe my eyes as she has never let me fuck her asshole. He was up to his second knuckle when she looked back at me with a sexy smile and asked, "Do you like it baby"? All I could moan was fuck yes. "Do you want my ass baby", she asked. "Oh fuck yes baby", I replied. With his finger still in her ass I slowly pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and took a step back to see such a great view.

Some guy with a fairly thick 9 inch cock spreading my wife and fingering her tight asshole. Some of her juices dripped out on to his cock still in her hand as she jerked him still rubbing her clit with his cock. She looked back and seen I was jerking off to her and asked if I liked what I seen. And right when I said "fuck yeah baby, you are fuckin hot, she squeezed his thick cock and pushed him into her wet pussy and said "it's your turn".

I heard him moan as she went all the way down his thick cock. I just stood there dumbfounded a little while surprised of what she had just did. I couldn't believe I was standing here watching my wife being fucked. I wasn't sure if she meant it was my turn to watch but I began to admire the view of his large cock fucking her wet pussy. I could see her pussy juices being pushed out of her pussy buy his huge cock, being soaked up by her panties on one side and running down her leg on the other. His finger still knuckle deep in her ass as he pushed her down on his cock. His other hand pulling at her ass making sure I get the full view as I jerked off. I sat there and watched my wife's perfect body being used by this stranger now both of his hand on her ass pumping into her as she stayed bent over him.

Then she surprised me again when she reached her hand around to her ass and slid her finger in it as he fucked her even harder. She then sat up and said, "now baby I want you". My cock and her pussy were dripping wet by this time, so I got up behind her thinking she would pull his cock out so I can fuck her hot wet cunt some more, but the she turned to me as she was being pumped and said, "my ass is for you baby". I didn't hesitate and put my cock head up against her beautiful asshole.

She was rocking on his cock so hard she took me half way in and then all the way on the second push. I looked over and seen she was lip locked and really into the hard fucking she was giving and getting. She paused and said I want both of you to cum together in me, we both gave a nod and we were both ready and she began to ride both our cocks with much force saying, "cum for me boys, I want both of you to cum...

I then felt his thick cock throbbing in her pussy and one of her hand squeezing his balls. She liked to feel my cock when I would cum as well. She looked back and said, "cum in my pussy too baby", he pulled his hard soaking wet cock out of her cum filled pussy. He must of had a super huge load because his cock and balls were soaked and so wasn't her pussy still dripping onto him.

As I pushed my cock in her I felt his hot wet load push around my cock dripping out of her pussy. She continued to jerk his wet cum soaked cock and kiss him while she finished me off. I felt her pussy convulse on my cock as I came in her wet cum filled pussy. She then slowly pulled foward releasing my cock from her cum soaked pussy and let me watch all the hot cum drip out of her onto her hand and his balls as she jerked him. She then laid on him and said "thank you".

He later left and we haven't contacted him again since my wife was way too embarrassed and felt she was 'in the moment' when she let all that happen. Still, it was one of the hottest nights for us both. Attached are pictures that she sent to him initially when we were looking online for a guy.






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