My Wife's Bull


I Hired a Massage Therapist - Once I called a Therapist at home to cure my back pain who was really efficient in his job and did cure me to a great level on a single day session. The guy also offered me a full body massage which too was very refreshing but while doing so he did rubbed my dick several times turning me hot, juicy and horny.

When I told my wife that the Therapist was really good and she too may try him to cure her back pain to which she agreed. Once I asked him to massage her, he wanted a break for half an hour and then he started massaging her and I went away to take a quick shower. Once I returned, heard my wife moaning and was surprised to see that the Therapist had removed her clothes and licking her pussy with his long and efficient tongue.

I personally liked seeing it as as I am a small dick man who could hardly satisfy my wife's huge sexual appetite and watched how he is pleasing her. Soon he asked my wife to turn back and then I had discovered that the man is having a huge erection under his shorts. My wife also discovered the same and rubbed her hand on his erection and the results were amazing. The man dropped his shorts and inserted his about 8 inches long and rock hard dick into my wife's pussy who was already in a doggy position. I went to stop him but the wife told me that she is lovin it !

He fucked my wife for almost half an hour in doggy and butterfly position. Then he took out the dick from my wife's pussy and put the same into her mouth. She was always very fond of offering blowjob and she started sucking and licking it passionately for almost 15-20 minutes and the man was almost reaching his climax. Soon he ejaculated a huge load of cum spread allover my wife's abdomen.

I was asked to bring tissue paper and clean the mess .... during the session I was allowed to shoot a few photographs which I am sending herewith.

John - john_davon @






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