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I was asked on another forum if I've ever seen my wife giving another guy a BJ. Well, I've seen her giving another guy a blowjob, but it wasn't accidental. We lived in Phoenix a few years ago, not far from my wife Cindy's older sister and sister's husband Randy. I had become pretty good friends with BIL, and the 4 of us did a lot of things together. We all vacationed in Hawaii once, Cindy went topless on one of the more remote beaches, which she has done often, and that really aroused Randy. A couple days later she went for an early swim, he followed her down there, and they spontaneously fucked in waist-deep water. I found out about it a little later.

I had watched her dance topless or nude many times, though, first at amateur contests while on vacation, then she started dancing and waitressing with a friend of hers part-time in the Phoenix area for pay, so I was very used to other guys ogling her and coming on to her, which I found turned me on a lot. So the thought of her riding Randy's cock in the surf was also a turn-on.

So a few weeks later Cindy told me her sister had suggested she could give Randy a blowjob for his birthday, since Sis hated oral sex and after a couple of difficult pregnancies wasn't all that fond of sex anyway. Randy had told Sis what he really wanted for his birthday was a BJ, Sis told Cindy, Cindy mentioned that she enjoyed oral sex, so...I told her to go fot it, as long as I got to watch!

Randy and a few of his friends, including me, got together in the party room of a club he belonged to, had a few drinks, shot some pool, then Cindy came in. She was dressed in a thin wraparound dress, high heel sandals and thigh-high stockings. We all froze where we were and watched as she directed Randy to a chair and started dancing to a CD I had brought along for the occasion.

It was very sexy and sensuous. She twirled her dress in front of him, flashed her bush and her ass, and gradually came out of the dress. Then she undulated in front of Randy in just shoes and stockings, straddled his legs and gave him a lap dance. He sat their dazed, with a large bulge in his pants. Cindy reached down, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and pulled his hard cock out.

Then she knelt, started licking the shaft, licking his balls, licked all around the head, took it in her mouth and went up and down on the head, faster and faster. Randy was holding her tits in his hands, pulling them, groaning, thrusting. He shot his load pretty fast, with several hard thrusts. Cindy matched them all, swallowing the whole thing!

Then as Randy slumped back in his chair, Cindy rose and gave him a cum-covered kiss, stood up, picked up her dress, and headed for the door. Somebody said, "Can I be next?" She just smiled and said, "You're not the birthday boy!" And walked on out the door, through the main bar and past about 8 or 10 guys out there, still holding her dress, and out to her car.

I left very soon after that, met her at home and had her do a private repeat performance!

- LuvWatching





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