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Planting the cuckold seed by getting my gf to talk about how slutty she was in college.

Ever since my last relationship, I had been interested in cuckolding and cuckold porn. I would browse the blog and jerk off but never bring it up in my relationship.

I have been dating my gf for the past 4 years. She's beautiful and turns heads. Her name is Melissa but I'll refer to her as Mel. For context, we have a decent sex life. We typically do a bunch of missionary and me going down on her with my tongue or a vibrator. Usually I make her cum a few times with my hands or mouth and then she rides me for a few seconds before I pull out and nut on myself or in her mouth.

Recently we introduced a dildo to the relationship. This dildo was big 6" but in her mind she seemed to think it was the same size as me. We used it a little but since she thought it was so similar, she didn't really request it.

Fast forward a few weeks and we moved somehow the dildo got lost. I took this opportunity to introduce a larger dildo. This time the dildo was around 10" and girthy. I whipped it out as we were getting started and she was startled by the size, "that thing is massive...it would be like a baby coming out of me."

Up until this point, there had been 0 dirty talk around sexual partners or cucking. I said "so you think it wouldn't fit inside of you" and she replied "oh it would, I've had bigger" and I was shocked. This opened up a ton of stories of her time at her major state party school and her sexual adventures. I knew she had a decently high body count but I was convinced it was horrible given we met midway through her sophomore first semester.

Mel's body count is probably in the 50s. Every night out, she was getting fucked. She was popular and in a middle-tier sorority so when she got the chance to hook up with some frat star, she would let them do whatever they wanted.

For reference, I have never cum inside of her. For the first 2 years of our relationship I would always use a condom and sometimes pull out and she would swallow but mainly she would ask me to cum in the condom. Now, we go raw but I always pull out.

So we quickly dove into the story about the dick bigger than the dildo. "This guy was the biggest asshole, he would fuck me so hard and stretch me out and just leave instantly."

Me: "How would you fuck?"

Her: "Usually just from behind. I begged him to ride him and he would never let me."

Me: "How big was he?"

Her: "Massive. I would literally be loose and sore for a while. I've never felt so full again."

Me: "What else would you do?"

Her: "Her never went down on me once. Sometimes he would finger my pussy until he had 3-4 fingers in there where he knew he was getting me loose. I loved blowing him and I would suck his balls and I even ate his ass."

I was shocked at this point because I had no clue she had this in here.

Me: "Did you always use a condom?"

Her: "Never, I asked him to use one the first time he fucked me and he refused so I never bothered asking again."

Me: I'm extremely turned on at this and I ask "Where did he cum?"

Her: "Usually inside of me, he never asked and didn't seem to care if I was on birth control. I was taking it at the time but I was a dumb college girl and wasn't consistent with it. The other times he would pull out a grab me by the hair and cum all over my face. I probably fucked him 5 times and he came inside of me 4."

I'm extremely turned on at this point especially and am dying to know more.

Me: "Did you let a lot of people fuck you raw?"

Her: "Only the assholes and guys with big dicks. They all always wanted to fuck raw and I always let them."

Me: Did any others cum in you?

Her: A ton. I loved the cum leaking out of me. Some would ask and others I would beg to. Some would refuse and would make me swallow instead.

Me: How many guys fucked you raw and came inside of you?

Her: Probably 25. Most normal guys I'd make wear a condom. They'd fuck me and if they were good I'd let them pull out and cum in my mouth.

Me: what was the craziest thing you've done?

Her: "I got fucked by someone with a massive cock in his frat living room. He fucked me in front of some of his brothers and was so disrespectful trying to impress them and I let him. He fucked me long and hard with his massive dick.

He fucked me raw and made me clean him off in front of his friends multiple times. I was completely naked but he basically kept his shirt and boxers on. I felt so exposed in from of his friends. He would fuck me doggy with his shoe on my head with my head forced into a dirty frat couch. He would slap me around and force his whole fist into my pussy giving all his friends a view.

He would force 2 fingers in my ass when I'd never done that before. He made me ride him reverse cowgirl with me facing all his friends. Finally when he was getting close to cumming, he fucked me again doggy with his feet on my head forcing my face on the dirty feet floor and came deep inside of me. He told me aggressively not to move and I stayed there with my bare ass in the air and my face on the ground with cum leaking out of my pussy. I thought his friends were about to fuck me next but they never did. All I know is that one took a picture."

I was so turned on at this point and horny and so was she that she asked to ride me. Unfortunately I lasted like 2 seconds before I pulled pulled out and came over my own stomach and chest.

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