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Well, after telling my husband this story he told me I should write about it. Not so good at this stuff but it still excites me, so here goes...lol

Well I was getting ready, around 10am Monday and I had just got done fixing my hair and putting on my makeup when the doorbell rings. All I had on was my thong, so I throw on the bathrobe and run toward the door. I crack it open and realize it was one of hubby's friends. He said he was coming by to pick up a Blu ray player he loaned us so we could watch an old vacation home mive we did. I let him in and we go upstairs to the TV that had it hooked up too. I showed him were it was and said I would be back as soon as I got some clothes on.

He said jokingly, "Oh darn I was enjoying looking at those legs." The bathrobe is pretty short, comes down my mid thigh. We both laughed, and I said, "Are you flirting with me". He was on the ground unhooking it, so I throw my leg over his shoulder and said "this a close enough look". He grabbed my ankle ankle and held me steady and rubbed his hand up my calf and said "yeah this is fine".

Now his friend is hot, got a rock solid body and I've wondered about fucking him before, but, he was in a relationship for a long time and was the faithful type. He knew nothing of me and hubby's open relationships or my sexual escapades...lol. He has a religous side that wouldn't agree with what we do.

Well after I pulled my leg back he said, "your such a tease, I haven't had any in 9 months, that stuff is killing me". We both laughed. So he is trying to reach under the tv stand to unhook it but couldn't reach it. He asked me to unscrew it from the side. So I stepped around and reached around, as I was unscrewing it, I let my robe fall open, showing my breast and thong.

Well it was a tight fit, so I acted like I was having a problem. When pulled my arm back I seen him staring at my thong. I asked him what he was looking at and he said "you did that shit on purpose didn't you?" I said of course not. Well he stood up and I stepped to the side to let him reach around to unscrew it. When he did, I got up close to him, rubbing my body on his trying act like I was watching. That's when I made my move, as soon as he pulled back, I made sure we seen eye to eye and our lips where so close to each other.

He said real quiet, "you sure do know how to tease a guy". I inched a little closer and said, "i'm not teasing" then kissed him. He kissed me back, but kinda pushed me away, and got back on the floor. He said we shouldn't be doing that. I dropped my robe and stepped over him to where his face was in my crotch. I told him this was between me and him. He reached around and put his hands on my thighs and pulled my crotch to his face. He moved his hands up to my butt and grabbed my thong. I could tell he wanted to pull it off, but he didn't, he just kissed my inner thigh and my thong where my pussy is.

He started kissing my belly, and moved up and he stood up, he kissed my breast and then up to my neck then to my lips. We turned and backed up to the wall and he pinned me against it. I pulled his shirt off and I started unbuckling his pants while he reached around and got his wallet out. We were still kissing so I wasn't sure what he was doing. As soon as I had them unzipped, I pushed them down then used my foot to help him get them all the way off. I grabbed his boxers and pushed them down, till I could get my foot on them to push them down. We both haven't stopped one second from heavy kissing. I reach down and felt his cock, it was rock solid, I mean so hard it couldn't even bend...lol.

After a minute of jerking his cock, I whisper to him to fuck me. He flips me around, face against the wall and jerks my thong down. He reaches around me, and starts rubbing and fingering me. I feel his dick running up the crack of my ass like he is getting ready to enter. I then realized what he got out of his wallet when he started ripping the condom wrapper off with his teeth. When he spit the wrapper out he leaned over and started kissing me as he tried to one hand the condom.

I whispered, dont worry about it, but right at that moment he knelt down and slid his cock in me. He slowly fucked me as we kissed, my head cocked back breast against the wall. A few minutes later, pulls out and turns me around. He pulls me up and holds me against the wall and starts fucking me a little harder. About ten minutes of this and he was exhausted and sweaty. There was a Love seat on the other side of the room so as soon as he put me down, I took him over to it and sat him down. I stradled him and grabbed his dick and asked him if we really needed this (the condom), He said he just wants to be careful. So, with those words, I pulled it off. As soon as I sat on it and started riding, he said it felt so much better. And I guess it did, because 2 minutes in he said he was about to cum and to get up. Well I didn't, I kept riding, and he came so hard, I littlerly felt the burst of cum in me. (found out afterwards he hadn't even jerked off in 2 months). I was kinda flattered he came so quick.

After a minute or so, I stood up and took his hand and made him follow me. I tried to hold the cum in me, but by the time I got to the bed, it was all down my leg and my feet...lol. I pushed him onto the bed and started sucking his cock. I was going to get him hard again. After a few minutes, he was. He reached around and started fingering me, then he pulled me over to him to stradle his face in the 69 position. Not sure if he cared or remembered, but he didn't mind sucking on my clit and fingering me right after he came in me.

Well I moved down and started riding him reverse cowgirl. We had some amazing sex for about an hour. He finally shot his load while we were in doggy. He said we could never tell my hubby (which I did lol). I went out to meet hubby for dinner and told him all about it. He said he couldn't believe he actually did it.

It was just one more guy I had and then enjoyed reliving with my husband.

- Cailley



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