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Nothing is more satisfying than watching my wife suck and lick a big cock. There just isn't. I love it so fucking much it is unreal. Just all of it but I'm going to be pretty specific haha.

I almost can feel what she's doing to him. At least 95% of the time I am caged when she sucks and fucks, but it's still almost like I can feel her tongue on my cock. Especially knowing how soft and thick her tongue is, fuck, she has the best and sexiest tongue. I know I can't feel it obviously, and I will never know what it's like to have her suck me with so much lust and desire for approval. She has obviously sucked me, but it is totally different. When she sucked me it was obviously a part of foreplay or because I did something to make her happy. It was great of course haha I'm not saying it wasn't but damn, the way she sucks her bull. it drives me fucking crazy.

She never used half as much tongue on me as she does to him. I love how comfortable she looks as she does it. How she grabs his thick shaft with her right hand under his head and strokes him (not very far up and down with her hand, leaving room for the tongue) while she sucks and gently licks and sucks on spots up and down his shaft. How she licks around his head while she plays with his balls and strokes his shaft with her full hand.

She usually kneels for him and he gets sucked standing up, but when he is laying on his back I love how she puts her hand under his cock so only her thumb and finger make a ring on the bottom and she licks up and down his shaft while she strokes him with her hand. When she's kneeling she will start at his balls and lick all the way up while his cock presses down and rubs all over her face. She licks and nibbles on his balls. She lets him rub his cock all over her face. She sticks her tongue out and lets him rub his cock on it while she moves her tongue. I can't even imagine what she does with her tongue when she's just sucking him flat out. She goes hard when she sucks too haha.

It's a lot of gentle teasing but once she's going she's going. She loves rubbing his big balls while she kneels for him with her mouth open, letting him thrust back and forth into her mouth or thrusting her neck to swallow him. She lays on her back and lets him stand over her in our bed and then kneel on her chest and fuck her face. He stands beside the bed and she turns her head sideways and just opens her mouth and lets him fuck it and strokes him at an awkward angle that I'm sure feels absolutely amazing.

I love the drool everywhere, on her chest, around her mouth... especially when she takes his cock out and drool hangs between her mouth and his cock. I love the slurping noises and her gently grunting while she struggles to take it in her mouth. I love how she reaches down the front of her panties and starts fingering herself while she kneels for him, gently moaning with pleasure through the sound of cock in her mouth. I love when she takes his cock out of her mouth and strokes it with her full fist using her spit as lubricant and the squishing noise that it makes.

I love how it tastes when she kisses me during it and how wet and slimy her tongue feels. I love seeing his bulging cock covered in her spit. I love how she lets him cum on her face and in her mouth like it's just nothing. I love how he calls her a slut while she sucks him and she just agrees and keeps sucking him or if anything gets more turned on.

That's really what it's about. If he is better than me. It's not just her who doesn't suck me like that haha. I can honestly say I've never had a girl so energetic and content to please me with her mouth as she is for him. She is not in any fucking hurry either. She will suck his dick for at least 10 minutes every time they fuck. I can probably count on one hand the number of times she hadn't sucked him at all, and another hand how many of those times weren't at least 10 minutes of her sucking and pleasing him. He is so fucking degrading to her haha but it doesn't matter, he has a 9 inch cock and a hotter body and she's willing to take it like a slut.

Honestly the fact that she loves to suck him so much is probably what I'm the most humiliated and turned on by. Since we started cuckolding, I don't get blowjobs. As a rule. There is a rule that my cock doesn't go in her mouth. We have taken some breaks from cuckolding and have still mostly stuck to that while I'm fucking her. She isn't interested in sucking me. That is something a slut does to impress an alpha male, not something a wife does for her husband. And she just doesn't fucking deny it haha.

A lot of the times it's playful, and she's obviously saying that he is bigger or whatever to turn me on. But I have heard her say so much shit about it without even trying to turn me on. She loves it. She loves his thick cock way more than mine. That has been the hardest thing to wrap my head around in all of this haha. There was always a tendency to think 'oh she's just saying that for me, she doesn't actually think that.' But she does haha and it blows my mind.

She is willing to completely degrade herself and degrade me worse for a better man's cock and that is hard to swallow. It's fucking true though haha, even if she likes playing with me and my fetish even if she likes that (which she does), I can't realistically deny that she loves bull cock. I honestly forget it haha we just took a long break and I thought 'I'm not as turned on by this right now.' Well she was more than happy to go back and hit it hard. My wife is a slut and I fucking love it. I love her.

It's also so hot because all three of us know it when it's happening. We all know she is kneeling like a slut and rubbing his slobbery cock all over her face because he is more sexually attractive than me. Also hard to swallow, but totally true. And we all three know it. He asks us stuff like 'why is your wife sucking my cock and not yours?' and shit, and we can't even deny it. There is no way too. It is way bigger and better and my slutty girlfriend is biologically wired to fuck the hottest guys.

I love watching her fuck too haha, but it doesn't give me the same sensations as watching her suck. Clearly she is getting a lot of pleasure out of fucking too. Sucking she isn't orgasming. She is willing to kneel down and put her tongue and mouth all over his cock for well over 10 minutes just because he likes it and she wants to impress and please him. By the time they fuck it's over haha. That's what she was waiting for, she fucks and cums so hard. That's when I'm really owned and hopeless. There's no way I can compete. But watching her suck I feel like I can feel what she does and it is just the most amazing sensation ever.

It's also frustrating when I'm allowed to cum. I think about her sucking during handjobs and shit so much. But at the end of the day I'm just imagining it and she is sucking someone else like that and not me. I love it, it feels amazing, but I know it feels nowhere close to how it does for him when he busts in her warm mouth and gets licked up and down and finally gets into her pussy after she sucks him forever.

Sorry if this is too dirty. She edged me for literally like 2 hours last night, mostly with her blowjob pics, and then caged me back up. I'm about to explode thinking about her sucking cock. She was trying to do it tonight but he wasn't available, so she teased me by licking and sucking a dildo in front of me and telling me about what she 'has learned guys like.' I am about to explode in my cage.

Little long but I had to get that one off my chest haha. Fuck.

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