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This is a true story that happened last weekend. My wife Dayna is 35yrs. old and hot. It has always been a real fantasy turn on for me to think abut her having sex with another man while I watched. I had brought it up to her several times in the past with a rather mild interest on her part. That is until last weekend. We travelled to Virginia to attend a wedding for one of her college friends. The wedding was on Saturday but we arrived on Friday night to give us some extra time to relax.

The wedding was being held at a Banquet/ Conference center with an attached hotel and several night clubs and restaurants. We checked into our room and headed down to the restaurant for some dinner. In the lobby Dayna spotted three of her sorority sisters who were all chatting and popping inside and out to catch some air.

During the conversation a guy by the name of Ryan ran up and was getting reaquainted with the group. Almost immediately I could feel the electricity in the air between Dayna and Ryan; the big smile, screeching hello, long hug and big (friendly kiss on the lips.) The two of them kind of paired off to the side and chatted for about 10 minutes before I figured that I would walk over, only to get a, "oh yeah, this is my husband Rob."

They continued on for about 10 more minutes until our little flashy disk thing signalled our table was ready. As we were leaving Ryan mentioned that he and a couple others would be hanging out in "Velocity", one of the dance clubs, and that she should stop by. I was hoping that this was leading to where it appeared to be leading. Before bumping into Ryan; Dayna had said that she was starving and tired. "I just want to eat, go back to the room and relax."

Now, she hardly touched her dinner and carried on for the next hour about what a great guy Ryan was and how close they were in college. Unfortunately he was dating a friend of her's so nothing had ever happened between them. I must admit, Ryan was quite the guy. 6ft. 1" 200 lbs. with deep blue eyes and a charming smile and lots of charisma. After dinner we returned to our room. I could tell that Dayna had something on her mind. She said that she had gotten a second wind and felt like maybe going out to one of the clubs. What a surprise when she blurted that she read in the motel guide what a great place the Velocity club was supposed to be.

She showered then began getting dressed. When I saw her outfit I knew that my suspicions maybe correct. Gone were the sweatpants and t-shirt. She had on a short black mini skirt, a white spagehtti strapped spandex shaper top that really showed her chest and a pair of sexy black flats. She looked and smelled awesome. She even put a lotion with sparkles on her chest to help guide the eyes. When we entered the club Ryan was already there with 2 other friends. When he spotted her he did one of those dumb struck double takes and almost dropped his drink. Around 11:00 the DJ began to play and the lights were dimmed. By this time Dayna had about 5 peach snapps with O.J. and was feeling no pain. Her and Ryan were on the dance floor for just about every dance.

Then the DJ played dirty dancing. WHOOOAAAA, it was HOT!! Dayna was rubbing up and grinding on Ryan like a sex crazed maniac. At the end of the dance, they came back over to rest. Most of the side by side seats were taken so Dayna promptly sat on Ryan's lap. The beer was working on my bladder so I excused myself to the men's room. On the way out Ryan came in. He said that he was very sorry for monopolizing Dayna and asked that I please not be angry with him for the way they were carrying on. He said that he does stupid things when he drinks, and the way Dayna was dressed and the fact that he hasn't gotten laid in a year where all wearing on him. I assured him that I was not angry and that his behavior was ok as I had enjoyed seeing Dayna relax and open up.

I then went outside for some air and upon returning to the club Lady in Red was playing. Ryan and Dayna were on the floor, dancing very close and gazing into each other's eyes. His hands were around her waist, rubbing her lower back below the cutoff of her shirt. This happens to be one of her very erogenous zones. After the song finished I told Dayna that I was going back to the room to get some rest but she should stay here with Ryan and have some fun. It was now 1:00.

Back upstairs my imagination was running wild, were they in his room, would she fuck him? I layed on the bed and dozed off. I awoke to the door opening and looked over at the clock 4:28 A.M. As Dayna appeared in the hallway I could see that she was barefoot. She was looking at me sheepishly, walked over, sat on the bed and bursed into tears (definetely not the night cap that I was hoping for.) After about 5min. of coaxing I got her to the point of being able to talk. She said that after I left, they danced to several more songs and were having the time of their life.

At 2:00 they had last call and put the lights up. She said that they sat in the lobby talking and then decided to take a walk out back on this deck area that over looks a small pond. It was about 55 degrees out and she was cold. Neither one of them had long sleeves or a jacket on. She said that he bagan to rub her shoulders in an attempt to warm her up. She said that his touch felt great; he then pulled her against him. They embraced for about a minute when he began stroking her hair. He then lifted her chin and proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Soon their tongue's were exploring each other's mouths. After about 10 minutes he asked if she would like to go back to his room to relax a little bit.

Once in his room they sat on the couch and continued their little make out session. He then offered her a back rub (sure fire way to get in her pants.) He massaged her for over half an hour. He had removed her top and sucked on her tits. He slid her skirt off and removed her panties. She said that his dick was sooo hard that it looked about ready to burst through his pants. She undid his belt and opened his pants to pull out a 6" cock. She pulled off his shirt to reveal a nice tight washboard stomach and chest. Unfortunately for me; she said that she felt a rush of guilt come over her. Here I trusted her enough to be alone with him and now she was doing this to me.

With that she got up got dressed and came back to our room. I figured it was now or never. As we cuddled on the bed, I reiterated to her that although it may seem weird; the thought of her and him together was extremely hot, turned me on, was very ok with me and I would love for it to happen if it was ok with her. I don't think that at first she believed me, but she slowly began to warm up to the idea. I told her, you only live once, life is short, it's only sex and we are all consenting adults. She called his room and they talked for about 10 minutes. She popped her head back in and asked if Ryan could accompany us on morning trip to Historic Williamsburg that we were planning on taking since the wedding was not until 5pm.

The next morning the three of us met for breakfast. The electricity was back in the air. Dayna and Ryan sat next to each other, feeding one another and really pouring it on; they were like 2 love sick teenagers. After breakfast we piled into the mini van and headed out to Williamsburg. The whole show was just erotic to the max. The whole day, they were holding hands, nuzzling each other and steeling kisses every chance they got. I really felt like an outside third wheel, but loved the bird's eye view. About 3pm we returned to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. While my wife was dressig she asked me if I was sure that this was what I wanted and then confessed that she really could get used to this sort of thing and loved the endorphine release. We attended the wedding and reception, with Ryan and Dayna dancing most of the night and the drinks flowing.

I popped outside for some air and was chatting with a few friends. When I returned, Dayna and Ryan were both missing. About 20 minutes later, Dayna texted me to come back to our room. My heart was pounding. I opened the door. The lights were dimmed and the TV was on to a jazz music station. Dayna and Ryan were both naked laying on the bed. She smiled and said well I hope this was what you have been waiting for. She then proceeded to go down on Ryan's dick and give him the most sensual blow job that I have ever seen. About 10 minutes later, Ryan began to gasp and squirm. He was cumming. Dayna was gasping and slurping as his cum was running down her face. She swallowed and proceeded to lick him clean (two things that she has never ever done for me.)

They lay there spooning for 30 minutes or so. Ryan then rolled Dayna on her back and proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of her body. He buried his face in her snatch and went to town. She was going crazy and came so hard that she squirted him (also a 1st.) She then jumped on top and rode him like a wild stallion. To make a long story short; for the next 2 hours I watched the both of them fuck like teenagers in every position imagineable, with no protection to boot. Ryan spent the night in bed with Dayna while I slept on the sofa pullout. The next morning I awoke to hear screams coming from the shower. Ryan and Dayna were in the shower, he had her bent over and was fucking her from behind. Soon they came out and took it to the bed to finish.

Unfortunately we had to check out by 11A.M. Ryan and Dayna said their good byes and promised to hook up again real soon. Unfortunately he lives in Georgia and we live in NJ, but I have a feeling that this experience has opened up a whole new horizon for us with lots of good things to come. I am also sending a couple of pics of Dayna for your viewing pleasure.





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