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My wife and I are in our late 40's now and have been together since we were teenagers. At first it was me pestering my wife to dress sexily when we went out, I got so turned on watching other guys looking at her, eventually she had an affair or two. When she was confidant that it was what I really wanted it and I was okay with her seeing other men, she became relaxed with it and over the years she has had lots of lovers.

I have watched a few times and participated in a couple. My wife became very anxious with the cuckold relationship we were in, she enjoyed the attention, meetings and sex with other men but felt pressured in getting men to get involved in the cuckold thing. I think she was embaressed to discuss this with her lovers, although wife watching appears to be becoming more common, I think the cuckold thing is quite a rare thing in England.

All through the time my wife and I have been together and practised the hotwife/dominant wife scene it has been about me. Me telling my wife who to go with, what to wear, how to tie me up, what to use to beat me etc, and she was very happy to oblige to keep me happy. Then about 6 years ago she appeared one evening all dressed in sexy undies, high heels and a short skirt.

She told me she was going out to meet a man she had been seeing on and off for a few years. I got upset that she was going out without me being involved and we argued and I told her she could not go. Despite this out she went and returned home in the early hours looking like she had been well f***ed.

The same thing happened a few months later; again we argued. My wife, dressed in sexy black undies and high heels, calmly sat me down and explained how things were to be. It was from now on going to be about her, she would go out whenever with whoever she wanted. She let me know that my primary role would now be to provide for her, as she would no longer be having sex with me.

I was locked away in a CB3000, and if I did not like it I could leave. I would still have to provide though. Since that night 6 years ago we have never had penatrative sex, usually any relief I get is via my own hand. If she does wank me she'll manage to find a way that allows me to cum but she stops the pleasure.

I think I live a true cuckold's life now, but it is not how I thought it would be. I have absolutely no say in what she gets up to or what she does. I just pay for it all, maintain the house, car and gardens with no involvement whatsoever. Even when I am punished now it has changed. She used to wear sexy clothes and tie me up and it was all about my pleasure. Now when I have done wrong I am spanked really hard (long ago she said she did not like hurting me). She does not tie me down any more, I have to prove my love/adoration to her by not moving whilst being spanked.

I wonder if any one else has experienced these feelings. I don't like how we live now but seems to turn her on more, the more she leaves me out of the picture and humiliates me. She is away in Greece this week. I know she will be having a great time whilst I stay at home not able to sleep because of the CB, yet loving her and wanting her more than ever.

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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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