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My wife is very easy when she has a drink in her hand. This past summer we were at a bar/restaurant that was on a river by us. It was a nice warm evening in the mid west and we were sitting outside. Earlier my wife had wanted a pita wrap before going into the bar. I told her it would cost her her panties. Surprisingly she gave them up quickly.

She went the rest of the way without her panties and after an hour or so watching the river action and drinking I went to the restroom. When I returned she had 2 guys talking with her at our table. I sat and talked, they we nice enough guys. They were with a group who stopped in on a boat.

As the evening progressed their friends came and went. My wife was talking to all of them. At one point she was on my lap and her short skirt was open enough for them to see her pussy peeking out. It didn't seem to bother her (she was getting more drunk) so I decided to push things along. Before I got her her next drink, I told her it would cost her a button (same game as my story above. Hey, it works.)

She undid a blouse button. By midnight her tits were very visable and 2 out of 4 buttons on her skirt were undone showing lots of pubic hair when she was sitting.

The guys said they were going to boat on to the next bar and invited us. We gladly accepted. They helped my wife into the boat and got an eyeful in the process. The speed limit was only 5 MPH so it took awhile. The guys (5) were all talking and drinking. I undid my wife's blouse and removed it. After many accolades on her tits, they talked her into her skirt. Standing in the boat, naked with 6 guys she was very comfortable (the booze helped). Some tit squeezing and sucking went on. When we came to the next bar they helped her dress.

We drank some more here. Guys at this place were seeing everything and she didn't care. At closing time we got back into the boat and went to a beach area. As soon as she got in the guys took her clothes off and didn't wait to start feeling her.

At the beach area everyone got naked and swam around. I noticed her deep kissing a couple of guys in the water and noticed their hand in her crotch. Back on the beach she was surrounded by the guys and me laughing and talking. Someone gently pushed down on her shoulders and she dropped to her knees and proceeded to blow the first guy. After he came on her (she won't swallow) another guy stepped in his place. She also started to stroke another one. They ended up fingering her as she sucked someone. She had 3 guys dump their load on her and 3 guys squirt beside her that night (1 guy did both).

At this point I'll just let you all know that she doesn't let anyone fuck her unless they have a condom on which I am very much for. We keep some in the car but didn't have any handy with these guys. It was still fun though.

When we got back to the original bar she didn't bother buttoning her blouse we only did the top 2 buttons of her skirt. It was around 2:30 A.M. and some guys we still on the dock. As they helped her off, they got a view of 1 woman, 6 guys, bared tits, pussy shot as she stepped off the boat, cum in her hair and on her chest and cum overflowing down her body. The way she looked and the thoughts going through their minds really turned me on.

She couldn't walk so we I helped her walk to the car. In the empty covered parking lot some other guy was walking to his car. As he came closer I made sure her tits were very visable. Her arm was over my shoulder, her eyes were closed and her skirt was open because of the way I was carrying her. He was looking all the way. I made small talk as we passed then stopped to talk with him, knowing he was checking her out the whole time. I quickly turned the conversation to raunchy sex and her fun evening. He said she looked great (she was basically tired out but now on her feet at this point).

I asked her if this man could be next and she nodded. I could tell she wasn't that far gone and knew exactly what we were doing so I told him it was ok to touch her. He felt her tits, pinched her nipple, then inserted a finger in her. I asked if he wanted to fuck her and then led her over to railing so she could bend over, exposing her ass. She moaned a little and I told her it was his turn and to relax. He quickly whipped out his cock and proceeded to fuck her in this deserted parking garage beside our car. She moaned softly and came after only 2 minutes. He then pulled out and came.

After he came on her, he left and when we made it to our car and went home. I fingered her most of the way, exposed her to any car/truck driving by.

It was a great time that started out in a bar.

We hope you liked out contribution and hope to keep reading all of yours as we love them.

- Watcher a.noel87@mail.com




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