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My wife is over at Robertsí house right now drinking and soon they will be fucking. After that she will call me and I will go pick her up and weíll will come home and I will get sloppy seconds which I love. While I screw her she will tell me how much she likes his big thick cock and how sheís going to fuck him whenever she wants to and I will cum hard feeling his cum on my cock and thinking about her fucking him.

Robert is her ex-boyfriend. The guy she was seeing right before me. I thought they were over but one day I heard her talking to someone on the phone and when asked, she said it was Robert. We talked about it and I realized she still had feelings for him and I asked her if she wanted to party with him and fuck him like she used to.

She said it may be complicated (long story) but she would think about it. She fucked him 2 days later. She made me drive her over there from a party and sent me home. We had already been immersing ourselves in the cuckold/hotwife dynamic. We started out online and then from there found a sex club in San Antonio a few times where she would do several guys a night while I watched.

Then we moved online again and we met a black man named Charles. He was great. He was polite and charming and knew how to humiliate me in a hotel room not by anything he said but, by the way he owned my wife for a night. I took lots of pictures. She didnít like the way he fucked so we quit seeing him. There were too many pushy freaks at the sex club too and we quit that but she told me she was looking online and was quite popular.

Months passed but nothing came up. Until Robert.

With Robert it is different. They were hot and heavy lovers before and there is real chemistry between them. Iíve met him. He comes to see my band play and then takes her home right in front of my friends. Nice guy though. She screws him every Saturday night and sometimes on weekdays. I think she has fucked him 10 times now, which is how often she has fucked me in the last couple of months.

I have been getting nothing but sloppy seconds. She says that is just how it has worked out. Not intentional but I wonder. To make it worse, tonight she has me locked in in a modified cb 6000 and my dick hurts like hell. I have a very cruel chastity device on order at the wifeís request.

Anyway, she has made me lately eat her when she gets home. The first few times I didnít taste anything like cum. Just her sweet swollen pussy.

He fucks her hard and a lot so she gets sore. Last time she said she really wanted me to taste his cum so she called me to pick her up right after she finished getting fucked for the third time. Five minute drive so everything was fresh. This time his cum was right up front and I tasted it and it was nasty. I gagged and she got pissed and beat me with a belt. ( Italian girl from Jersey.. need I say more.)

Then she made me eat her again and I still gagged.

I asked her tonight if the cum eating was optional and she said she was going to sit on my face until I got used to his taste. She said, ďYou know you want it so get used to it.Ē

She is right. I am a bit twisted that way. Iím nervous and I donít want to gag again because it ruins everything.

Robert doesnít want me to watch them and he thinks the whole thing is weird but she is working on him because she likes it when I watch. She even told me that she is talking to him about all three of us moving in together. A triangle. Iím dubious but weíll see. She gets her way with him, and me.

She is a cruel hot wife and I love her and am so grateful for her understanding and honesty. She was the perfect partner to approach with my particular flavor of sex appetite. She loves to flirt and screw around and in her younger days had a few wild nights. Very mild party type stuff, so I knew she might be open.

It has been a very revealing, confusing, scary and hot journey. I have to work tomorrow but canít sleep. Iíll sit and wait for the phone to ring so I can pick her up.

Good night gentleman.......




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