Wife That Watches Porn


Wife That Watches Porn - My Husband has always had a fantasy about seeing me with other men. This has gone on fo over 2 years now and I have to admit at first the idea made me feel sick but as he persisted I grew round to the idea and in the end I also got turned on by this fantasy but that was all it was then. Anyway my husband is Bob and I am Lisa and we are both 34. Bob has a huge collection of porn downloaded on the pc that he thinks I don't know about but I always check it out, Last week I found some new videos of cuckold husbands he had downloaded and to be honest they really shocked me. That evening during our love making he asked the usual so I thought i would go one further and tell him I would like him to be a cuckold, Well this did the trick he was like a rabid animal that had never fucked before! So I thought to my self he wants it he will get it.

I posted an advert on this site and it worked a treat and I had over 50 results in no time at all. I found a sexy guy that I liked the look of called James. James was 32 and very very sexy. I aranged for james to meet us in a local pub the following Friday evening. This was a hell of a suprise for Bob when James came iover to us on the friday night and introduced him self to Bob as the guy that is going to fuck his wife. We soon drank up and made our way home.

When in the house we went straight to the bedroom and JAmes ordered Bob to sit on the end of the bed and not to say or do anything till he was told. James came over to me and kissed me deeply and squeezed my arse through my dress. I could feel his hardness through his jeans and then i knew i was in for a suprise. James helped me slip out of the dress to reveal my freshly shaved pussy and tits (I never wear underwear) this was no my help him out, I undid his jeans and gasped he was now fully hard and his cock must have been atleat 9 1/2 inches long. Bob noticed this and redened as he is only 6 inches. Now we were both full naked we moved to the bed I i proceded to suck James's giant cock but only managing to fit it half in my mouth due to its length and girth. James then sparked up and said to Bob "make yourself useful and get her ready for me!" at this Bob got between my legs and licked me for all it was worth. I was in heaven now my husband licking my pussy and at the same time I am sucking the biggest cock I have ever seen. Suddenly James pulled his cock out of my mouth and said he was ready to fuck me and thast he wanted me doggy style. I positioned my self on all fours and James got behind me and was just nudging his huge bell end agaist my lips when Bob Said "where is the condom?" James turned around to him and said "shut the fuck up, she is going to have my cum in her pussy, she is mine tonight. You can either stay and wank that little cock of yours or fuck off!" "Are you going to let him do this baby?" Bob said. At this point I was getting pissed off with the lack of action" Yeah! get under me and lick my clit as he fucks me, that way you can see his big cock in me up close, That is what you wanted isn't it Bob?"

Bob did as he was told and positioned himself under me in a 69 position so he could lick me as I was getting fucked but there was no way I was sucking his cock yet. James slowly started to nudge his way into me but it was so big that he stopped and pulled out and told Bob to lick me and get me even wetter. Bob did this then all of a sudden he was told to stop and open his mouth, at this James rammed his cock in his mouth and told him to suck and make sure he was well lubed up, Bob has never even talked about touching another cock in fantasies but he complied and sucked his cock like a bitch while wanking his own, James then ordered him to guide his cock into his wife. It felt so sexy and good having a huge cock in me and my husband wanking and licking my clit at the same time, God knows how many times I came I lost count. James was really fucking me hard and his balls were slapping my arse cheeks and Bobs face at the same time, James shouted he was coming and at that I felt him empty his sack inside me. He pulled out and told me to sit back on Bobs face and he will clean me out, so now i had another guys cum in me, my husband licking the spunk from my cunt and at that point Bob also shot is load over his chest.

We all got cleared up in the shower after and James left. We have met a couple of times since then but most of the time it is just me and James who go out and Bob stays home. But he still gets to clean me out when I get home and tell him what me and James got up to. Oh yeah, I still watch his porn.

Well He Asked For It!! And He Got It!!!

So did I


P.S. Wait until he sees this posted here!!


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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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