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I once caught my exwife cheating on me while I was over seas. A friend by accident let it slip that she was spending a lot of time with my now ex best friend. They would go camping and fishing a lot together. So with this info I thought I would put all that uncle sam has tought me to good use. I got some leave time and bought a round trip ticket. Rented a car and drove home. Got a hotel room and checked things out, found out they were going camping that weekend again. So back in the room I made a few calls to some friends got the toys I needed and set out to see what would happen.

I set up just down the street from my parents home (that's where she was staying to save money) and watched as she and my friend got things ready to go. Then they were off, I stayed back a bit so as not to get caught tailing them. Followed them to a spot where he and I camped a lot. Nice off the path place near a cold stream full of fish. They set up camp but only one tent, and enjoyed lot of ass grabbing as well. Then they fixed some food, and set out for a walk.

I followed again and this time I was not dissapointed at all. In a small clearing they stripped naked and fucked their brains out. She started out on top, her tits bouncing as she rode his cock. Then he pulls her down and gets on top and pile drives his cock into her cunt. He did her doggy style and standing up. Man he had a lot of staying power and I had to give that to him.

When she finished cumming and he shot his load on her they picked up ther clothes and finished their walk and made their way back to camp. I on the other hand had some great vires of them fucking. I took pictures and they turned out fuzzy. The extra gear my friends loaned me helped out a lot though.

Back at camp they stayed naked fooling around from time to time. Then they went to bed again fucking for a good while. The next day they stayed naked all day fishing and just hanging around camp. Did a lot of fucking as well again got some great but fuzzy pictures. The last day they just fucked all around the camp. Got dressed and loaded up the car.

They drove home with what looked like she was sucking him off most of the way. I had set it up that I was going to say for 3 weeks but I cut it short after a week of following them around and watching them fuck. And my unit was going to deploy for an ops I didn't want to miss. So I headed back to my unit with all the pictures I took and thinking of what I should do with this new situation I discovered.

A friend told me once that when he caught his wife cheating he had her fuck her boyfriend and not stop until she came 10 times which she gladly did, but that is another story for another time. I made it back with days to spare and did my job and enjoyed doing it.

Got back to home base and set out uploading all my pics. Had a great time looking through them again as it relaxes me and I needed to relax. Made a list of which ones were best and put them in a folder. I decided I would go through each shot finding the best ones to send to them. I did and they were surprised and I asked her if she would do it in front of me and she didn't know what to say. Eventually she did once but was not into it. The lifestyle wasn't for her and we ended up divorced for many other reasons.

Fast forward a few years and I am with a new girlfriend (see attached pics).

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to a wedding for a couple of her friends from college. For the last few months we have discussed our relationship more and more. She has only been with one other guy since we started dating. We were talking and she told me that most of the people there had at some point or another slept with at least one other person who would be at the wedding. Naturally I asked her if she had and her answer surprised me. Not only had she slept with someone there (let's call him Jim for now to protect the innocent), but Jim had been the man who took her virginity. She however felt unsatisfied with it, even thought it was years ago, as she did not get him off. Needless to say she was very eager to redeem herself and I was eager to get my chance at being cuckolded properly.

Fast forward to the festivities after the wedding. I had been drinking with Jim nearly all night. Being the responsible one I decided that since we had to drive home the next day I'd go to bed at around 2:30ish. I wasn't sober at all and I stumbled up to our hotel room. I told my girlfriend to join me when she wanted to. I passed out and woke up several times during the night and was completely alone. At around 9:00 the next morning my girlfriend calls my cell phone and tells me that she is on her way back up. As soon as she gets in we talk about the night before. Not only did she sleep with Jim but she did it twice. I was so turned on I took her onto the bed to make love to her. She stopped me from going down on her and I immediately knew why. She was a little ashamed that she had allowed it to happen but they didn't use a condom. She was very nervous but still aroused. Immediately I trusted my head to her warm dripping womanhood. I ate as much as I could and she begged me to be inside her. The sex was amazing. I was exhausted, hung over, sick and it was still some of the best sex of my life. Unfortunately that may be the last time she sees him again as he is over half the country away.

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