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We wanted to post a quick story of what happened this weekend.

Me and my girlfriend had met these two lads about a week ago, we met them on the net at a dating site, set it up one night and my girlfriend gave us all blowjobs. We were quite keen to meet them again, so I took one lad's phone number down and stored it on my phone.

After arranging to meet up with them I asked my girlfriend if we could do something slightly different this time.

Now I love watching her sucking cock and taking a cumload in her mouth but she always spits it out so I asked her if she would swallow our loads this time.

She agreed to do it but mentioned that she was doing this for me as she never gets anything out of these 'swallowing sessions' that we do. She loves the attention and the taboo-ness of sucking of other guys and gets so wet too, just doesn't want to swallow. She also says it doesn't completely satisfy her. We only talked about oral and that was our limit.

I completely understand what she means, she just gets on her knees sucks a couple of cocks in about 15 mins then its finished. I thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that I would decide at the time so bought some condoms in case.

When we arrived at the spot we arranged and it was busy so we had to think quickly, the lads got into our car and we drove to another place we knew of in the countryside. As I drove I kept thinking about letting her get fucked by one or both of these lads, and my cock was bulging at the thought of this.

As soon as we parked up we got out. 'One of u stay in the car' I said. I opened the rear door and and called her over. She came round inside the opened door, I put one hand on her bum and bent her over with the other. As she started to undo his jeans I called over the other one. He came over and I gave him a condom. I pulled down her leggins and knickers and began to lick her pussy. I could tell she was exited and so was I.

I got up and gave her a quick fuck while her head bobbed up and down on the cock inside the car. After a couple of mins I stopped to let my new friend in. He pushed his cock right up into her pussy and fucked her as hard as he could. I moved into the doorway to watch her suck this cock.

I pulled her away to suck mine, she held my cock looked at me then turned around to see who was fucking her! She looked a bit shocked, so I told her he's wearing protection. She turned back round, smiled at me and got back into sucking our cocks.

I was going to let the other lad fuck her but his friend was doing a such a great job I thought he could make her cum easily. Now she was sucking one off as he stood on the doorway and the other was fucking her, I was just jerking my cock waiting for her to orgasm. After about 10 mins of his fast hard fucking she stopped sucking, lifted her head in the air and let it all out as she came.

This was awesome and he was still fucking her hard, as she finished I called him over and told him we were going to cum in her mouth. She knelt down, still in dreamland and opened her mouth for us. She gave each of us a token suck as we pulled away at our cocks.

I waited for the other two to cum first, the lad who fucked her was first to come, he pointed into her mouth and shot his load she sucked the end, pushed him away and swallowed it all. The next lad stepped forward for his turn, I wanted her to have two loads at a time so held back until he started cumming then as he did I emptied the lot into her mouth.

She kept it in her mouth for a bit, some of it slipping out as she tried to keep it in. She sat back and swallowed it up. We cleared up and the one lad asked if he could have a blowjob again!

Cheeky fucker!! so I let her get into the back of the car with him for the drive home!!!

We have others that we met online that we will also hook up with one day. As soon as she gets tired of these guys she'll move on but wants them a few more times first. Gotta love the internet.






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