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It's been two years since I've done anything like this...had anyone other than my husband touching my body. I've had this cock once two years ago, but it had been a while and it was very quick and over fast that time, my first time. A strange cock? The thought makes me shiver, I am both nervous and excited.

I put on my lingerie (a black lacy bra, underwear and garter belt with matching thigh high black stockings) and get in my car to drive to his house. I think, "What the hell am I doing?" as I drive down the highway, I can feel the garters through my tight jeans as I speed up.

Thoughts are racing through my head as I am on my way....is this right? Is this wrong? I arrive to his house, I have never been to it before. It's dark outside, I feel vulnerable and can feel my nipples getting hard in the cold air. I text him, "I'm here", standing outside in his driveway. What the hell am I doing? I haven't seen this guy in over 2 years since the last time........this is strange, do I like this?

My breath is quickening, I see a figure standing in the doorway. He opens the door for me and I cross the threshold, holding my breath. I suddenly become very aware of the lingerie beneath my everyday work clothes and feel embarrassed. My cheeks flush with a red color as I pass him and say hello.

We start chatting about the past two years nervously with one another as he offers me a beer, I gladly take one and ask for a tour of his house. I check my phone repeatedly to first tell my husband that I am here but also checking to make sure that he hasn't suddenly had a change of heart. He of course, absolutely does not. I am happy he says this....because I'm here now......and I want it.

He talks to me about his life in earnest and I try to pay attention...I am looking at his body and this house and trying to think of where I will fuck him. How did I do this the last time? I realize that I am rusty and feel a bit awkward. We both speak with one another about pleasantries....however we are both well aware of the reason I am there. I check my phone one more time and see a message that says "Do It. Please".

Our tour eventually ends with his bedroom, I sit in a computer chair and he on the bed. I apologize for checking/texting on my phone with my Husband but he knows the drill and is okay with it. The very very obvious bulge in his gym shorts shows that he is okay with it.

He makes a joke about my top. It's a white button down work shirt that I had worn earlier that day. "I'm sorry, but this has to come undone a little bit, you know I love boobs". He unbuttons the top two buttons of my shirt, careful not to touch me or my skin. I suddenly feel electrified, excitements flows over my entire body. The anxiety is melting away and in its' place comes pure anticipation and excitement. I can feel myself getting wet as we continue the small talk. Suddenly I am flirting, my body language changes and I'm laughing shirt unbuttoned, taking small sips of beer, spinning in the computer chair.

He offers to turn on music, a welcome distraction--and he selects trap music, we remark at the quality of the bass and he asks me to strip for him. I am suddenly weak in the knees. It's time....I am nervous....I am excited.

I place my foot on the computer chair and zip off my boots, one at a time, staring him in the eye. I unbutton the rest of my shirt, facing away from him until I shimmy it off and let it fall to the floor. My skin is on fire. The air in the room is surrounding me, I realize that I am partially naked in front of someone other than my husband. I turn to face him, and he sees my boobs popping out of my black slutty bra. I saunter over and place my hands on his legs. I realize I am trembling with excitement and anticipation. I spin once more and unzip my jeans. Slowly.....painfully slowly.........I pull them down to reveal the matching black lace garter belt holding up black thigh highs. "Wow". "You really went all out.....you look good" he mutters as my clothing slowly disappears. "Thank you", I remark...."I've been waiting to have your cock again for two years".

I place his hands on my sides and run them up and down the length of my body, letting him feel the contrast of lace and skin. He reaches up and grabs handfuls of breast and breathes deeply into my neck. In that moment I am needed in a carnal way and I melt. The waiting, the needing for fucking is taking over and my body is speaking the words that I can't find the words to say. I press my ass into his gym shorts, feeling his hard cock pressing against my panties.

He touches me in a hard, different way. A way that a woman needs to be touched every once in a while to assure her that she is about to be fucked and is needed in that moment. He turns me around to face him. He slaps my ass, HARD. I moan incredibly loudly and my head rolls back. He touches my titties again and squeezes them with force. He reaches down to my pussy, pulls aside my underwear and roughly begins to fuck me with one finger and then two.....no warning....no asking.....doing. I can't stand it, I am moaning loudly and standing on my tip toes to take his two fingers fucking me and it is intense. He releases me. He spins me around and takes off my bra. I am breathless.

Facing away from him, I am aware that I am anticipating the next touch, aware that I can't see what will come. It's exciting. The music is still playing loudly and right on cue with the bass drop, he grabs my hips and pulls me to his lap. He fondles and squeezes my breasts, and breathes primally into my neck. In this moment, I am his. And I surrender. "Off, Take it all off" he orders.

I bend over purposefully in front of him and peel off the garter and stockings. He reaches and pulls off my panties. I turn to face him, I am completely naked in front of him. Looking, glancing, he takes it all in. I reach forward and begin to fondle his hard cock that is pressing into the material of his gym shorts. He reaches down and begins to finger me again, hands working hard, my head falls back and I grab onto his shirt, twisting it moaning softly. He continues and I squirm on my tip toes--it's too much....I pull away and immediately get on my knees. I pull on his shorts and he takes them off immediately.

Finally. I see what I've come here for today, the cock that I've been thinking about....anticipating having again for the past two years. I've masturbated and had endless orgasms thinking about this........I take him into my mouth. Hands placed firmly on the base of his cock and hot mouth surrounding his head. He moans and I begin to tempt and tease. Jerking with a rhythm, looking up into his eyes, licking the tip and creating a dramatic show. I hear a low, carnal "Mmmmmmm" muttered from his lips and I am pleased with myself. I continue and he lays back, enjoying the moment.

He sits back up again and leans over, watching me, grabbing my hair and pulling in rhythm. He's been hard since I got here.....now it's my turn to enjoy it. I unwrap a condom, place it down on his cock and push him back on the bed. I straddle his legs, find his cock and lower myself on top of him. A strange cock is in my pussy, I am in ecstasy. He is wider at the base, but not longer than my husband and the difference is making me hotter.

I sit up straight and slooowly rock back and forth, letting him take me all in. Each movement becoming more and more carnal and frantic, moaning loudly. He reaches up and grabs my chest, I moan loudly while fucking him. He's so hard. So. So. Hard. It excites me to know that he wants me this bad. I can feel the base of his cock stretching me slightly in a way that I am not used to. It's intense and I continue to relish in the difference, I am so turned on and am in my own zone. I am riding him and giving him the show of a lifetime and slow down....teasing him.

He hears me moaning loudly and can't take it anymore. He reaches up and pulls my body down on top of his and lifts his legs up on the bed, places his hands on my shoulders and begins to fuck me, hard from below. Hard. Fast. Relentless. I can't escape and I love every second of it.

He releases his hold from my shoulders and places it gently around my neck while fucking me from below. His hands are firm on my neck, but not frightening. He knows the delicate line and where not to cross it as I swallow and moan. I sit up straight on his cock and use the beat of the trap music playing loudly around us to fuck him, bouncing slowly and picking up pace. My boobs are in his face, he slaps my ass hard and I can feel the red coming to the surface of my skin, I close my eyes, enjoying the sensation.

I climb off of him, my legs feeling wobbly and I am dying for him to fuck me the way only a man can. He gets off the bed, stands at the end and pulls me towards him in a swift motion. It's like he can't get to my pussy fast enough.

While laying on my back, he thrusts his cock into my aching, waiting, pussy and I am again in a moment of pure ecstasy. He pushes his cock into me as deeply as he can, His face hard and grimacing. I moan loudly in response to the treatment and I am being given. I release myself from his grasp and flip over, directing him to stay absolutely still. Flipping my hair back over my shoulder and looking behind me, I find him and back onto his hard and waiting cock. I tell him that he can't move and can't touch. I spend the next few minutes on my hands and knees, slowly fucking him and teasing him--out and in, slow and fast. I can hear him moaning with frustration. Needing to fuck me harder.

He fills me deeply and I rock back onto him until he can stand it no longer, he reaches up for my hair, grabs a fistful forcefully and fucks me hard from behind. The mixed feelings of pleasure and slight domination are intoxicating. He fucks me hard for a while until he pulls out. I order him to sit on the bed and take the condom off. I jerk him quickly, he moaning loudly "Yes....fuck yes.....just like that....I'm going to cum all over those tits". I watch his face grimace and he cums all over my chest....down onto my belly....and drips all over the floor.

I clean myself off, he walks me to the car and we exchange good nights. "Thank you for fucking me" I say as I close my car door. I drive home with a throbbing pussy feeling freshly fucked, shifting uncomfortably in my seat with anticipation....to get back home to my husband....to be fucked hard--and already ready anticipating the next time.

Wife RB




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