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Well, I am officially a cuck, my wife has started a relationship with my best friend Dave, and his wife Jill. The first time this happened was back on Halloween night, but it was a group thing. His wife was interested in my P/A piercing, and my wife (whom has never had sex with anyone but me) had begun to have desire for Dave. Of course Dave was aware of me being in chastity, but had never seen it, but his wife was new to the concept. The two of them and myself were drunk and started discussing sex, one thing led to another and my wife wanted to show Jill how my chastity device worked. Then as things go we ended up in a foursome.

Shortly after Halloween night, we learned my wife is pregnant with our third, no she did not get prego from Dave, she was already at that point. Dave & Jill have since followed suit.

My wife and Jill have developed quite the fondness for each other, and my wife for Dave as well. She has been having sex dreams about the two of them for months since then, I being the cuck wannabe, only encouraged her flirting with the both of them. So in short we planned a sleepover for last Friday. We all went out, had a good evening, went back to our place, we all watch a movie, and Dave and I shared 2 bottles of wine. Then it was bedtime. This started out with my wife cuffing me naked to a chair with a ball gag.

I have been on lock down for the duration of lent, and that was not going to change because we had planned a sleepover. There I was restrained, silenced, and caged, it all seemed a little overwhelming for Dave. He quickly got over that as soon as he saw the two pregnant girls making out. It was all over too quick for me, but it was about an hour long sex show. After lots of touching kissing and rubbing my wife ended up face down in Jill. Dave was trying to lick Jill gorgeous breasts, while fingering my wife. Jill stopped him, pointed to my wife's backside and told him "you have a job to do". My wife was on all fours with her ass in the air, he started by licking her up and down, commenting on how good she tasted. She moaned as he drove his tongue into her, grabbing at the smooth round belly of my mate, pulling his face into her.

I wish I could have seen her face as he gently entered her sweet pussy, but it was still buried in Jill at the time. He entered her slowly; upon his hips meeting hers, he paused, closed his eyes, and tipped his head to the ceiling, before starting the slow gyrating of his hips.

As the pleasure became more intense my wife could not maintain her attention on Jill; I then got to see her face, blissful is all I can say of it. It had been 33 days since she had a real cock in her, and she was loving it. "Oh Jill, his cock is so good" my wife moaned to her female lover. Dave was very loving, kissing her back and shoulders, massaging her breasts, ass, and legs. A very accomplished lover he is, not quite as large, but with a lot of skill and stamina, he is by far the better in the sack.

His wife is in agreement on this, but mine will not speak on the matter. Anyway; Jill finished first, with her second orgasm (my wife had grabbed the rabbit when she could no longer perform herself), followed by Dave who blew his load after watching his wife lose control; he let loose with a quiet grunting growl. I knew the moment his seed had hit her insides, I could hear the wet slickness of him continuing to thrust into my beautiful, round, pregnant wife.

That is always when my wife lets loose with her orgasms; when my load hits her cervix she hits the roof, and this did not fail her with Dave. As waves of pleasure washed over her face, I briefly toyed with the idea of never being allowed to fuck her ever again. I have never in my life wanted to cum so desperately, looking upon the three naked, sweaty people on my bed nearly brought tears to my eyes. My frustration, surprised the group, my wife quickly asked if I was OK, and I nodded yes in response.

"Did you like that?" I nodded. "Did that make you want to cum?" I nodded. "Awe...too bad that is not your job anymore." "Your job is not to cum and you are doing great". With that she jumped off the bed, released my hands and my gag, and continued to the bathroom; too bad I did not get to clean her messy pussy.

Dave and I went to the kitchen to retrieve water for the ladies. We had a private conversation along the way. He confessed that he nearly blew his load when he slipped into her, I reveled in his descriptions of how my wife's pussy felt against his cock.

I took his hand, shook it and said thank you! He expressed his reservations about meeting her request for him to cum inside her, but I reassured him that I have no claim on her pussy, and she is free to use it how she feels. I also let him know that his cream pie only makes me that more horny, and adds to my denial.

"The more orgasms she gives you the less orgasms she gives me... thus leading me into deeper submission to her". To make a long story short I slept on the floor while the three of them slept in "our" bed; my wife's pussy leaking my best friend's seed onto my side of the sheets. I can't wait till she fucks "them" again, but that might not be until late '15. We all slept in and had breakfast in the morning. Dave and I spent the rest of the day building his new driveway While the ladies hung out.

These pictures are of my wife 2 months into her pregnancy. She didn't want me putting up photos of her belly; even though dave is attracted to her she still gets shy.

Thanks for reading.

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