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My wife and I have been married 10 years, when we got on the subject of me watching her with another guy. I have always had this fetish, but was sure she would be dead set against it....I was wrong! We have a long time family friend, let's just say he drives a car with lights on top, enough said. We see him daily, my wife is naturally outgoing, she can't go anywhere that people don't talk her leg off. So this turned into the old..."Be careful what you wish for, you may get it" deal! I wished & I got virtually instant gratification!

When our talking about her being a Hot Wife and cuckolding me got serious and she knew I really wanted it...a close friend was the perspective candidate. My wife broadened the conversations with him and the suggestive ideas progressed to him asking her to meet him after his shift one night. It has progressed to the point they screwed in less than comfortable surroundings a few times.

Tonight his family is out of town and he has the night out to himself. After she gave him ample time to make a date for them, I stepped up and reserved a room for them today. My wife went early before his shift was over to get ready....there. She left the house a totally georgous 41 year old housewife and he went there after his shift was over. Her and I were talking about text messaging up until he arrived....tonight she and him will have the beautiful upscale room to screw in and she will be bringing the fruits of their nights labor home in a little while.

I know that he has been pleading with her to eat her pussy. I also know that even though we had previously talked about oral sex being something WE keep to ourselves...with my blessing...she will be sucking him off tongiht and she is a swallower! He will have the best time he has had literally in YEARS tongiht.... He knows nothing about me knowing it all...paying for the room and all the details of there meetings.

He thinks my wife is cheating on me, which is fine by me....I would prefer to watch, but I 'll take it as it comes now. He has a wife that has alot of health problems, sex is not an option for them and my wife is filling a void he has had for many years. Based on my wife's reports, he has filled a few voids IN her too! From her details and trying to measure, he is about 3 inches longer and a little thicker than I am....so she has been sore the few times they did get it done prior to tonight.

I am trying to keep from a spontaneous orgasm as I am typing this.

Just wanted to share what is going on at this minute in time! Here are her pics. More to follow. I at least know someone is getting screwed!


A quick update....my wife's fuck-buddy arrived at her hotel room at 9:45. Just after his shift and left about 1:00AM....they spent about a half hour of talking, her on one bed and he on the other, until she reminded him that they did not come her to talk, they have had months of that! She said get up and get your clothes off!....that required a second demand, but not a third!

He pushed her back on the bed, kissing and hugging before getting her down to her bare pussy. He had all but begged to eat her pussy for many weeks and I felt flattered to know that he would get his wish tonight. She let him do as he wanted, which from 10 years experience with her leads her to demand that he get his cock in her and fuck her NOW!

This is just what she did with him too! They fucked in many positions, from one bed to the other. After several position changes and an obvious case of the nerves, he suddenly lost the hardness factor... He has had a rough time with his wife and long dry spell from sex....somethign like 4 years. My wife has put a new spark in his life....Being a nurse, she could qualify as a sexual consultant....so this is all right up her alley.

We had talked early on about oral sex being something we would keep for ourselves....but as this progressed I had asked several times if she had sucked him yet? Her first answers were No....we talked about that, then the answer changed to no not yet! As we text messaged each other before he arrived at her hotel room the other night, I asked if he knew she was a swallower? She answered he will in a little while!

I just about came right then myself! ......and he did learn that fact. In an effort to continue, she pushed him back on the bed comforting him and began sucking his cock. She is quite good and I can not imagine any man lasting very long with her fine oral work. He didn't last long....she said he didn't move much or say anything, until he growned and grabbed her head with both hands to hold her in place on his cock as he filled her mouth with a large load of cum! Good girl!! She said she enoyed it as much as he did!

When she got home to me about an hour or so after they had been in bed together...we hit the sheets and went through all the motions that she had just been through with him...we frenched like we were searching for something in each other's mouths and I moved down to eat her pussy, she made no effort to slow my licking sucking movements towards her pussy.

When I arrived at my point of interest and had worked my tongue as deep as possible...she inquired if I could tell he had been in her? I could detect his cologne on her inner thighs and tummy...and her pussy was relaxed and sort of open more than usual, but not really an big sign that she had been recently fucked!

Then she said something I had not thought I would here from her...she said I am sorry there isn't anything in there for you....hopefully next time! I was intoxicated by the fact that I was eating her pussy within an hour or so of her fuck-buddy having his cock in her! I continued to suck her clit until moments later she clamped her thighs on my head!

I was second guy of the night to get the order from her to get your dick in me now! I fucked her and enjoyed the whole experence of knowing that someone else had already been fucking her tonight. She asked if I could tell she had been royally screwed by his larger dick....I truly could not, but I KNEW it and that was enough to make me cum in her pussy after making her moan and squeal with excitment!

I am looking forward to licking, sucking and fucking her pussy the next time after he has filled her with a load of cum! This will be this week at least once or twice. The stars are aligned for this to happen this week! I will update as it happens!

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