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My wife and I live in Sydney Australia. We both have just turned 50 and have been married very happily for 24 years, with a great active sex life. About 3 years ago after a fair bit of convincing from me, I managed to convince my sexy BBW wife that we should try swinging to expand our sex-life and fulfil a few fantasies. I always knew she that she had that horny, slut wife inside her and I wanted to bring it out Ė another plus was that I would get to fuck lots of other different women as well as get to watch her in action with other men (and women as it turned out, but thatís a whole other story !)..... A win Ė win for everyone!

After about 3 years of playing with several couples, having lots of fun and ticking lots of things off our sexual bucket list, there was one fantasy that I thought I may never get to fulfil Ė To share my wife with a well hung black guy. Unlike in the US, in Australia black guys are hard to find, plus she never really showed much interest in them. To be honest, she was a little scared off by the size of some of the BBCs she had seen on internet porn and didnít know if she would cope... but knowing the horny, cock loving slut wife she had become, I was certain she would more than cope !

Any way after planting the BBC seed in her mind, an opportunity finally came up.....I spotted an add on a swingers site that we belong to from a black American, our age and working in Sydney. After a couple of emails and exchanging a few pics with him, I was a little surprised at how easily and quickly the wife agreed that we should meet him. Hmmm ?

So we met, letís call him D, an ex basketballer, and the wife was taken by his open, friendly and relaxed personality. I also thought he was a very nice guy and was more than happy to organise some fun with him and us.....the thought that I might soon get to see my sexy wife enjoying her first BBC was very exciting.

We booked a hotel and arranged to meet D there for the next weekend. After he arrived we shared some wine with him and exchanged some small talk. I thought it was time to get the party started, so I asked D if he would like to see her in her sexy, lacy black outfit she had brought with her. The wife quickly went to the bathroom and changed. When she came back out, I knew by the smile on Ds face that he was happy with what he saw......and the fun began!

D and I began licking and sucking the already hard and erect nipples of her more than impressive gorgeous set of tits. My wife then sat on the bed as D removed his pants and shirt, leaving just his undies on....At that point I knew that we were in for a memorable evening because the look on my wifeís face said it all....It was a look of OMG ! and WTF! But also a look of horny excitement. It was clear to see, even with his undies on that Ds cock was huge, way bigger than anything she has ever had before. As she began to rub the huge bulge in his undies with a somewhat nervous grin on her face, it grew even bigger.....and then, as she slowly pulled his undies lower, his cock sprung out and her eyes widened in amazement.

My wife quickly began stroking his long and very thick black cock while she sat on the bed. She soon brought it to her mouth and began to suck. At this point I should tell you that my wife is great at sucking cock and loves it! Many times during our adventures I have watched her suck other guys to orgasm. Often well before they expected to or wanted to cum...She also likes to deep throat (if itís not too big) and in the right position and warmed up, has no trouble deep throating me...but Iím your average 5.5 -6 inches and way skinnier than Ds.......So I have to say, she impressed me with her oral skills on Ds very large cock... D was very obviously enjoying the work she was putting in to sucking his cock and I enjoyed the very close up view as I continued to suck her nipples while she worked his now very shiny and slippery big black cock.

I gently lowered my wife from her sitting position on the bed so that she was now on her back. D looked down at her meaty, shaved wet pussy and smiled..... Without saying a word he positioned himself between her now wide spread legs.

We never discussed with him weather condoms would be used but both my wife and D were very ready for him to penetrate her and I very quickly heard that sound that got me even hotter and harder....It was that first deep moan from my wife as he slowly pushed the large, thick head of his hard black cock past her flaps and into her now dripping wet, waiting pussy.

I can remember crouching down behind them and looking at the very beautiful, sexy sight of his big balls pressed hard against her large arse cheeks, her legs high and wide, as he buried himself all the way inside her. Knowing how much she enjoys a good spit-roast, I moved to her front and pushed my hard cock into her mouth as she continued her moaning from the deep pounding D was giving her.

I could go on with more details about all the different ways we both fucked her pussy and mouth, and the countless squirting orgasms my wife had over the next almost 2 hours.

There were many times I was close to coming but I held off in anticipation of letting D cum inside her first. I could think of nothing hotter than listening to the noises of them both reach a final mind-blowing climax together......watch as his cum oozes out of her very well fucked pussy and then finally adding my own load of cum to it...... But, unfortunately, he was quite a stayer and although looked like he was close to coming many times, he never actually got there. So that will have to wait until next time !

Thanks for Reading.

Steve - srom1601@hotmail.com





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