My Wife at the Beach Topless and Nude ... And Then ...


My Wife at the Beach Topless and Nude - My wife and I went through a long process of exposing her at semi-nude and nude beaches, to eventually having her become known as one of the “easier” women with whom to have one’s way. When we first began going to the semi-nude beaches in Spain, she was reticent to take her top off; she was in her late thirties. Her smallish breasts necessarily sagged a bit (though not too much), and wiggled noticeably if not supported by a bra. Also, her nipples stood permanently at attention – thanks to me sucking on them over the years – and they looked like large pencil erasers when she got excited.

Because of her prominent nipples and swinging breasts she almost always wore thickish bras, because a thin bra left her looking as if she was without, and attracted too much attention for her shy character. Anyway, she began by unbuttoning the top to brown her back, and I played at trying to get her to sit up and be seen, but she always kept the top between her breasts and possible eyes. However, when we made love that night she could see how excited I was, and attributed it to seeing so many other women topless. I said that was part of it, but told her that what really turned me on was the idea of her letting other men see her breasts, which were beautiful and deserved to be enjoyed by them.

She must have been thinking about it, because when we next went to the beach, she wore a white bikini and had torn out the padding in the top. Her dark nipples jutted out against the thin material. When she got wet, it became completely transparent, and her breasts wobbled as she walked back from the ocean, her firm nipples drawing more than one admiring gaze. When she got back to our spot, she laid down on her belly and removed her top. However, she must have realized that everyone had seen her breasts, and so eventually sat up with them in full view.

The guys seated around us looked openly upon her alabaster breasts, which had clearly never before been exposed in public. She was both embarrassed and turned on by their gazes, for she reddened but her nipples contracted. She wouldn’t move around much, because of the way her breasts wiggled, and she put the top back on when she went to the ocean, as well as changing into a bra for the return to the car. However, when I fucked her repeatedly that night we both had multiple orgasms, and she began to understand how we were both stimulated by her exposure. Over the next few weeks she became increasingly willing to go topless. Although I liked for her to keep her top on while sunning (in order to preserve the tan line), she always walked to and from the ocean without it, and I loved to watch her breasts wiggle about tipped with their jutting nipples, and I particularly loved to watch guys openly stare at her.

We had been sitting closer and closer to the nude part of the beach, and she seemed to be enjoying looking at other men’s cocks, so it seemed a natural next step to move over there one day. Once again, her shyness took over, and she sat to slip off her bottoms. Although her pussy was on public display, she sat with her legs held carefully together most of the time, and put her bottom on to go and come from the water. Nonetheless, this sort of shy behavior seemed to be more stimulating for several of the men around us than the fully tanned younger women who lay shamelessly naked close by, because a number of them had erections in different states of arousal. When we fucked like crazy animals that night, she admitted being excited at seeing such a variety of cocks, and at seeing her power to excite them, though she still felt ashamed at the way they looked at her “down there”. I assured her that she was beautiful “down there”, and that I was very turned on by watching her display herself, because I knew how difficult it was for her to overcome her shyness.

I told her how much I liked the idea of her being possessed by other men’s eyes, and would be fascinated at the prospect of them possessing her more completely. We talked a long time about this before she began to understand, and accept, that I would be excited by her being fucked by another.

We went regularly to the nude beach, and got to know several of the guys who sat near us. She knew she could always get me excited by talking about how much she enjoyed watching the little red head of our neighbor’s uncut cock begin to poke itself out when she moved in particular ways, opening her legs at an opportune moment so that he could see her cunt lips perfectly, or getting her nipples to contract by thinking sexy thoughts. She could immobilize me at any time by whispering in my ear how much she would like to have that little red head in her cunt, immediately producing a huge hardon that would stay until I could get sex out of my mind, something not easily done on a nude beach. I was ashamed of my public hardons, which left my testicles in such evidence, unlike the Spanish men, who at times went about with full or partial erections, seemingly unselfconscious about their condition.

Once, my wife made me get up with a full erection, and she walked me up and down the length of the nude beach area, touching me from time to time to make sure I stayed hard. I felt that everyone was staring at my dick and balls, and swore to never again be subjected to such humiliation. The upshot was that one of her favorite games became that of getting me aroused, and then heading off down the beach with a neighbor, her naked breasts and buttocks bouncing, his dick waving about in partial erection. Of course, just thinking about them together kept me in permanent erection, until she returned to laugh.

Although we came to know the guys around us more, nothing was ever said (to me) about sex with others until Santiago came upon the scene. We were sitting on the beach one day when a guy walked by with the biggest dick I have ever seen outside of a porn movie. It swung between his legs like a huge piece of meat, and his enormous balls seemed to push themselves against the muscular legs and large hunk of uncut cock, as if insisting that they too must be seen and admired. I glanced over at my wife, just as she unconsciously licked her lips. I laughed, saying “Caught you that time,” and she reddened. Hearing me, the guy looked at us, and walked over. “Hey, I’m Santiago,” he said, “Where are you from?” Lying on her back, my wife told him we came from Los Angeles, while she blatently eyed his humungous cock and balls. She was obviously excited, because she sat up, drawing her knees up and opening her legs to display herself completely, though discretely; her nipples began to harden. Santiago was not unaware of his effect on women, and he sat down next to her, keeping his legs open so that she could fully appreciate his genital development. I felt my dick harden, and I was embarrassed by how much I was turned on by my wife being naked, legs akimbo for this handsome, gifted stranger.

After some small talk, Santiago asked my wife if she would like to see his VW van, which he had outfitted for camping. My wife would normally not give a whit about a van, but she sensed that the time had come to test the limits of my fantasies about her being fucked by someone else, as well as offering the opportunity to see once again what another man’s hands could do to her body, and what his dick would feel like inside her. She had been relatively promiscuous between her first marriage and ours. I often had the feeling that just about anybody who tried got to fuck her, often the very first time they met (as had been our case). I found myself in rooms with four or five men, all of whom had fucked her at one time or another….or several times. And, I always felt a certain frisson in sitting next to guys at dinners who I knew had fucked her up the ass. (She wouldn’t give me that pleasure, saying that she had to be “super super turned on” to do it because it hurt. LOL!!) Although she was reluctant to talk about her former lovers, she had mentioned one guy who had a monster cock, and how rich it had felt when he slipped it in her. The time had come to try out another huge cock, and she accepted Santiago’s invitation.

She stood up and threw a loose summer dress over her nakedness, having decided that there was no reason to put on panties and bra to go to Santiago’s van, despite the fact that the cloth was so thin as to allow any discerning viewer to appreciate my wife’s nudity, which would attract attention once they were off the nude beach and walking toward the parking lot. Looking down with humor at my huge hardon, she asked if I was really OK with this, and reminded me that there was no way back to the fantasy level, once this guy had put his dick inside her. I could hardly speak, and thought my cock would explode, but indicated that she should go with him, and they strode off in the direction of the parking lot. Jos?, a beach neighbor, watched them go with a whistful gaze, and asked if I knew that Santiago was the local stud, famous for picking up women on the beach and taking them to his van. He went on to say that he hadn’t realized that my wife was “available”, and asked if he could have a chance at her too. The other guys sitting around were all ears as I said that this was something new, and we would have to see how it worked out.

About an hour later, my wife came back. Although Santiago had removed his suit on entering the nude beach area, letting his dick and balls swing insolently free, my wife kept her dress on until she reached our place. When she turned about, I saw big spots of wet cum on the back of it. She removed the dress, and I could see that she had not been loved gently: her breasts were reddish and looked irritated, though her nipples were still engorged. When she lay back and opened her legs, I saw that her cunt lips were swollen and red, while her inner thighs seemed to have abrasions; cum seeped down from her vagina into her crack. Santiago leaned down – I could not help noticing that his dick soft was bigger than mine, which was harder than it had ever been – and thanked my wife and me for a good time, tweaking my wife’s nipple as he grinned at us. He then strode off in search of other conquests, none of which could be very much easier. Our neighbors moved closer and talked about how hot it was to watch Santiago approach women, who were often accompanied by husbands, and take them off to fuck in his van.

Once the precedent was established, there was no holding the guys back: my wife went with one, then another, and finally all, though at different times. The rest of that summer I found myself trapped in place with a raging hardon, chatting with the fellows who stayed behind to keep me company while one of their number went off with my wife to fuck her. The picture in the email is of one of her creampies from one of those guys. I wish I remembered who but there were a number of them. Sometimes they’d ask me why I found it so exciting to have my wife fucked by other men, and I could only explain that there were few sights as thrilling as watching my wife return from a tryst, holding hands with yet another man who had known her intimately, squeezing her nipples into hardness, putting his dick balls up into her, and hearing her moans. When she lay back down with me at the beach, her swollen lips seeping cum, and her engorged nipples, were public evidence of her pleasure. The idea that many people on the beach became aware that my wife was an easy fuck was the proverbial cherry on the cake.



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