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Well, about 4 years ago my wife and I were sitting around our house on a Friday night. We were watching TV when the doorbell rang. It was my friend Ash who was in the neighborhood and thought he would stop by. Ash has had sex with my wife Amanda 3 times over the last 3 years. Amanda was happy to see him, her eyes were shining and I knew that we were all going to have a good time. We had a few drinks when the the doorbell rang again. This time it was Noah (he was our first adventure and has fucked Amanda 8 or 9 times now.)

With the arrival of Noah the mood in the living room was notched up to a new level. Everyone knew that Amanda and I liked living our life to the limit, but we were not sure how things were going to happen. We had some more drinks and the anticipation was running wild. My friend Noah suggested that we play some strip poker to see how far Amanda would go.

I jumped at the idea but Amanda seemed a little nervous, she had sex with both of them but this was different this time as there were 3 men and only her. She had never been with both men at once and was never outnumbered 3 to one. She felt a little intimidated.

Ash and Noah started to tease her, they told her there was no guarantee that she would lose. After about 30 minutes and another drink Amanda finally relented and the game started. The rules were that everyone had to have the same number of clothes, 2 shoes, 2 socks, t-shirt and sweater for the guys, a top plus a bra for Amanda and pants and under pants. If you lost 8 time you were naked. The game started out poorly for me. I lost the first 3 hands before Ash and Noah each lost once.

Amanda was crowing how good a poker player she was and that the guys were going to be naked first. Unfortunatly for me she was right, I lost 2 more times and I was down to my t shirt and pants. Finaly the tide turned a bit, Amanda lost 2 times in a row and she lost her shoes, no big deal but at least it was a step in the right direction. Ash went on a losing streak and he lost the next 3 hands, then fate hit me and I lost 2 times and I was down to my underwear.

Everyone was laughing at me I and had a hardon and my undies were tenting. Amanda's luck seemed to change though. She lost her socks and top very quickly and we all had a good look at her bra. It was obvious that she was turned on, her nipples were enlarged and were poking out. I guess she was definately geting hot. Well it finally happened and I lost. I had to trop my undies. I was now totaly naked, my 6 inch penis was standing at attention and I was kidded by everyone.

I got up from the table and got more drinks. when I got back Amanda had lost 2 more hands, she was now topless and only had her panties on. When she stood up to pull down her jeans I saw that her crotch of her panties was soaked. Amanda was definitely turned on. Both Noah and Ash lost some hands next, they were down to their t-shirts and under pants. Noah's 6 incher was standing tall and Ash's 8 inch cock was tenting his underwear.

Amanda lost the next hand. She was about to be naked. She stood up and slowly took off her panties and we all cheered her on. As she stood up we all could see her pussy. Noah said that she was not being fair as nobody could see what she looked like between her legs since she still had a bit of hair - it was trimmed. Ash agreed and I said that it was only fair that we play one more hand, winner take all and if Amanda lost she would allow us to shave all of her pubic hair off. If Noah or Ash lost then they would both get naked and Amanda would keep her pubic hair.

The last hand was delt and I stood behind Amanda to see what her hand was. She held 2 aces and a king with a 4 and a 5 - she was going to win. We were playing 3 card draw and I was totally amazed Amanda threw the aces and the king away, she was losing on purpose. Only Amanda and I knew this as both Ash and Noah thought they were just lucky. Anyhow before we knew it Amanda was laying on the table, legs wide open, Ash got the scissors and cliped all of the top hair off and Noah lathered her up and started to shave the rest off.

Finally she was totally shave and we now could see all of her swollen labias and her asshole were on display. what a beautiful sight. Noah and Ash carried her to the bedroom and started to really turn her on. Noah licked her pussy and Ash her tits, Noah then put his cock in her and I got some real close up views of it sliding in and out of her cunt. Amanda was now sucking Ash's cock and I got good views of that too.

Then Ash laid on his back, it was his turn to fuck her. I got some real close up views of his cock sawing in and out of her cunt. Her asshole seemed to wink every time he pulled his dick out and I looked at Noah and winked. I pointed out her asshole, he knew what I meant, he got on top of Amanda and started to fuck her asshole at the same time. Amanda was screaming out loud to both men to fuck her holes.

I was so turned on that I came all over the bed and I didn't even touch my cock. Finally Noah came in her asshole followed very quickly by Ash in her cunt. What a sight. Both men got up leaving Amanda with her legs wide open with cum drooling out of both of her holes. My first reaction was to go and clean her up with my tongue but Amanda said not yet as she wanted to feel it more. We all headed of to our shower where we all got cleaned up.

Amanda has never done this again but we sometimes look at our pictures and remember that wild afternoon. We always get turned on and Amanda and I fuck like minks and we put a vibrator in her ass so she can fantisize about being fucked by 2 men at the same time.




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