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I am a self proclaimed loser white boy that has recently learned his place at the bottom of the dating food chain. I will leave real names out of this story but I can assure you it is true. I was used and humiliated, but in all honesty, I deserved it. like I said, I learned my place and I will never subject another girl to my pathetic come-ons again.

Three main people in this "story".

1) Me = whiteboy

2) A real man that easily picked up the girl of my dreams right in front of me = Hector

3) A beautiful latina that used me for my money but I can't hardly blame her= Jessica

Anyway, this all happened this weekend. as I mentioned before, I am a total loser and can never get with girls. This has been extremely frustrating but I had always accepted it as reality until recently. I decided to "man" up and try to get with the ladies. I decided that I had no luck not because I am a loser, but simply because I don't try hard enough. So I spent the last few months at work trying to get with this one beautiful girl. I was always chatting with her, trying to show that I cared for her. Sometimes I even did some of her work for her. she was friendly enough with me, but probably just enjoyed the company during long work days and was flattered that she could make a guy so obsessed with her, but was definitely not interested in dating me.

Every time I asked to take her out she always came up with some obvious bullshit excuse. But I thought my luck had turned around when a new, younger, even HOTTER, Latina began working in a different department right across from mine at work. Her name was Jessica and I fed her all the pick up lines, romantic gibberish and "I love yous."

It seemed odd to me that she asked me questions like "how long has it been since you were interested in a girl?" "have you ever used these lines on another girl?" etc, but I lied and lied and feed her total bullshit, claiming she was the ONLY one for me, the only girl I have tried to get with for a long time, and the only girl I would say "I love you too."

I have now learned that Jessica was the cousin of the first Latina I mentioned, lived down the street from her, and they talked about EVEYRTHING. Jessica was incredibly pissed off at me, and rightly so, but she decided to teach me a lesson and lead me on and lie the way I had done to her.

Back to the story, I first asked her out after getting to know her for about 2 months, and she said YES! For the first time in my life I didn't get rejected. Not only was this huge for me to get any girl on a date, I was actually starting to genuinely fall in love with her and was so turned on by her tanned Latina body, incredibly sexy face, and hot Spanish accent.

We went on a few dates together, I paid for everything, but oddly enough she would never let me kiss her, hold her hand, or even touch her. I figured she was just very prude and was waiting to make sure I wouldn't just use her and leave. But eventually it became too much for me and I confronted her about it.

I explained to her that she claims to love me the way I love her, but her actions don't prove it. Like I suspected, she told me she wanted to make sure I was "the one" before we got too involved. I didn't think me holding her hand was getting involved, but since she was hotter than any girl I had ever seen, and was the only girl willing to spend time with me outside of work, I let it go. A few months later she came to me and explained that I needed to buy her expensive gifts to prove my devotion to her.

She already knew I would sacrifice my time, but now I needed to sacrifice my money as well. She said this would go a long way to proving I was really into her, and we could begin to speed things up shortly after. Over the next few days I bought her a car, a laptop, a camera, more clothes and shoes than I can count, and an iPad. It was much much more money than I ever wanted to spend, but I figured I was getting close to that sweet Latina prize.

So this Friday was going to be our first date with a steamy ending. We both called in sick to work and decided we would spend the weekend down at the beach. She guaranteed me that Friday would be spent with some fun in the sun on the beach, and then the weekend would be filled with hot steamy love making in the hotel room. She didn't lie about that, it just wasn't the kind of love making I anticipated. Anyway, I sped down to the beach to maximize our time there. We got onto the land, took out the parasol and laid out the blanket, and got to relaxing. She took off her clothes and revealed the most fascinating bikini I had ever seen (see pics).

I left my shirt on over my trunks, otherwise my hard on would have been visible to the entire beach. We laid there for awhile just relaxing when a young, muscular, Hispanic man walked by. Jessica immediately shot up and watched him go by. She was staring straight at his body and he obviously noticed because he stared back. They shared smiles and then Jessica was clearly checking out his butt while he walked away. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to start an argument with the weekend of my dreams about to begin. After only about a minute she said to me "that man who just walked by is all alone. He must be lonely. Lets go cheer him up and give him some company."

I thought this was absolutely ridiculous, but again I kept my mouth shut and went along with it. We approached the man and Jessica introduced herself, but not me. The man informed us that his name was Hector, took Jessica's hand and kissed it, and didn't even acknowledge me. Then the two of them started walking and began striking up innocent chit chat, and I tagged behind. As I watched them I saw that their eyes were constantly locked on each other and they never looked away. I had never seen Jessica so fascinated by another man, but I have to say I couldn't blame her. While I am not gay I do admit that Hector was very attractive, and was everything I wasn't. He had six pack abs, HUGE arms, and his entire body was toned. He had dark tanned skin and a short neat haircut, and the bulge coming out of his pants was A LOT bigger than mine. After awhile I noticed that Jessica was starting to eye the bulge as well, and I decided it was time to speak up.

"Jessica, I think its time we get something to eat," I told her. Jessica thought it was a great idea, unfortunately she also wanted Hector to join us and when I objected she said "Well asshole, I finally meet someone with the same heritage (apparently they were both from el Salvador) and who I am really getting along with, and you want to deny me the pleasure of his friendship? Maybe you really aren't the one!" I quickly told her anything she wanted was ok, (after all I couldn't blow my chance of having sex with her). So we went to the restaurant and got a booth. I was furious when Jessica sat on the same side of the booth as Hector, and left me alone, but I kept my mouth shut. To my disbelief, after we ordered Jessica and Hector began cuddling and eventually started kissing each other. I lost it and slammed my fist on the table. "Jessica what the hell are you doing!" I shouted. "Be quiet whiteboy," Hector said and started to stand up. I was furious tho, and I got up as well. I gulped once we got face to face however, since I realized he was a lot bigger than me and could probably kick my ass with one hand tied behind his back.

I was about to back down and apologize to him, but Jessica said "baby, its customary in our culture for new friends to hug and kiss like this. If you cannot accept my Salvadorian culture, then I guess I cannot accept you." I apologized and told her I understand and that I am willing to accept her cultural differences. I was so desperate that I figured even if another man was getting with my girl it was ok, since I would be getting some later as well. "Apologize to Hector too," Jessica ordered.

"I am sorry Hector, please don't kick my ass," I sputtered out like a little sissy. "Don't let it happen again whiteboy," he shot back. Jessica laughed and said "whiteboy. That's a great new name for you. From now on that's what you will be called." I shrunk back in my seat humiliated but said nothing. All of us ordered steaks and when they arrived Hector told me to cut them up into bite sized piece for him and Jessica, or else he would kick my ass. I did as I was told and while I was doing it, Jessica crawled all over Hector. They were getting so intimate I was worried that we were going to be asked to leave the restaurant. She sat down on his lap and faced him and continued kissing. In between kisses Jessica kept repeating "te quiero mucho baby, te quiero mucho." For awhile this was ok with me because I got to sneak some looks at her sexy ass (she was still in her bikini) while I cut the steaks, but then Hector took his big hands and firmly placed them on both her asscheeks. He gave them both a few playful slaps, then a good hard squeeze before gently resting them squarely on her ass.

Jessica loved all of this and rubbed her hands all over his body. I saw her reach at his dick a few times and thought I heard her say "muy grande" each time, but I let it go. When the check came, Hector ordered me to pay and by that point I had enough. I told him no way was I paying for him, but Jessica again explained that in their culture the boyfriend always pays for the girl and any of her friends. So I paid and walked outside. They were already waiting in the back seat of the car, and were kissing even more passionately than in the restaurant. Jessica explained to me that Hector would be joining us back to the hotel. I said ok and drove them back. The entire ride back Jessica continued to say "te quiero mucho" almost non stop so I asked them what that phrase meant. Jessica said "whiteboy be quiet. It just means I am glad you're my friend." And they both started laughing. I knew they were lying but what could I do? I felt I was so close to getting ass from the Latina of my dreams, plus Hector could beat my ass anytime he felt like it, so I just kept my mouth shut and drove to the hotel.

When we got back to the room I was informed of a few more "Salvadorian customs" that I was unaware of. Jessica laid down on the bed and explained to me that, even though there were two guys here now, 3somes are unacceptable in their culture and that only one of us could be in bed with her. I smirked and confidently said, "Well then Hector has to go baby. Now its time for some alone time." But Hector shoved me into the wall and smoothly got down on the bed. "Not so fast whiteboy," he said. "In our culture the man with the biggest dick gets the girl, whether its her boyfriend or not." I gasped and told Jessica that cant be the way it is. "Sorry whiteboy," she said as she started to take Hector's pants off. "But that's the way it is in our culture." When hector's pants came off he revealed an ENORMOUS penis, three times the size of mine. I hung my head in shame and didn't even bother taking mine out. Jessica and I both knew what I was working with, and from the look on Hector's face, he knew too. Jessica told me to get myself and my pathetic 3 inch nub downtown to pick up some condoms for the two of them. I returned with the condoms and Jessica was busy sucking his cock.

I placed the condoms on the bed and Jessica told me to take one more look at Hector's big arms, strong abs, and HUGE cock. "This is what a real man looks like," she told me. "And I only get with REAL MEN," she emphasized. "Now go down to your bank and withdraw all your money or Hector will kick your ass," she ordered. I did as I was told and got all my money withdrawn. Then the two of them locked me in the bathroom for the rest of the weekend while they had incredible sex. They were so loud that other people in the hotel complained about the noise. When Sunday night rolled around and we needed to head back I thought the torture was over, but I was wrong. Hector and Jessica said their goodbyes with one final screwing and then a long makeout session while I watched, then I drove Jessica home. She told me to drive to her cousins house.

When we got there I was forced to give half of my money to Jessica, and half to her cousin. Jessica also told me that from now on I would be driving her down to the Beach every weekend to see Hector, and that I was to wire half of my paycheck down to Hector every two weeks as well. If I failed to do either of those things, he would come find me and beat me so badly that I would never walk again. I agreed to it all and started to leave the house crying my eyes out. "One last thing whiteboy," Jessica shouted at me. "as one final punishment for the lies you told me, and for actually thinking a pathetic loser like you could get with hot girls like me and my cousin, you are going to kneel down and lick Hector's cum out of all our used condoms." To my horror Jessica had saved all the condoms and laid them out on the floor in front of the couch the two girls were sitting on. I crawled over to them on my hands and knees and while they laughed hysterically at me, I licked each condom clean. I will NEVER mess with Latinas again.





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