Watching My Wife Have Sex


Hiding by the Window - My wife has cucked me for some time now but I have never been able to watch her. It is something that really makes a difference for me but something that she and her lover (s) are less comfortable with.

Well, one evening just before bed my wife ask me if I would shave her. Right away I knew she had plans, but I shaved her underarms legs and pussy smooth and painted her toes. After bugging the hell out of her for details she tells me that her lover is off work tomorrow and he is comming to the house for some fun before she runs to work. I beg her to let me watch but she denies me and says they want some time alone.

I do some quick thinking and call work to tell them I want to take the morning off and rest easy that night. Really wanting to watch him enjoy my wife's body I start to plan. So I set up the video camera so it pointed at the bed, moved the shades in the bed room so I could see in from the outside, and fixed a window in the kids room so I could get in easily and without being heard. Then I ask her what she was wearing for him and she said that she was undecided. I turned on the camera and left for "work" at my normal time. I drove a few blocks from the house and parked my car, walked back home sat in a chair on the back deck and waited.

I looked thru the window once in awhile to see what she was doing. She was in her robe until the kids got on the bus, but as soon as they were out the door the robe was off. She walked into the bathroom naked and it sounded like she was fixing her hair and putting on make up. When she came back to the bedroom she stood at the dresser rummaging thur her panty drawer. She put on two or three diffrent ones before she decided on her sheer red g string. She sprayed perfume on her neck and a bit in her hair and I could smell it thru the open window, I was hard as a rock and was as excited for him to get there as she was. Her phone rang and she went into the other room to get it. When she walked back into the room I could tell by the tone of her voice she was talking to him. She prepared the bed and lit candles as she spoke on the phone. After she said bye she turned on some music went into closet came out wearing a long shear red nightgown that I bought her for an anniversary gift a few years back. She lay on the bed and played with her hair, she looked so sexy laying there waiting............waiting for her lover to fuck her. I wanted to jerk off, but wanted to save it.

Her phone rang again and I heard her say that she was ready and walked to the other room, just then I heard a car pull into the driveway, he was here. I had butterflies in my stomach, my heart was racing. I could hear them talking, her giggling and they entered the room with her leading him by the hand. They stood by the bed kissing passionately, his hands touching all over her body. She removed his shirt pulled his shorts to the floor, and she invited him to the bed. He pulled her night gown off so she was wearing nothing but her panties. They rolled around kissing and touching for what seemed like forever. Then he started at her neck and kissed his way down to her tits where he gave each one attention, then down to her belly where he squeezed licked and kissed for a good while. Then he pulled her panties to the side and started working her pussy. He got beside her on his hands and knees face burried in her cunt, and her stroking his cock.

Then I remembered I purposly left my pager on the dresser so I called it. They never even paused, so I called it again. On the fourth time she got up and turned it off without even looking at it. Then she did what I had hoped she would not do, she turned off the lights ! ! ! Now all I can see is shadows ! I can tell that she is between his legs licking and sucking his thick cock. I can hear them both moaning and I have my pants to my knees working my rock hard throbbing cock slowly and just once in awhile because I want to enjoy all of this. Then I blew my load, damn I wanted it to last longer.

I was straining to see what was going on inside just a mere few feet away but all I could see were two shadows combined, moaning with pleasure. I was nervous about my next move but it had to be done, I was going to crawl in the open window. I took my shoes off so not no make noise on the deck. I crept off then sprinted to the window. I could hear the bed squeeking, I made my move up and in not to much noise. I crawled to my sons bed and lay beside it just in case. They had not stopped.

I made my way slowly to the door where I knew I could see clearly. My cock was instantly hard again when I saw her on her hands and knees getting her pussy pounded. Then she was on top of him riding cowgirl and his hands are exploring her body from her tits to her belly. I can hear him saying how good her pussy feels, she says she loves the way he feels in her.

Next he turns her and is licking her cunt again. He looked up and said he's going to take his time and enjoy this. After the licking session she's on him again now reverse doggie. He's got two hand fulls of belly, and as she goes up and down on his meat her little tits are bouncing. I'm stroking my own throbbing meat but slowly. Those two fucked in every position they could think of for an hour. She is cumming like crazy. When he gets close he either changes positions or starts licking her pussy. Finally he said "Oh shit I'm gonna cum"

He groans loudly and she starts screaming. Then he fell to her side. They started kissing nice and slow, telling each other how they loved what they just did. He tells her how much he loves the way her body looks and feels. Finally they got up, he dressed. They kissed she walked him to the door and they were making plans for their next alone time.

I crawled back to the side of my sons bed and waited for her to dress and leave. I lay there for awhile fearing that she forgot something. After I felt the coast was clear I got up went to the bedroom where my wife was just made love to, and to my suprize found her red panties laying there soaked with their love juices (she was wearing them the whole time they were just pulled to the side. I licked them put them over my face and started to wank again and blew my load again for the fourth time that morning. I had to do one more thing before I ran to work, check the camera. I rewound it a bit and found that the tape had ran out right when she got back from turning off my pager.

As I got back in my truck my phone rang, it was her. I ask her how it went, she said good, I ask for high lites she gave me a few. Then I told her I watched the whole thing, she didn't believe me. Later that evening she replayed the whole thing for me, when I told her that she forgot a detail or two her eyes got big and she said, "OH MY GOD YOU DID WATCH" then I told her how I did it. She came as I told her.



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