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I'm not very good at writing but my husband asked me to do this since he's much worse. It's true. But he does LOVE it when we 'play' and our 4th time ever with another man and me happened a couple of weeks ago at a bar we like and it turned us both on so much we/he wanted to share.

So basically we arrived at the bar as the band was starting to play their first song. The place wasn’t very crowded but the people were having a good time talking and drinking a few down. We walked over to the bar and found two bar stools near the corner and sat down. We were checking out the crowd to see if we knew anybody, but didn’t recognize any familiar faces. I was getting a few looks back from some guys throwing darts in the corner from us. I was wearing one of my summer sundresses which was braless and very short. I was not wearing any panties, so I had to watch how I sat so as not to show to much.

My breasts were showing a lot of cleavage and I made sure to cross my legs and give them a lot of leg to look at. We ordered our drinks and I sat with my back to the bar watching the fellows throw darts. They were in their mid twenties I figured, very cute and well built. They were laughing and I could tell they were trying not to be too obvious of staring at me. I would just sip my drink and smile when one of them looked over. I told my husband that I was going to go over and see if they would let me play darts with them.

He said “go ahead and enjoy yourself, with a wink.” I slowly walked over to the guys and asked if they wouldn’t mind if I threw some darts with them. They jumped at the chance and before they knew it I was throwing darts and kind of flirting with them both at the same time. We were back in the corner of the bar and most of the people were watching the band. I slowly would move closer to this one guy named Richard. I would rub my body against him and say “oh excuse me”. He would just laugh and say “anytime”. The other guys name was Danny. I would make it a point to touch and rub each of them when I walked by.

They said I was a good-looking MILF. I told them thanks and that I would love to prove that MILF part one day. They both looked surprised and then asked if they could take me out. I told them that my husband was at the bar, but he likes to watch me play. Would they mind if he were to watch us? They agreed and we decided it was time to get out of the bar to more comfortable surroundings. I told the guys to go out and wait for us in the parking lot and we would be right out. I went up and told my husband that I had found some playmates and we should go now.

We left the bar and Richard and Danny were waiting outside for us. I walked over and got between them and put my arms around them and led them to our van. When we got at the van I opened the side door and told them to get in. My husband got in the driver’s seat and started out the parking lot. Now our van is a custom van with a bed in the back. I went back to the bed and told the guys to join me. I think they were a little surprised at how fast we were in bed. I started kissing Danny and his tongue was going faster and deeper in my mouth. I felt his hands on my breasts.

He was moving the top of my sundress aside so he could feel my nipples. I then felt Richard’s hand moving up my legs to my moist pussy. They then laid me down on the bed and Richard had pushed my dress up and was starting to lick my clit. He knew where to lick and he knew how. Danny was still kissing me and I was feeling his manhood through his pants. It was hard and erect and confined in his pants and wanting out. I told him to get rid of those pants and let me see his cock. He quit kissing me and leaned up and undid his pants and in one motion he was out of pants, underwear, and shoes. His cock was standing straight out and desiring satisfaction. I told him to let me suck it. All the while Richard’s tongue was licking my clit.

I could feel my insides churning and knew that an orgasm was building up. Danny was slowly moving his big hard cock toward my face and I was opening my mouth to receive it. I slowly licked the under side of his cock and heard him moan softly. When I wrapped my lips around the head, he put his hand in my hair and pulled me forward taking his cock deeper into my mouth. I have to say that it was at least 2 to 3 inches in girth and was filling my mouth to the fullest. I was tonguing the underside of his cock while the head of it was starting to hit the back of my throat. I put my hand on his ass cheek and slowly relaxed the muscles in my throat. His cock slowly was going down my throat and I heard him moan louder now.

I started a slow rhythm of sucking and moving my head on his cock. I could taste a little of his pre cum and knew it wouldn’t be long. My own orgasm was building from the tongue lashing Richard was giving my clit and pussy. He had inserted two fingers in my pussy and was fucking me while his tongue was licking my clit. Needless to say I was getting ready to have an orgasm of my own while I could feel Danny’s cock starting that swelling ness that said his cum was about to fill my mouth. I pushed his ass cheeks even harder and then I felt the first explosion of his cock and tasted his sweet salty cum in my mouth. It was gushing out and hitting the back of my mouth and throat. I clamped on to the head so as not to lose a drop. Just then I could feel my own orgasm starting to release and my juices were flowing all over Richard’s two fingers and on to the sheet of the bed. I swallowed Danny’s cum and could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. I slowly let out a small moan and let his cock slide from my mouth with cum just on the head of it.

I licked it off and smiled up at him and asked, “Was that good”. All I got was “Hell yeah!” Meanwhile Richard said that he wanted to fuck me good. I smiled at him and spread my legs. I don’t know when he got rid of his clothes but his cock was bare and ready to dive deep into my pussy. I felt the head slowly spread the lips of my pussy and could feel him entering slowly. He was very big and soon his cock was hitting the back wall of my vagina. He was buried deep and I was loving it. He didn’t waste much time in starting a good motion. I lifted my legs to allow him a better ride of my pussy. He started moaning and I could tell he was about to fill me up. I felt his hot cum fill the back of my pussy and knew he was giving me a long and hot load of cum. I pulled him in and could feel him still Cumming inside me. He slowly laid down on me and said, “Wow that was great”. I said yes it was.

We all finally sat up and I straightened my sundress. My husband was smiling at me in the review mirror and I knew he had watched most of the action.

That's how it went. I know the writing isn't as good as most of the stories here but we like this blog and wanted to share our own story and get the excitement from that.

- CareBears




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