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A Young Couple Start a Cuckold Relationship - I'm pretty new to the idea of cuckolding, but it has always been a fantasy of mine since I can remember. Thought I should introduce myself and share a little story as i've been jerking off to many of the great posts here.

When I was eighteen I became obsessed with this very very attractive girl, we meshed perfectly, started dating and did absolutely everything together. We began having sex around that time (both virgins prior), and basically tried everything imaginable sexually for the next 4 years. I think both of us were as much in love as we could possibly be at that age.

I started thinking of other ways to make our sex life hot and then can't really remember how the idea of her fucking someone else sparked in my head.... I think it had to do with the fact that I knew lots of my friends found her to be incredibly sexy and I mistook almost anything innocent for flirting / them attempting to get in her pants.

We were on the phone one night and I mentioned that I thought it would be hot if I were to watch her being fucked by a robot.... I explained that I would love to see her recieve ultimate pleasure.... this finally lead to me saying i'd like to see her gangbanged by many guys..... things went silent and I didnt really know if she was into it or not, but then asked her if she was fingering herself... and she said "yes , this is so hot, dont stop talking about it please." so eventually I started making scenarios up about some of my other good looking friends and both of us ended that night by having orgasms over the phone at the same time. very hot.

The next couple weeks seemed sorta weird for me, I had no idea why I was having these feelings, but she seemed totally cool with it and we continued to participate in these phone sex marathons.

Eventually it moved onto the bedroom where I would tell her to imagine a different cock when mine was in her mouth, or I would tell her to scream out my friends names as I was fucking her.... i'd make her explain detailed fantasies about what she'd like to do to my friends. Sometimes I think I was just vicariously living through her and I myself wanted to hookup with a guy, but I wasn't really sure.... I loved the idea of huge sweaty cocks and balls all over her little sexy face. Her in ecstasy while I ate her pussy simultaneously.

When we were dating, my now ex best friend (had known each other since kindergarten) was at a party this one time with my gf and they were both drunk.... he had made up this very long story about how I had cheated (never happened) on her and how I didn't deserve her. She initially believed that I had cheated on her and ended up making out with my best friend to get back at me. This made me furious at first, and I beat the crap out of that guy, but eventually it turned me on so much. Sometimes I wonder if they did more than makeout. It's very hot to have your love do things with a rival.

We finally broke-up due to me relocating to a different city, and both of us saw different people for 2 years.... I fucked others, and so did she. Eventually I moved back to the city and we got back together immediately. We got off on telling stories of our ex's and she explained to me how all of the guys she had been with had told her she was an excellent cock sucker. this turned me on immensely and our sex sessions heated up even more.

Just recently, about half a year ago, we broke-up again because of various complications which I won't get into. Since then however, she's been out at the bar frequently, and has hooked up with many of the guys that we used to fantasize about while fucking. I've heard either from her or though the social grapevine. Each time I get feelings of jealousy but also horniness.

We still see each other like once every 2 weeks, and she acts as if she doesn't want to have sex with me at all and wont allow me much access to her pussy. Instead I massage her whole body, especially her feet, while she continues to go out and live whatever slutty life she wants. It turns me on in very very strange ways. Feels as if right now we have an unspoken cuckhold relationship.... she wants to experience other guys but doesn't want to do it while we're dating so as to not look like a slut etc.

I think we will eventually get married, because we have a serious bond that goes beyond having sex, but at this point we are separated and I think its perhaps because she wants to scope out other guys.

I'm also seeing someone else, but I am sure that no one will ever compare to this ex of mine and I still jerk off daily to her, and the thought of her fucking others. I've included a pic of her to give you an idea of what she looks like.

WOW. that was long, and alot to get off my chest! Would also like to say that i'm not a wimp or a sissy or any of that..... i'm a very good looking guy, 6 feet and very muscular, with a 7' very very thick cock.... so trying to dispel the idea that all cuckolds are weak men.

Would love to hear what all of you have to share so hopefully you all keep posting. These stories are amazing.

Thanks for reading :0

Am Cut


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