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My husband loves all things cuckold and wants me to live the lifestyle to the fullest but up until last weekend I have been too hesitant, not knowing what kind of changes are in store for us. I am 28, a very horny girl and I was very lucky to have the most amazing fucking last weekend.

It was my birthday and we spent the night at the hotel my hubby booked for us, along with getting dressed up and going out for the night with my man and his friend. I didn't realize what attention that would bring ... the men were loving my tight black dress and heels. I felt sooo sexy, I was in the middle of the party, dancing and I could feel both of them looking at me, totally undressing me as I danced. I suppose I was totally playing up to it and asking for what I was about to get.

We left for the night and went back to the hotel, my hubby Neil stopped off to get some booze while we carried onto the room. I went to the bathroom when my man's friend John who I have a bit of a crush on followed me. As I was walking into the bathroom he grabbed my arm and told me that 'I looked like I needed a good hard fucking tonight', I just turned to him and said 'yes, your right, I do' I was so horny but I didn't expect him to act on it, he pulled me towards him, he was being so rough, he basically threw me against the wall.

Then leaned me up against the sink and then he just came up behind me and rubbed himself against me, I could feel his hard cock between my ass cheeks, with one hand he grabbed my hair and pushed my face against the wall, with the other he lifted up my skirt and ripped my g string off, he pulled his hard cock out and just rammed it inside me, god it felt good! He was so hard and I was so wet and ready for him that it just slipped in easily, he was fucking me really hard against the wall when I heard the door open and it was Neil, I couldn't help but carry on fucking him as I was passed the point of no return.

I thought he would be shocked at first but when John didn't stop and actually started fucking me even harder he just stood there enjoying the show. John was getting really turned on at the thought of my man, his friend, watching us. I could feel that he was about to cum in my pussy, he kept ramming it harder inside my pussy, god it hurt but felt so fucking good.

Neil had pulled his cock out and was rubbing it while he watched me getting fucked, I thought he was going to cum too. Just as John was about to cum, he pulled his cock out and came all over my ass. Neil was franticly masterbating at this point and before I knew it John turned round and said 'feel this pussy.' He didn't need asking twice, before I knew it I had Neil's hard cock inside me too.

I was really dripping at this point, I felt so dirty, like a whore, I had cum dripping all over my ass. I really thought I was going to cum myself while Neil was fucking me, I had my fingers on my clit, rubbing it, he was having none of it though and pulled my hand away and told me that I wasn't getting to cum yet, he then pulled his cock out of my pussy and started eating me from behind. All the time John was watching us, his cock was hard again and he was playing with it watching me getting fucked by my man. John then came over and started kissing me all over I bet you'd like some more cock.

YES fuck me, he kept ramming his cock so deep inside me while Neil pulled my hair and opened my pussy for him to ram his hard cock in me, just as I was about to cum, John pulled his cock out of me and the then Neil started ramming his cock inside me, god I felt like such a whore, I could feel myself starting to cum, I was getting fucked so hard and I just kept shouting out 'fuck me harder' they did too, they threw me onto the floor and they just shared me until I was about to explode.mmmm it was the best orgasm I've ever had.

Before I knew it I was on all fours on the floor getting fucked from behind while Neil rammed his cock in my mouth, I started sucking his big cock and I could feel him shudder, I knew he was going to cum... And he did, all over my face and in my mouth, next thing I knew I could feel the other guy cum in my pussy. I had it all over me, on my face, my pussy and ass.

Once my pussy was dripping with cum, I made Neil lie down while I squatted on his face and made him eat my pussy clean and oh how I grinded my wet pussy dripping upon his face. God I wanted him to taste how good his friend was and enjoy it as much as I did, well Neil, that's what you get when you leave me alone!!

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