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My wife and I have read a few of the stories here and it has really made a difference in our sex lives and in our bedroom talk.

After my wife (Grace) confessed to me that she was enjoying our first fantasies into the cuckolding world, we decided to go for a real personal experience immediately. She had a birthday coming up, so I gave her some money and told her to go shopping. I told her to buy a nice dress to wear out to dinner for her birthday celebration. I told her I wanted her to buy something very sexy and daring. Something to really show off her tits. Grace was usually pretty conservative, so I didn't expect too much.

I was pleasantly surprised when she came home with a beautiful black wrap-around dress with a plunging neckline. Upon closer look, the top part of the dress, from neckline to waist, was very sheer. In fact, you could see right through to her beautiful tits. I told her she did a great job, and that Friday night, she and I, and our friend Scott were going to her favorite restaurant. We invited Scott because we knew he would make the ideal guy to start trying this with. He always flirted with Grace and she always flirted back, hinting that she'd like to have him so we knew it wouldn't be hard to get something going.

Friday finally arrived, and we were both trembling with excitement. Scott came by about 6:00, I was ready, but we were still waiting on Grace. She finally walked into the living room, and Scott almost fell over. There she stood in this new dress, no bra, high heel sandals, with freshly painted toe nails. Underneath the dress all she wore were black lace panties. Of course, you could see right through the top of her dress to see those firm tits and those hard nipples standing straight out. She looked at us both drooling on ourselves, and said 'let's go.' With that, we were off for an evening of fine dining, lot's of looks and lot's of drinks. All the guys in the place were looking at Grace's tits. It was driving us both crazy with excitement. I had a hard-on all evening. Scott was more than ready to leave when the check finally arrived as he had been friends with us for awhile now but never thought he'd get to 'sample' her. Grace and I were also ready to leave for that matter.

When we got into the car, Grace sat in the middle, and started massaging both our cocks through our pants, while I drove. I leaned over and whispered that she should have some dessert. With that, she reached for Scott's zipper and had his cock out in no time. He was already hard, Grace just moaned and started sucking. Scott reached into the front of her dress and started rubbing her tits. I, of course, had a boner that wouldn't quit. I was eager to get into the action, so, we practically flew home. When we pulled into the driveway, Grace put Scott's cock back in place and we all headed into the house. Grace went to freshen up, while Scott and I got comfortable in the bedroom.

Grace walked in, stood in front of us, and undid the sash in front of the dress that held it closed. She then let the dress drop from her shoulders. There she stood in just those black lace panties, and high heels. Her big, brown nipples standing straight out. Scott and I both stood and undressed as she stood and watched. She had us both sit back on the couch, as she dropped to her knees, and alternated sucking his cock and mine. Finally, we both pushed her back onto the bed and took turns eating her pussy. She was moaning and screaming with orgasm after orgasm. She then looked at me and said, 'fuck me now!' She looked at Scott and said, 'And I want your cock in my mouth while he fucks me.' She lay back and I quickly entered her dripping pussy.

Scott was on his knees at her head, fucking her mouth while I fucked her pussy. She was enjoying every minute. I leaned down and sucked her tits while I fucked her slowly. Looking up from her tits, I could watch Scott's cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and motioned for me to kiss her. I leaned further up, plunging my cock further into her hot, dripping pussy, she pulled Scott's cock out of her mouth and plunged her tongue into my mouth. She then pulled Scott's cock into both our mouths while we kissed. We both ran our tongues all over his hard dick while she pumped away. Suddenly, Scott yelled, 'I'm cumming!

With that, he blew a huge load right onto Grace's face. We both went crazy with excitement. She was screaming and slurping up all the cum she could. I could hold back no longer, and pulled out. Grace quickly grabbed my cock and started pumping wildly. I blew my load all over her.

We all lay there afterwards, dazed and exhausted. But definitely looking forward to the next time! And, we're hoping that she will want to fuck Scott next time and let him really give it to her. Giving him head was a good first start and we can't wait for more.

- Boston Cucks




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