Is My Wife a Slut?


Slut Wife at a Hotel - A couple of years ago my wife and I talked about our past sex lives and we both found out a lot of things we didn't know about each other. We have dated on and off since high school and I thought I knew everything there was to know. What she confessed was that she had sex with three other guys I didn't know about (5 men total) and one guy while we were still dating. At first I was shocked and mad, but surprisingly it turned me on to think about her fucking someone else. After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided that I would not be angry because we have been faithful to each other for 10 years of marriage, this all happened a long time ago and I was no saint then either. So no big deal.

After this confessional conversation, our sex life really changed. We were going at it a lot. I finally told her I was turned on thinking about other guys fucking her and started to tell her how I wanted to watch her fuck someone else. She couldn't believe I would say that at first. “Why would you want to share me?” She would ask.

She wasn't into the idea at all except when we were having sex. She would almost cum immediately when I started talking about her doing another guy. So that's where we left it, a fantasy in the bedroom. As time went on I started to notice changes in her. She became more and more sexually adventurous and comfortable with her body. She would ask me to go down on her all the time. Before, she wouldn’t let me eat her pussy because she was so self-conscious about her body (or maybe I was bad at it).

My wife also found out that she’s a squirter. Fuck, that’s hot! I could write a couple of pages on that alone, but I digress. We then began to have sex outdoors and she would wear tight clothing usually without a bra like she was trying to get attention from other guys (and girls). She even admitted to me that doing it with another guy wouldn't be about the sex. She said it's more of a turn on when other guys give her lots of attention and to know that they wanted her. The sex is just the icing on the cake. Her words.

Anyway before I write a book, I'll get to the point. Six months ago while my wife was on a business trip, she texted me asking if I minded that a 24 yr old guy (she's 38) was hitting on her. I played along saying no and why shouldn't any guy hit on her. Two hours later she called and said that they were still talking and flirting and he wanted to go up to his room. She then said that he was way to young for her and she felt like his mom. I didn't feel threatened at all and still joked with her to just do him because that's what she wanted and told her to call me so I could listen in. "Whatever! I do not!" She said. Well, later, she texts me again saying, “OK, I'll do it.

“Do What?” I answered. No Reply. My heart was racing so after a couple of minutes I called her, there was no answer. It went straight to voice mail, which meant her phone was off. Now I was worried. What was she doing??? 45 minutes later she finally called and when I said “Hello”, there was no answer, just the sound of her moaning/screaming and bodies slapping together. I almost came right there in my boxers. Then the phone went dead. After 15 minutes, she called again and she had just left his room. She told me what had happened while I jerked off. She told me that loved sucking his cock and that they had sex twice and didn’t use a condom. Now I was angry, but suddenly shot cum everywhere, simultaneously.

That’s when I started to become confused. Is my wife more of a slut that I realized? Has she always been? I have to admit I was upset that she fucked another guy and more upset that she let him cum inside of her, but I didn’t show my anger because I felt like I was the one that drove her to it. I did state my displeasure and told her if she does it again that I want to be present join in or watch. She agreed. So we fucked like maniacs for a while and after six months or so everything seemed to stop. She said she was always tired from working, kids etc. so I was relegated to jerking off a lot (usually thinking about her fucking other guys).

Then two weeks ago after staying late at the office, she came home with a pussy full of cum. When she walked in she gave me a big kiss and guided my hand to her pussy. It was like she was proud of what she had done. I immediately bent her over the couch and fucked her cum-filled pussy and filled it again.

Have I turned my wife into a slut? My fantasy is to have a threesome or just to watch, however it’s starting to look like that’s not what she has in mind. I don’t think I can stand the thought of being a cuckold but when I think about it I cum instantly. We'll see where this leads.




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