Young Wife Likes Watching the Strippers


Husband Stayed Home - I actually have 2 stories to share about my wife: Early on my wife used to go with a friend of hers to the male strippers show. They got to where they were going every week so I ask her what goes on there. She said the strippers were built great & she just liked going. When I wasnít traveling I received the benefits of her going out with some great sex. But, I wondered if there was more going on than what she told me?

One saturday her friend came over & I ask her about their stripper nights & she just smiled & said that after the male strippers left each night the bar had a wet t-shirt contest. My wife had not told me about this so when she came home after their next ďmale stripper nightĒ I ask her about the t-shirt contest. She started undressing & told me that she had been a contestant the week before! I just looked at her in shock! She had never every said anything about being on stage. She crawled into bed & I ask her if I could see her in the next contest to which she said she preferred not. I ask why & she said that the guys at the club thought that she available & they bought her drinks & flirted & so did the DJ.

I ask her if she had done more than just flirt with anyone & she said that she had kissed a couple guys & had been felt up some.

I was lying next to her both of us naked & me with a very stiff dick & I wanted just to roll over & fuck her then but I also wanted to know more so I just stroked her breast. I then ask if that was all she did, she looked at me & ask why I wanted to know. I told her that the thought of her being groped & being half naked on stage in front of a group of strangers made me incredibly horny.

I then made my way down to her cunt & licking her which she loved. I would lick some then ask her again if there was more she needed to share? She grabbed my head & forced my mouth on her cunt & then told me that she had gone backstage with the DJ last week. She said that she took off her top changing into a t-shirt for the contest & he started kissing her. She then said that he lifted her shirt & started sucking on her breast. As I was sticking my tongue as deep as I could in her she said that she dropped to her knees & took out his cock & started sucking on him. I went wild on her cunt hearing that she had sucked someone elseís cock & my imagination of what it looked like was fantastic! She then said that she kept sucking on him & he tried to stop her as he had the show to do but she would not & it wasnít long before he filled her mouth with his cum. She said she then licked him clean & opened her mouth to show him his cum right before she swallowed it & smiled!

I jumped on top of her & started fucking her hard telling her what a slut she was & that I loved it. When we both came together she looked at me & told me she was going again the next week & was going to see if she could come home with a cunt full of cum this time!

Part 2 - I must also mention that my wife was very naive when we started dating. We started dating in college & we had sex after we had been together about 3 months. After the first time we had sex any place we could which was in the car as we didnít really have any other place to go.

The more we fucked the more we experimented & I found out that she loved it when I would pull out & cum on her clit. This drove her wild & she found out how much I loved her to be an exhibitionist & show off in public. This always got me going so she played along.

We had shared fantasies & particularly about her being with another guy. She said she didnít know if she could do it with me there but was interested if I would let her go by herself & tell me about it, which I agreed if she would not leave anything out. The stage was set we just needed a guy for her.

We moved to a new town & we became friends with an older couple that we knew the wife was sleeping with my boss. The husband was constantly talking up my wife & would stop by the house when I was out. She told me on day when I came home that he had stopped by & that they had started kissing & playing around but had stopped short of anything else. I ask her if she wanted to go further & she looked at me & said only if you do. I donít remember having my dick get so hard before & she reached over & grabbed it & said I guess I have my answer.

The next week I came home from work & she was in her housecoat at 6pm so I ask her what was going on. She looked at me & asks if I was still sure about her fucking our friend. I ask her why she was asking & she dropped the housecoat & was naked & said because he came by & if you feel my pussy you will see he left a present! I reached out & rubbed my finger in her pussy & it was dripping with his cum. I stuck my finger deep in her & ask if she liked it. My wife told me that he wasnít very big but it felt great & would like to do it some more if she could.

I kissed her & fingered her some more till she came & then she dropped on her knees & took out my cock & started sucking me. All the time she is sucking me she told me about how good the guy felt & that she loved it when he came in her & sucked her tits. I exploded in her mouth & she looked up at me telling me that next time she wanted a mouth full of his cum too.

They met off & on for a while but the best experience were when she went out on a boat ride with him & my boss. They left & were gone for several hours & when they came back her hair was messed up & she looked flush. After they had left I ask her what had happened & she hesitated the told me that they had been going along just riding for a while then they pulled into a cove. She said that her guy started kissing her & my boss started feeling her up. She said she didnít know what to do so she just went along & before long she was stripped naked & she had my bosses cock in her mouth & her friend cock in her pussy & they were double teaming her. She said that at that point she could have taken on anyone as she had never been that horny in her life. She said that they got a rhythm & before long she had cum running out of her pussy & going down her throat at the same time.

My wife had several more times with her guy before we moved again but she always said the best was on the boat.



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