My Wife's Youngest Lover


Her Youngest Lover - I've submitted a few stories of past experiences involving my very beautiful and sexy wife Fatima. The bottom line is I love seeing her being fucked by other guys, and our sex afterwards, with her pussy full of another guys baby seed, just sends me over the edge every time. And she loves turning me on by fucking other guys and letting their raw seed spurt into her willing womb and then telling me all about it or making me eat the cum out of her pussy before finally letting me add to the sperm that is already swimming inside her.

One night recently she said she was going out to a club to meet up with some friends and that I was to wait for her and she would be home for some hot sex. What I didn't realise was that it wasn't going to be me that had the hot sex with her.

I watched her dress up in the sexiest outfit. She had on a leather mini skirt and low cut buttoned up top. She had me take some pictures of her before she went off and said I was to keep looking at them until I got home. She said I could get in bed naked and masturbate but I was not allowed to cum. I had to hold on to my ball cream until she came home. Again, I thought she meant it was something I was going to share with her later.

A couple hours later and she calls me on her mobile and I could hear all the music and noise in the background, only it is not her but a young guy on the end. He introduces himself to me as Jarard and then says my wife is gorgeous and very sexy. I said thanks and asked what was going on. He said wanted to come home with my wife and would I mind. I said I didn't know, and then he said my wife's pussy tasted real nice. I said "what", and he said he was tasting her juices that were on his fingers. Then my wife was on the phone and said "baby, I am coming home with a friend" and hung up.

About 30 minutes later they came in the front door and he had his arms wrapped around her and they were giggling and kissing. They came in to the lounge and Fatima introduced me to Jarard and told me to get them some drinks which I did. What blew me away was how young Jarard looked. I knew he had to be 18 to get into the club, but he looked younger - nearly half the age of my wife. I came back in and saw them deep kissing. Fatima said "baby, you better get the camera coz Jarard wants me to pose for him and I want you to send him the pictures afterwards.

I got the camera and put some music on and Fatima started slow dancing and stripping. She moved over to Jarard and got down in front of him and unzipped his trousers and reached in and took out his cock. I must admit he had a nice long thick cock and as Fatima started stroking it and making it hard I also got real hard. She stripped him of all his clothes and started kissing him all over his body.

Jarard took her up and proceeded to strip all her clothes off and so there was my wife, completely naked for this young guy. I could see his cock growing strong and his balls were swollen to bursting point. For a young kid he had a big, thick cock and big balls. He reached down and fondled her tits as he kissed her and it has become one of my favourite pictures of her with another guy to which I masturbate over frequently.

He took her to the couch and slid his cock into her, nice and slowly and I was able to see it disappear inch by inch into her tight little pussy, each time pulling out a little, then inserting his cock a little further each time. I could see the tightness of Fatima's cunt lips clinging to Jarards long cock each time he pulled out a little from her and I knew he was feeling squeezed by her pussy.

It wasn't long before he arched his back and screamed "I'm cumming" and with that I saw his balls rise and fall a few times as he was shooting his young verile sperm into my wifes welcoming womb. Everytime I see that I wonder if one of those little baby makers is going to make its way into her body and fertilize her egg and make me a cuckold daddy.

Here are a few of the pics from that time she fucked a very young 18 year old guy in front of me.

Feedback most welcome for guys and girls.

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