I can't believe my Wife's Past



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I think one of the first steps on the road to cuckoldry is when a husband takes an unnatural interest in his wife's previous lovers, feeling both arousal and a sense of jealousy.

Interestingly, I've found with several women's stories on this blog that they usually begin with some self serving preamble along the lines of "It really wasn't my fault because... I was pretty drunk, he seduced me. I got swept up in the moment. I was getting back at my ex-boyfriend" or, every woman's favorite "he told me he loved me."

My wife tells a wonderful story about how she cheated on her first husband. She married him when she was 19 and five months pregnant. He was a pot-smoking loser and she ended up being the main breadwinner. At 21, she had just had her second kid, she was feeling down about herself and mad at her husband for failing to support her.

Who could blame her for needing to feel attractive again, for needing to feel a strong man's hands on her body, his cock in her body, making her young pussy feel like a sex organ again, not just a birth canal. Who could blame her for wanting it in her marriage bed, while her worthless husband was out pulling weeds for $8 an hour.

However, who could blame her husband's best friend for stopping by to borrow something and walking in on her while she was in the middle of playing with herself on the sofa. She was still pretty breathless and didn't feel like talking, so she just stared back at him.

What else could she do but pat the sofa with her hand and tell him to jump in? As he sank his dick in her she was in heaven. All she could do was close her eyes and open her legs. Naturally, she loved it, but she can't be blamed for that either, she was just making the best of a difficult situation.

Then she had an interesting experience prior to us meeting, she was in her early twenties (divorced the pot smoker) and she was dating a divorced man who was 40. She mentioned that he enjoyed showing her and would ask her to show off her large boobs and would always want to get it on in front of a good friend and his wife.

After some time she felt comfortable and didn't have a problem having sex with the other couple in the same room. Her partner would always make mention of how hung the male was. One night after a couple drinks the female of the couple asked my wife if she can go down on her boyfriend.

She agreed and feeling awkward and horny she went over to the male and gave him head. She said it was very difficult to suck his cock due to his head being so large. He shortly stopped and took control, for the next 1.5 hours he put her in every position and fucked her intensively, she experienced her first vaginal orgasm.

Her boyfriend and his girlfriend watched and mastubated as he fucked her. She has never liked to swallow come or liked it on her so I was suprised to hear that after he fucked her he sprayed her down with the most amount of come she has ever seen and she actually thought it was a great way to end.

They took a shower together and then met their partners for dinner. She said it was her first roll behind the eyes experience and she was in ecstasy the entire time. She said she felt the confidence of the man and his control, which she had never felt. She had mentioned the experience early in our relationship but never got into such detail until last month.

She mentioned that met with the couple once on her own after she broke up with the boyfriend. Originaly when she first told me I thought what an idiot the boyfriend was to share your girl with others. I also couldn't believe MY own wife did things like that. That was a shock.

But, 5 years after marriage and surfing through this site, it sounds a like a turn on! She said she can try to get the couple's contact information. Not sure if I'm ready.







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