My Wife's Bull - Part 2


Cuckold Bull Impregnates Wife - My wifeís first Bull arrived home as it was scheduled over the internet chat. I looked at the Bull, he is tall, lanky and much younger than me. I am in late 40s and he is in mid 30s. We started general conversation sitting in the living area for a while and then I suggested him not to delay anymore, and to get into action.

They walked down to the bedroom and I could see the Bull pulled my wife close, embraced her and passionately started kissing. My head turned for a while but discovered that my usually dead and tiny dick had a massive erection. I understood that this is something that will really add up spices to the sex life between me and my wife which was apparently a routine.

My eyes focused on them from outside the bedroom door. They were standing next to the bed, the Bull already striped her upper and started sucking and squeezing my wifeís huge tits while my wife is rubbing her hands on the bulge that is lately established on Bullís zipper zone. I was damn horny and rushed to the toilet to jerk off for a while as I did not had such erection for years, felt myself to be a man again but did not wanted to cum.

Soon I returned and discovered that the Bull dropping her skirt, stripped her panty off while my wife took off the Bullís jeans and the brief. Now I could see both are standing naked and my wife is on her knees and passionately sucking Bullís erected dick. Once she took it out from her mouth I was amazed Ö wow what a size! It must be double in size then me and it is so hard that its facing the ceiling like an anti-aircraft gun ! I felt jealous and wished that I too had such a huge Boner.

Soon they moved to the bed and saw the Bull is kissing my beloved wife as he made her spread her legs, I saw the Bull inserting his fingers into the fleshy and juicy pussy of my life partner. The Bull was kissing her like crazy and finger fucking my wifeís softest and most private area. The greatness of the Bull was that his dick was a perfect fit for my wifeís pussy and unlike me it was tight and was extremely well fitted to each other.

I could not stop myself from entering the room with my digital camera and begged to the Bull if I could have a few shots of his love making with my wife to which he agreed. Bull inserted his massive dick into my wifeís wet pussy and Bull started thumping on her heavily. I can swear, neither my wife nor her pussy ever had such a manly and huge Bonner, she was moaning softly and I could see the great pleasure she was getting when the dick was moving in and out. Bull kept on asking my wife if she is getting greater pleasure with him than me to which she shyly agreed. Bull asked her to be in doggy position and in front of me he started fucking deep inside my dear wifeís pussy in doggy style.

The Bull screwed her for almost two hours in various different positions and I could see my wife is getting tired although the pleasure of a real man was evident on her face and she was blushing. Bull was going on and on screwing her for some more time while I was watching them standing by next to the bed. Every time, the Bull was increasing his thrust kept on asking my wife whether she is enjoying it or not. My wife said Ė she is just lovin it. As a man I was feeling like a piece of cunt, helpless but pleased and damn horny seeking another man making love to my wife for last few hours!

Finally the Bull too was tried and felt pity on me and my wife, and he ejected a huge load of cum from his erected dick deep inside my wife. He was releasing his cum for over a minute and when he took out his tired but still erected dick from my wifeís pussy, the wide open pussy was overflowing with their mixed cum but the thick white creamy stuff from the Bull was dominating the scene. I did not know that more pleasure is awaiting for me by the end of the session. The Bull suggested my wife that as a obedient husband I should lick and clean them both to which she agreed too.

I was forced by the Bull to lick and clean his wet dick first and then he forced my face into my wifeís messy pussy while I liked, cleaned and swallowed the mixture of Bullís and my beloved wifeís cum which was strange to taste but I had a very erotic and pleasing feeling. I felt humiliated but turned into a cock sucking cuckold husband a greater laughing stock.

The same Bull visited us a couple of times and screwed my wife in the same or the greater manner while I watched them like a very obedient cuckold husband and the Bull had all the pleasure of enjoying my wifeís massive sexual apatite in front of my helpless eyes. There were sessions when I watched the Bull Cuming into my wifeís mouth and she is happily swallowing Bullís cum.

There were couple of sessions when I was asked to stay out of the room but I could see from hiding behind the curtains that the Bull and my wife are busy in erotic 69 when the Bull is furiously eating my wifeís pussy and licking her asshole while she is sucking, licking and taking Bullís cock and balls deep throat.

Finally my wife demanded an impregnation by the Bull from me and being an absolute cuckold husband I happily agreed to the same. It has been 4 years, I am raising the Bullís child as mine and we are a happy and fully satisfied parents. The Bull do not visit us anymore as we have shifted to another city and we enjoying a great married life.

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