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My girlfriend Elise and I have been living together for over three years now. We're in our mid twenties. She is 5'7'' and 120lbs with very perky boobs and slightly curly hair. Overall, she is very sexy and has an innocent girl next door type of look. She is very outgoing though and has a fun loving personality. She gets along with almost anyone. She's the type of person who can go to parties full of complete strangers and become good friends with everybody by the end. She went to an all girls high school and had been a virgin going into college. By her senior year when we first met, she had hooked up with just one guy. Before we started dating midway that year though, she hooked up with four or five different guys. It was her sexual awakening of sorts. She was living in a house on campus that use to be a frat house before several members of the frat were arrested for selling drugs and the frat was disbanded by the college. As a result, there were no separate boys and girls bathrooms in the house. Everything was kind of communal. I always found it awkward to be in there but it quickly forced her to become less prudish and more confident with her body. It was not uncommon to see other guys and girls going about their business completely naked in the shower area. By the end of the semester, Elise wouldn't shy away from walking nude between the shower and her cubby and being exposed to her house mates. I was with her once while she was getting out of the shower and a couple other guys were definitely checking her out. I was jealous but also kind of turned on by her being exposed to other men.

Despite her somewhat hippy senior year dorm, our sexual relationship is relatively vanilla. Both Elise and I tend to be submissive sexually and neither of us takes charge in bed. I have a 7'' penis but it's relatively thin and I have trouble getting her to cum on a consistent basis. She can cum easily when I give her oral or when she masturbates in front of me. This is deflating for my ego but it has become the norm for us. I love watching her masturbate though and often we will just masturbate next to each other instead of having sex. She closes her eyes while rubbing her clit and softly moaning. I sit next to her jerking myself off and watching her play with herself. Eventually I cum on her tits or stomach and then she sticks two fingers into her pussy and quickly cums as well. It's incredibly sexy every time.

Ever since graduating from college, Elise has had trouble getting a good job with decent hours. She worked at a bunch of different retail jobs but rarely stuck at a place for more than a year. I have a good job but I have to travel a lot for work. I usually travel 1 or 2 weeks every month so Elise and I have a lot of time apart. At nights while traveling, I often watch a lot of cuckold porn. I find it incredibly arousing. I have never brought up the fantasy with Elise but I think about it often while watching her masturbate. On one particularly long work trip a few months ago, I stumbled onto an adult dating site and its plethora of personal ads. One ad in particular stood out to me. It was from a guy who was in his late thirties. He said he owned an online business that he operated out of his own home. He was looking for a "sexy" secretary to answer the phones, do paperwork, and keep the office tidy. In addition, he said he wanted the secretary to dress in outfits of his choosing and "keep him company" throughout the day. For compensation, he said he would pay generously in cash.

I didn't reply immediately to the ad but I kept thinking about it for the next several days. I imagined Elise being his sexy secretary, wearing skimpy outfits, and having orgasmic sex with him. Eventually the fantasy became too strong and I decided to contact the guy. I sent a message describing my fantasy and included a few photos of Elise. I said that I couldn't show Elise his current ad but I would help get her to apply for the position if he posted a regular work ad that I could share with her. Once she went to interview though, it would be up to him to determine how to describe the position to her. In return, all I asked was for him to give me updates on what she did at the job with him.

After a couple days, the guy responded. His name was Mike. He said he was on the fence but that Elise looked very sexy in the photos I sent so he was willing to give it a try. He even said he'd make an audio recording of her interview and send it to me afterwards. He posted an regular job ad the following day and I sent it to Elise who was actively looking for a new job at the time. She thought the position was a little weird (working at a guy's house) but she liked the hours and was eager to do something outside of retail. She contacted him and they set up an interview for the upcoming Friday.

I was on a business trip at the time. I called Elise on Friday evening and asked her how the interview went. She said she thought it went well and that she would hopefully get the position. She said the house was very big and quite nice so it wouldn't be a bad place to work every day. I tried to prod for more details but she didn't say much more besides the money was good and the manager seemed nice. Around midnight, I received an email from Mike. He said that the interview with Elise went very well. He attached an MP3 of the audio recording and said that I would enjoy listening to it.

At the beginning of the MP3, Mike said that Elise had just rung the doorbell and hope this goes well. I heard Mike exit and there was then a few minutes of agonizing silence. Eventually, I heard a door open and Mike told Elise that this was his office. He told her to sit down on the couch. After of few moments of moving around the room, Mike starting asking Elise questions. It was pretty typical interview questions about her education and her experience. She was very professional in her responses but Mike pounced on her a couple times by saying she had a low GPA and that she has only worked retail her whole life. From the recording, Mike seemed aggressive and even a little bit demeaning. I could hear Elise stumble after he made disparaging comments about her. She even apologized a couple times for her lack of good experience. After they got through the typical interview questions, Mike said it was time to explain the details of the position to Elise. He started by saying that he was a single guy who worked alone at home all day. He then said he was looking for an attractive young girl who could handle secretary duties and also keep him company. He asked Elise if she understood what he meant. There was a long pause but she finally said she thought she understood. Mike then asked Elise to describe the position back to him so he could make sure there was no misunderstanding. There was another long pause. Elise eventually started talking. She said she would have to answer phones and clean up the office. Mike then asked what else. Elise tried to described more secretary duties. She said she would do paperwork but Mike interrupted and again asked what else. Elise finally blurted that she would help keep him company throughout the day. Mike was apparently please with her answer and said she was correct. He asked Elise if she had any issues with these responsibilities and she said no. He then asked if she thought she could do this job well. Elise paused shortly but then said yes with surprising confidence.

Mike seemed pleased. He said that he wanted to make sure there were no false pretenses though so he wanted Elise to wear her "uniform" for the second half of the interview. She agreed and I heard some rummaging in the audio. It sounded like a cabinet was opening in the desk. The cabinet closed and Mike then said to Elise that this would be her uniform. I didn't know what it was but I assumed it was incredibly revealing and inappropriate. Elise said oh but then there was silence. Mike then asked if she would have any issue wearing this uniform. Elise said no and agreed to try it on. The door opened and closed again and Mike spoke to me directly on the recording and said Elise was in the bathroom putting on her uniform. He said it was something from Victoria's Secret. I wanted to know so badly what it looked like.

After a few minutes, I heard a knock and Elise asked if was ok if she came back in. Mike said yes and I heard Elise walk into the room and close the door. Mike told Elise to stand in the middle of the room and spin around a couple times before she sat down again. As she did so, Mike asked Elise if she was comfortable in the uniform. She said yes. Her tone was more upbeat than I expected. Mike then proceeded to explain the financial aspects of the position. They ended up being quite generous and Elise seemed positively surprised by the salary. Mike then changed his tone though. He said that Elise wasn't the only person interviewing for the job and that he would have a very hard job selecting the final candidate. He asked Elise if she wanted the job. She quickly said yes and added that she thought she could do very well for him. Mike was pleased with her answer but then added that the decision was still difficult and he would get back to her in a week or two. Elise asked if that was it and Mike said yes. She seemed disappointed. Mike said she could go take off the uniform and give it back to him. There was silence but Elise then told Mike that she wanted to make sure she knew how much she wanted the job. Mike said ok but he still needed the uniform back. There was then some rustling followed by Elise saying here you go. Mike seemed surprised. Elise apparently just took off the lingerie in front of him and handed it directly to him. Mike told Elise that said she looked fantastic and thanked her for her time. He said Elise could get dressed in the bathroom and then escort herself out. I heard her say goodbye and thank you and then the door closed. There was 10 or more seconds and then the recording ended. That was it.

Elise told me a week later that she had not gotten the job. She seemed sad but didn't want to talk about it much. I tried to correspond with Mike more but he said that I got what I wanted and that he was done helping me. Elise eventually did find a job as a real secretary at a large company a few months later. We're still together and things haven't changed much sexually for us. We live near San Jose in California. I don't have the nerve to talk to Elise directly about cuckolding but I still fantasize about it a lot. I've grown particularly fond of cuckold captioned photos. If any one knows how to use photoshop and caption some photos of Elise for me, I'd love to talk more.


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