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I wrote some time ago about my beautiful wife Debby, who got a job working for an attorney here in town soon after we arrived in Florida. The attorney took an instant liking to my wife and as he is an avid photographer, she ended up posing nude in photos for him and having sex, for which he gave her a huge pay raise. I was of course very upset about this but Debby has a far greater sex drive than I have and her needing a lot of sex had been causing problems in our marriage. I love my wife very much and in a weird way, my wife being used by another man aroused me and when she told me she had no intention of leaving me for anyone, I felt relieved.

Soon after I last wrote, things changed and not really for the better. One day my wife arrived home from work and said she had to go out with her boss to meet a big client of his that evening. She said she didn't have much time to explain and would do so later when she got home. I was very concerned but there wasn't much I could do about it so just sat back while she bathed and got herself ready. When she came out the bedroom, she looked beautiful and as hot as hell, then asked me if I would take her as she didn't want to drink and drive. That eased my mind and I told her I would wait for her to finish the meeting then drive her home. She argued a little and said she could get a cab no problem rather than me waiting so we left it at that.

After dropping my wife off at the hotel where she was to meet her boss and the client, I was going to drive home but decided instead to see if I could find out what was going on. After parking, I went back to the hotel and saw my wife with her boss at the bar with another man who I figured must be the client she was talking about. He was a short, kinda fat man in his fifties with a bald head and had little by way of looks at all. After a couple drinks, they all went into the dinning room for dinner and I just hung out for the next couple of hours while they ate. Around ten, the meal was over and I thought I'd better get home as I didn't want Debby to arrive before I did, and think I had been watching her. For some reason, I stopped myself as the three of them left the dinning room and headed for the elevator then got inside. I decided to go home and wait.

Debby arrived home around 2 am in the morning and I was still awake in bed. After taking her make up off and getting into bed with me, I asked her why she was so late and although at first she wouldn't tell me, after asking her several times, she proceeded to tell me all that had happened. She said that her boss had told her that the client was a very important for the company and if she gave the guy a good time, he would pay her a $1000 bonus. She said that after dinner, they had gone to the clients room and her boss told to her to undress and she had done so. She had stood with just her high heels on and the client had just grabbed her tits and started to suck them while her boss watched. Then the guy had told her to go into the bedroom with him and lay on the bed with her legs apart and she had done so. She said he had undressed, and then just climbed on top of her and stuck his cock in. He had slobbered all over her face while he fucked her and had shot his load in less than ten minutes.. She had gotten dressed and then her boss took her to his home and had fucked her also before giving her the thousand dollars he had promised. I had such mixed emotions and so much was going through my head but listening to my wife talking had made my cock rock hard and I just needed to be in her. Later after a wonderful love making session, Debby told me she enjoyed men using her sexually and always had done since she was molested as a kid. She said she loved cum and enjoyed swallowing it aqnd having it shot into every hole. She asked me to understand how she was as her previous husbands had been unable to. I told her I would try and I meant it.

A week later, Debby was asked to by her boss to serve drinks at a small party with some business friends/golf buddies at his beach house after they had played a round of golf and she had agreed. He told her that there would be one girl working the bar and Debby would serve drinks. She asked me if I would come with her and wait as it was only going to be for two or three hours and her boss was going to pay her well for her time. It left me wondering what kind of party it was going to be but when she showed me the tiny outfit that her boss had bought for her to wear, it left little to my imagination. It was a tiny pink see thru top and ditto the bottom half as well. When she put it on, she was as good as naked and she loved it.

On the way to the party the following Saturday afternoon, Debby was very affectionate and told me she loved me over and over and we arranged to go to our favorite restaurant that evening. When we got to the house, we were let in by Kendra, a very hot looking black girl who didn't look older than eighteen but had a great body. She showed us into the house and pointed out a room where Debby could change into her outfit which was the same as Kendra's although hers was white. The white against her coffee colored skin made her look gorgeous.

The guys arrived about an hour later and both girls worked the room with drinks. At first, everything was orderly but after a while the drinks started to take effect and the guys started to touch Debby as she served drinks and snacks. After about an hour, Debby's boss told the girls it would be better if they took their tops off as it was hot and they would feel more comfortable, so both girls did as they were told. When they did this, it just made the atmosphere as sexual as it could get and within a few minutes, I saw a guy go behind the bar where Kendra was, told her to get on her knees, then stuck his cock in her mouth. Almost immediately after that, a guy in his forties guided Debby away from the rest of the party into a bedroom. I couldn't see what was going on but I guess she was doing the same as Kendra was. A short time later, the guy with Kendra took her into another bedroom and within a minute or two, I heard the unmistakable sound of her being fucked.

The other guys in the main room, about six in all, started to drift towards the doorway of the rooms where the girls were. At first they just stood and watched what was going on, then most of them started to take their pants off and play with their cocks. When the guy who had been fucking Kendra had finished and left the room, another guy had taken his place inside her. I went over to the doorway of the room where Debby was and a guy was doing her doggy style while she was bent over the bed. Another guy took his pants off and stuck his cock in my wife's mouth so she had a cock in both ends. It became almost a feeding frenzy because as soon as one guy shot his load into one of the girls, another took his place in the girls holes including my wife's boss who fucked both girls at different times. By the end of the afternoon, at least five guys had fucked my wife and when we eventually got home, Debby said she hadn't gotten off at all and she wanted me to lick her pussy as she was a little sore after all the fucking and really wanted to cum. I did as she asked even though her pussy was still full of cum and I could taste it all. After she had cum, I sat astride her face and had her lick my asshole and stick her tongue in it while I jerked my cock, something I really enjoy. It didn't take long before I moved back on the bed so I could see her beautiful face, then shot my load all over it and in her mouth.

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