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Been a fan of ‘cuckoldvideoandclips’ for many years now. This is a true story of how I became obsessed with seeing/knowing my partner Andrea had been fucked by another men. She also helped with recalling all the juicy details for the story.

Part #1 - Our 1st Swinger Party

My name is Brad. The love of my life and I met 7 years ago in LA. We had an instant attraction for each other. We were both fit and in our late 20’s. Both running several miles a day. Andrea is 4’11”, with an rock’en ass that’s tight and has the cutest dimples when she walks around naked. She’s of a mix background and came out with these sexy freckles that men often complement her on. Beyond being as beautiful as she is, her sexual appetite has always been quiet active. I was impressed when she told me she had been with 60+ partners before meeting me (more like 100+ today).

The first months we were together we fucked all day and couldn’t get enough of each other. We fell for each other hard and knew I would always have Andrea in my life. As we dated I wanting to push the envelope of our sexual exploration I asked if she would like to go a swingers party together. It would be the first for both of us and she reluctantly said yes. She added, “I’m only doing this because you ask Brad and I’m afraid of what might happen between us.” My overwhelming confidence in our relationship and knowing I loved this woman was enough for me to sign onto a swinger site and find a hotel party meeting down stairs in the hotel bar.

Once we got there we were greeted by the host who looked like an old surfer with blonde hair. He was more than happy to grab us a seat in the dark bar and started chatting up Andrea. When I looked around the place it was full of older couples and smirking hotel staff who knew very well why all of us were here. The host found out that this was our first time and came back over with a couple our age. The husband Greg was a tall guy about 6’4” and towered over Andrea. He looked like a strong Irish baseball player, with his big arms and red ginger bred. I soon found out that Andrea has a thing for gingers. His wife Olivia was a sexy mix of Asian, Latin American, & English. Andrea and I both smiled at each other and relaxed a bit. After a couple of drinks the host said the rooms were open and gave us a quick explanation of how to find the joined rooms.

As the bar started to empty, Andrea and I took a moment. I asked if she was still willing to go through with it. She said that she was very nervous and wasn’t sure how long she would want to stay. I then did one other first for us and said “I love you” to her. Felt right at the time and wanted her to know that I wanted no one else but her. She was taking back by my timing though she smiled, we kissed, and we followed some of the last couples up the elevator to the rooms.

When we got in the room it was lit red and the sounds of a woman moaning was emitting from the back. There were about 30 people, about half of them naked and fucking in the first room, so Andrea and I made our way to the back which had access to the 2nd room with less people. We found an empty chair where we watched a sexy woman get pounded by her man on the bed. Then we noticed next to the bed our friends Greg and Olivia. Greg bent Olivia over their chair and started fucking in front of us. I could feel Andrea get excited and started rubbing her ass against my lap as her eyes were fixed on Greg’s hips bouncing off Olivia’s ass. I was enjoying seeing his wife’s tits bounce around after every thrust Greg took.

The couple on the bed had finished and with that Greg laid on the bed. That’s when I saw that he was packing a fat cock, much thicker and longer than mine. His wife quickly jumped on top and didn’t take her long start moaning and coming all over his cock. This got Andrea really turned on and she got up and lead me by the hand to bed so we could get a better look. Olivia looked up and asked if Andrea would like Greg to fuck her. I was surprised how frank she was and by Andrea’s reply “Yes please. If that’s ok baby?”. I knew this is what we came here for so I gave her a smile and Greg made room on the bed for Andrea to lay down. Olivia and I made our way to the foot of the bed and she started sucking on my cock while I was standing facing Greg and Andrea.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Andrea and Greg. My heart raced and stomach got into knots by what unfolded. He started by striping her down naked and only kept her 4” black heels on. They began kissing passionately as she was laying on the bed and her head on the pillow. He made his way down her body and began sucking on Andrea’s exposed beautiful tits, while his hands explored her spread legs and what was becoming a very wet pussy. Andrea was making moaning noises with every touch of his. She would let out comments like “Oh your touch feels so good.” and “I’m so fucking wet for you right now”. I could tell she was in her own world at this point and didn’t notice me or the large crowd of people starting to watch them.

Greg’s face soon became buried in Andrea’s crotch. She ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his face closer to her pussy. I could see Greg’s fingers pumping into her and hear him sucking on her clit and pussy lips. She told me that he was hitting her G-spot. I have never been able to do that. As she warmed up inside and was getting super turned on, Greg swapped his fingers for his big fat cock. His cock was gobbled up by her waiting pussy. She let out a moan of approval. Apparently his fat cock was rubbing her swelling G-spot with each thrust into her. Andrea was on the edge of her first G-spot orgasm and he commented on how he could feel her pussy tighten up.

She wrapped her arms around him and started fucking Greg back with her hips. Greg grabbed on Andrea’s ankles extended straight into the air. The room went silent watching them, and only the sounds of Andrea moaning could be heard. She was looking him straight in the eyes telling him to keep fucking her and not to stop, combined with intense moaning. I could tell his cock was dripping from her juices and could hear the squishy sounds each time he drove his cock in her. That sensation got her even more turned on and continued to hold on to him. This soon sent Andrea over the edge and she began to let out a mix of a moan and a scream, her hands grasped onto the sheets, followed by some wild shaking. It was an orgasm like I had never seen before or since. She kept wailing in pleasure and was cumming for a good 10 seconds the whole time Greg kept pumping his cock into her while her pussy contracted on his cock. With some last fast pumps he grunted, pulled out and shot his load all over her belly and cunt. She latched onto him and kissing. He collapsed next to her and saw her tear up from the overwhelming joy of being properly fucked. She was speechless. There was my woman naked in front of a dozen onlookers, sweaty, exhausted from cumming so hard with a stranger, and completely covered in his cum. It took her a minute to collect herself. I smiled at his wife Olivia and she smiled back. We soon got dressed and we left the hotel.

On the drive home I wasn’t sure if I had over estimated our bond and wasn’t sure if I had lost her to another man. When we got back to my place at 4am we crashed out. We both woke up so horny from the night before and I hadn’t cum at all. What followed was the best sex I had ever had with her. All day we fucked. She would ride my cock telling me how good it felt to have Greg in her. How she liked knowing people were watching and what it was like to have a fat cock with a man who knows how to use it. She even said she wanted to see him again. I had ever been so turned on before. Her sexual beast was let loose. We both were changed from that day forward.

It was soon after that she started exploring more partners on her own and we began unknowingly into the cuckold lifestyle.

Part#2 - Exploring Her Options

A couple of months after the hotel swinger party, Andrea told me randomly one day that an old friend had messaged her on a social media site. Never really thought anything of it until it became harder to plan things with her. Started to think there might be someone else she wouldn’t tell me about. I asked her one day if she ever heard anything more from her old friend. Which she said there was no old friend that reached out to her. So one day I waited until she was showering and took a look at her phone and saw a Derek had left her a text saying ‘Hi Andrea. Had a great time the other night. Free tonight if you like to sleep over here again. Let me know. Catch ya later.” I was floored and my heart skipped a beat. Before I knew it she was out of the shower and saw that I read Derek’s text. She was pissed that I had looked at her phone and told me that her and Derek were old boy friend girl friend and just moved back into town after graduating law school. I was heart broken and we ended up fighting. She decided to leave (found out she went to Derek’s) and things between us were up in the air for a bit.

We got back together a month later when she said that things with Derek weren’t working out and missed me. Things were good between us, until one day I tried to surprise her by stopping by her place. I had talked to her earlier and said she was having a quite night at home alone. I lived 25 mins away and was going to bring over a bottle of wine. When I pulled up her car was gone and there was a random car parked out front. The lights were off and no one answered the door. My mind started to process the possibilities.

I sat in my car to see if she would be back. Soon her car pulled up and I saw her and a guy get out of her car. I was hurt, angry, felt betrayed, and pissed she bluntly lied to me. I didn’t know to drive away or confront them. I thought maybe it’s nothing, just friends hanging out. I decided to walked up to the side door near the living room and could hear them laughing and pouring shoots. They were joking with each other and reminiscing about old times. I could hear how good they got along and how buddy-buddy they were. That hurt pretty deep. After a few minutes I could hear them kissing, followed by her telling Derek that they should go into the bedroom.

I moved from the side door to her bedroom window just inches from her bed. I could hear him laid on the bed while she went to the restroom. My body was full of anger and nerves. I didn’t know what the game plan was but had to know if this was really happening. Soon I could hear her enter the room and she was ready to get fucked. I heard the bed squeak as they began kissing. She ask him to speak German. I think he was as taken back as I was. She said it turns her on to hear him speak German to her. Then I heard him speak some German to her and the unmistakeable sound of slurping and sucking on a cock. This went on for a few minutes. I started getting a mix of more anger and being turned on listening to my girlfriend suck her ex-bf’s cock on the bed I fucked her on the day before. He was getting close to cumming so she told Derek to get on top of her, which he was happy to. She moaned with pleasure and drunkly talk dirty to him. Telling him to fuck her harder and to slap her ass. The bed started picking up pace as he pounded away at her just a foot or two from the window I was listening in from.

I lost it and in a fit of rage. I walked to the side door and walked into her place. I stood in front of her bedroom door for a min. My heart was racing and mind num, as sounds of them fucking were coming from her room. I abruptly opened the door and in a dark room lit by the hallway light behind me, I could see her on her back and his bare cock sliding into her and my shadow draped across them. Her moaning and his thrusting stopped as they both were frozen in mid fuck staring at me. There was a few seconds of a pause followed by my “What the Fuck?” comment to them. She was surprised for sure and said “Brad what are you doing here?’. I said “I thought I would drop by since you were home alone, but see you having other things going on.” I left her place with a clear image of Derek’s bare cock fucking Andrea burnt in my mind.

Things were rocky between us. I still loved Andrea and she wasn’t ready to break things off between her and I, or with Derek for that matter. I sent him a frustrated email over social media which he shared with Andrea. Told him I was barebacking her just the day before and that we’re in the same boat. She was pissed that I contacted him. She made it clear her other relationships were off limits. I loved her (still do) too much to let her go. I came to accept that she wanted more than one man in her life. She would continue dating me and have side relationships with what started off as just Derek but would grow into several other suiters. This is how I began my true start into cuckolding.

We went about our relationship as normal as can be. There would be times she would come over and be horny as hell. She would waste no time getting naked and asking me to pleasure her. I love going down on her. While my tongue buried into her I would ask what she’s been up to and would tell me that she was just fucking Derek but couldn’t get off, so after he came in her mouth she drove over here to get hers. I would happily accommodate her and tongue her until she would cum on my face. I then jumped on top and while barebacking her have her tell me all the good details of her getting fucked. I wouldn’t last long and would cum all over her, then start up again right after.

Followed by another time I showed up to her place. It was her birthday and she wanted to just fuck. We went to her bedroom and I started by licking her wet pussy. She was a little hesitate to let me go down on her, which was not common. After making her cum with my mouth I slipped my cock into her. She was especially turned on and wanted me in her badly. Then she told me that she had a confession to make. I didn’t stop fucking her and asked what she had to tell me. She said that she was over at her co-workers place mins before I came over. I had met this co-worker serval times before and knew he had a thing for her, which she always denied and said she wouldn’t mix sex with work. She said that while watching a movie they started playing under the blanket on his couch. One thing lead to the next and she was sucking is cock. She joked that this 5’3” guy was a tripod. I asked if she fucked him. Which she said “I did. He took me to his room and fucked me good with his tripod and I came all over his cock. That’s why I didn’t want you to eat me out because I thought you would taste the sex on my pussy lips.” I was hurt but more turned on and within seconds I came to the thought of her having me taste her used pussy after fucking a tripod cock.

To this day I’m more than happy to be her man and cuckold. I've come to enjoy hearing about her being a little slut to other men. I would often have her call me so I could listen in and it gets me off so quickly hearing her fuck another man. In time I hope to include the many other stories of Andrea and her sexual escapades over the years, and our hopes to find the right bull for us in Vegas. We’ve always wanted to have someone join us who was alpha male, considerate, hung, likes to verbally dominate both cuckold and hot wife, has friends to join in gandbangs, likes the cuckold to be in the action, and willing to be exclusive for a time so she can get fucked bareback and filled with a creampie on a regular basis by her bull. We both love the idea of waking up with her bull claiming her in our bed and having me clean her up afterwards.

I lucked out with Andrea and look forward to all our future adventures. Until next time. Thanks for reading.

The pics below were taken by her fuck buddy and sent to me while away on a trip.


- Brad





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