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I went out of town for 2 nights without my husband for training for work just before Christmas. After I got out of training I went back to the room and grabbed a quick shower and got dressed up. I was meeting a friend and the bar downstairs, they were having some sort of karokee thing goin on. When I got down to the bar there was a ton of people from work sittng around chatting it up.

Well I met my friend and we started drinking and having a good time. As the night progressed she met a guy and started hanging out with him. I sat there watching people get up making a fool of themselves at the karokee. After a bit, one of the guys from the class comes over and sits down with me. He was in his mid 30s, attractive, well built. We started talking about work, and life in general. He told me he was divorced about a year and a half ago. He said he found out his wife was cheating on him.

She had come clean and said she was seeing someone she was working with. He told me he was so worried after that he had been going to the psychologist every 3 months to make sure he was alright. After talking to him a bit more he asked if I wanted to go for a walk. We went out and started walking around downtown but I was to tipsy to go far so I told him I needed to go back in. He asked me if I wanted him to walk me to my room so I let him.

When we got to my room, I turned around and thanked him and said it was nice talking to him. We locked eyes and he took that as a 'kiss me'. He leaned over and kissed me, I pulled him in tight and we made out in the hallway for a few minutes.

I fiddled with the card that opens the door to the room and finally got it open. We fell into the room and up against the desk in the hotel room. He started kissing my neck and ears. He whispered to me that he hadn't kissed a women since him and his wife split up. I hopped up on the desk and sat there while we made out. I waited for him to make his move but it didn't happen, so I did. I pulled his shirt off over his head.

Then I took his hands and put them up under my shirt. Finally he pullled my shirt off and I undid my bra. I unbuckled his belt and undone his pants and pushed them to the floor. He unbuckled my pants and I leaned back so he could pull them off of me. When he got my pants off he reached down and grabbed my thong and pulled them off. As he pulled them off he pulled my socks off and made a comment on how pretty my feet were.

He dropped his boxers and took a second to step out of his pants all the while holding my ankles. He then started kissing my foot and ran his tounge down my leg, then he squated down and started to lick on my pussy. I put my feet up on his shoulders to steady myself so I could spread it for him. Without opening my eyes, I reached for the chair and felt for my pocketbook. I reached in and unzipped the side were I keep my tampons and other womenly things and pulled out a condom.

After about 10 minutes I finally got my orgasm and about squeezed his head off with my thighs when I did...lol. He stood up and I handed him the condom. He picked me up and carried me to the bed. He reached down and pulled the covers back and laid me down. He took his socks off as he climbed up onto the bed. I saw he was semi hard so I thought I would help him out. I sat up and started sucking on his cock. He got hard after just a minute or so. I pushed him onto the bed then I took the condom from him and opened it up and put it on him.

I got up and stradled him and lowered down onto his cock. I sat all the way down taking him all the way in. I moved up then back down just once and he grabs me and says "oh god". He then thrusted as hard as he could as he came. I sat there thinking what the hell. He pulls me down on top of him and says he is sorry that it has been so long for him. I fall to his side and told him its ok. He told me it had been about 2 months since he even jerked off. He pulled the condom off and dropped it beside the bed.

We laid there legs wrapped with each other, kissing and talking. After about 30 minutes of playing I felt his dick getting hard again. I sat up in bed crawled to the end and reached across to the chair with my pocketbook and jerked it off. It fell to the floor so I leaned down to get it with my ass up in the air. He sat up an commented on how much he liked my ass. Once I got the condom out of the pocketbook, he helped me back up.

Both of us were up on our knees and we could see straight into the mirror. He played with my tits with one hand and was fingering me with the other. I was leaned back into him kissing him and reaching behind me jerking him off. He then lays me back onto the bed and gets ontop of me. He is rubbing his extremely hard cock on my stomach as we kiss each other. Our bodies were so close to each other I had my legs wrapped around his to make it tighter.

We just seemed to fit. My arms were outstretched over my head. He grabbed ahold of my wrist. I was to the point were I felt like I was getting ready to have an orgasm and he wasn't even fucking yet. His kissing and body movements were spot on. He took his hand off my wrist and reached for my hand and took the condom out. As soon as he did that, I grabbed his hand and pulled it back up, I didn't want to lose this postition. I whispered in his ear to fuck me.

Again he tried to pull his hand down, but I didn't let him. I just whispered again to fuck me now. He whispered back "are you sure". I said "yes just don't cum in me" (he knew I wasn't on birth control but still told him). He moved his cock to my pussy and with that I pulled him in.

He fucked me in that position for 15 minutes while I had several orgasms. This time he didn't cum so quickly and we went from missionary to doggie, to me on top, to spooning....etc. We fucked for over an hour this time. Both of us sweaty and exhausted. Finally I was on my knees and had my hands up on the headboard with him behind me. After a few minutes in this position he told me he was about to come. He asked "where did I want it" I told him "wherever you want", he replied, "well that would be in you".

I just replied. "fine". It felt so good I wanted to feel it till the end. He came with such a force, I thought he would rip my insides out. We both fell to the bed, him still in me. We laid there for awhile just chatting. I look over and it was 1:00am so I had to get some sleep. He asked if he could stay, I of course told him yes.

The next morning when I awoke he was gone, I guess to get ready for the training. I got everything packed because I wasn't coming back since I was heading home after training that day. I phoned my husband and told him I had a surprise for him when I got home and right away he knew what I meant. I do this once every six months and so this type of thing isn't a regular occurance.

Anyway, as I was leaving my room, the girl next to me, who was my partner for the traning class was leaving too. She said, without being the least it shy about it, "I heard you had a good night. lol." I asked what she meant and she said, "girl, you aren't quiet when your screwing" ..haha.

After the training, I met him outside by my car and we said our goodbyes. He works on the total opposite side of the state from me so I doubted I would see him again.

That's okay because my husband and I relived it over and over and had a great time with it.

I hope everyone liked this write-up from a woman's perspective as I know it is usually the husbands who submit to this blog.

Thank you.

- Darlene



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