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In 1974


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This photo is a picture of my young, naked, hairy wife taken in 1974 on her 18th birthday. She was a senior in high school and getting ready for class when I asked her to pose naked for me. She asked why and I said I wanted to take her picture to work and show my friends. I worked at a plumbing supply company and there were about 30 guys I worked with. She agreed and posed. The guys all knew her because we had been at some parties with them and she frequently dropped by to see me on her way home from school. I asked her to drop off the film to get developed and she agreed to do so after school.

I picked up the film the next morning and noticed there were a lot of photos in it. I looked and she had ordered a copy of the photo for each of the guys I worked with. I asked her about it that night and she said she wanted each one to have a personal picture of her to remember her by as time went on. I said that was fine with me and I took the photos to the guys the next day.

A few days later my wife dropped in to see me. She would do that frequently and say hi on the way home. Immediately, the other guys started coming out of their offices and asking her to sign their photos. Many of them also began asking her very personal questions. I remember one guy, who had to be 60 years old, wanted to know if she eve shaved her pussy. She said no, that her husband liked it furry. He said if she ever decided to, that he would appreciate it if she would put some of the hair in an envelope and bring it to him. We all laughed at that, but she went home and shaved some off and brought it to him the next day, which really made him blush. All of the other guys though looked at the hair in the envelope just to see what color it was.

Later on, she told me that occasionally she would drop by to see me and I’d be out. She said some of the guys would come up to her and ask her if they could feel her up in their offices, and she never told them no. She really enjoyed flirting with them.

I asked her once if she ever went too far with them. She said the only time she did was later that year. We had an employee by the name of Willie, who was a young black man about her age. We were very good friends with Willie, who was single. She told me one day she had stopped by and Willie was in his office working. She stopped in to say hello, and ended up asking him if she could see his cock, as she had never seen a black one in person. She said Willie laughed and immediately agreed to do so, provided he could see her pussy. He told her he had seen her picture and jacked off to it, but that he had never seen a white woman’s pussy before. She said they locked the door and both took off their clothes until they were naked. She told me his cock was the biggest thing she had ever seen. She said Willie encouraged her to play with it and he kept putting his fingers in her and sucking on her titties. She said he asked her suddenly if he could try and put his cock in her pussy. She agreed to it and said he got it almost all the way in but had to stop because it was so painful to her. She told me Willie slowed down and kept trying until they hot his cock entirely inside her. She said they really got going then until she came harder than she ever had, and shortly after that Willie came. They got dressed and she came home very horny.

After that, with my approval, she began inviting Willie to our apartment every 2 weeks for about a year just to fuck him. She would prepare dinner for the three of us, and then her and Willie would go to our extra bedroom, get naked, and screw like crazy. I would usually go to bed as I had to work the next day. Some nights they would get so loud that I would get up and go in and watch them fucking each other. I was amazed at Willie, who would pound my little wife and make her come over and over, and finally he would come in her. They would lay there in bed and kiss and make out for awhile and go back at it again. One night, I woke up after my wife screamed. I ran into the bedroom and she and Willie were trying to get his huge black cock into her little white ass. I asked her if everything was ok, and she said it was great, and then told Willie to keep pushing it in. I decided to sit and watch to see if they could do this. Finally, Willie got it all the way in her ass, and my wife told him to hammer her ass as hard as he could. Willie really let her have it, with her having orgasms time after time. I was a little jealous because she had never let me have anal sex with her before. Anal sex became one of their favorite ways to fuck. Occasionally, Willie would come in to work the next day so tired he couldn't stay awake, and just smile at me when I asked him why he was so tired. On the nights Willie didn't come over, my wife wanted sex constantly. I don't know how lucky I was to have a wife that wanted sex all of the time, but I'm glad I did.

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