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She Fucked Many Men - I've been on reading this blog for a while now and wondered if I could post up this I suppose sort of cuck but fairly exciting time for both my wife and I. I've never had any cuck tendencies or anything, I just went through a period where I shared my wife.

My wife an I have been married for years now and we are both in our 40's. When she was in her early 30's she was pretty rampant for sex, kitchen floor, anywhere. I said to her one day after a session on the sofa that she could do with some hard cock after I'd finished with her to keep her satisfied, only joking.

Anyway, next day she asked me if I was serious about what I'd said because she had been awake most of the night thinking about it. I was a bit suprised but I'm fairly broadminded so we had a little talk about it and I thought I would give it a go as long as she didn't mind a little playing on the side by me. She said she couldn't watch me doing that but if it was what I wanted then fair enough as long as it was just sex.

She was/is very sexy, so I didn't think that she would struggle getting some rampant cock in her.

It took longer than I thought to get things happening, you don't exactly put an advert in the window do you? We were also mindful of the fact that we had to be very discreet having two young kids. To cut a long story short we eventually invited a single mate of mine over for a few drinks, nothing that we hadn't done before. She wore her skirt with the slit up the legs, black stockings and a white blouse open fairly low. We sat around chatting and drinking, she showing off her charms, the more he had to drink the more his eyes kept dropping to her blouse and legs. I felt a bit sorry for him actually as he had no idea what we wanted to do......

I made an excuse to go upstairs but lurked around in the hall an listened in as she told him that she really fancied him and it was OK if he came and sat with her. I didn't see but heard him move over, I would imagine casting an eye at the door to make sure he wasn't caught out.

There was the rustle of clothes being disturbed then I made I was coming back down the stairs. When I entered the room he was looking a little flushed and she had a silly grin on her face. 'Hey guess what' she said 'XXX fancies me'. He looked a little nervous and mumbled something. I stood my wife up and unbuttoned her blouse revealing her bulging bra, 'It's OK' I said 'I'm going to have her first and then if you want to you can.'

I thought he might just get up and run out of the door but he sat there and I'm sure some of you will know that electric atmosphere in these situations. My hands were shaking so God knows what he felt like. I pulled her skirt up and slid my fingers into her panties and sopping wet cunt, she was excited to say the least.....

I laid her on the floor, pulled down my jeans and slid my cock straight in without taking off her panties. She was loving it (she always did anyway, still does), I kept glancing at XXX who was rubbing his crotch as we got down to some serious thrusting. I came quickly, emptying my balls into her. She was still grinding slowly away underneath me and looking at him. I pulled out and told him to be my guest. 'Really?' he said just to be sure. She opened her legs to him and bade him come over...He took a deep shuddering breath and stripped off his jeans. He had a nice cut cock, about the same size as me. He laid on top of her holding himself up on his hands as he released her breasts an kissed them. She was whispering to him to get it in an how she needed his spunk in her. He didn't need any second bidding and slid in.

Now I'd actually never seen anyone fucking in real life, when you're doing it it looks and feels different to watching it. It was very strange and very stimulating watching them moan at each other, and it was a bit weird as I remember distinctly thinking 'So that's what it looks like when we're shagging, mmmm'. Very detached but still there if you see what I mean. Here was another guy enjoying my wife and I must admit I felt quite charitable. He didn't have a girlfriend so it must have been his first fuck for a long time. He didn't take long to unload, adding his spunk to mine as she ground her cunt up towards him.

Contrary to what you see on the porn vids and what have you she probably had five minutes tops fucking both of us.

XXX didn't really know what to say, so I told him that this was new ground for us too, I was also thinking that five minutes wouldn't be enough for her and was secretly hoping he would give her a longer fuck when he recovered.

I was rather excited by the whole thing and before long I was back in the saddle on the sofa this time (my knees were sore...) feeling her extremely soppy cunt around my cock. I managed to give her five minutes or so before unloading her third lot of spunk in about 20 minutes. She couldn't get enough of this, she was coming like a train. XXX was wanking himself into a frenzy by this time.

XXX actually asked me if he could have 'another go', those were his exact words....:-) I told him to be my guest. Wifey was in a sexual coma by this time. She was past caring by this time, moaning out that she loved cock, she loved fucking and she loved spunk and she wanted him to empty the last drop into her, then come round every day and fuck her cunt. Or words to that effect. He made it last for about ten minutes this time and they fucked doggy for a while before he sat her on the sofa and finished her off with him kneeling on the floor. After he had shot another load into her she looked at me with that docile look that satisfied women have the world over.

So, we cleaned up, made that awkward small chat that you have with someone who has just fucked your wife and he departed with a handshake and thanks for a great night.

We talked all night about what had happened, I fucked her another couple of times (I was rampant that night) and that was that. We talked about where do we go from here etc. I had a funny feeling that more cock was on her mind.....

She and XXX didn't screw again but there was a policeman who worked shifts a couple of doors down and she started to fuck him while I was at work. I'd come home and she would be laid on the bed with cum leaking out of her and a silly smile. Guaranteed instant erection and rampant fucking. He didn't know I knew. He didn't know that I fucked his wife regularly for about two years either while he was at work...she went like a barn door for me, although she didn't give him much. Probably why he was giving my wife one.

I even had her once while he was mowing the lawn, I fucked her doggy style while she looked out of the kitchen window keeping an eye on him. Now that was exciting, I came like a steam train that time, you know the cum that you have when you pull out it just pours out. Good times.

We lived that lifestyle for about 4 years, I had six other woman, she had Fifty other men. At first she would have anyone with trousers and went through men like ice cream, she even fucked the guy who read the electricity meter one afternoon while I watched from the kitchen (he didn't know I was there.) Just quick rampant sex, five minutes from 'Hello do you want a cup of tea' to grunting and tearing at each other like a couple of animals and having a cunt full of spunk. He had a huge cock and seemed like he pumped ten gallons of spunk up her. She was leaking for ages. Customer satisfaction as they say.......... She fucked him every three months when he came to read the meter. She liked to indulge herself in the morning or afternoon while the kids were at school. She then settled down to regular sex with her policeman friend and the meter reader although I actually never saw her at it with PC Plod, she said he wasn't the type to think somone was watching so I just let them get on with it. We worked out once that they had fucked about 250 times over the two years or so they had a thing going. I should have charged him rent.

Hope you enjoyed our experiences.


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