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She Likes Big White Cock - So my wife and I have been married 9 years, 1 child. Wife comes from strict religious upbringing, I come from very liberal upbringing.

This is my second marriage (no kids from first - my choice), I am her first marriage and first partner (she was a virgin when we were married so yes, I got her cherry).

We're both open in our relationship and maintain a lot of communication. We have a very active sex life which has only been hampered by having a little toddler around (I have no fucking idea how people have more than one since you really lose a lot of privacy!) But anyway ....

For the last 3 years I've been fantasizing about her getting fucked by other men. Not just one man at once but several at once. I've always wanted to take her to the local strip bar with the knowledge that she would get some 'dates' and get pumped full of seed. I don't want to lick it out of her, but after a whole bunch of men have cum inside her I want to fuck her after all that. I also love the idea of getting her into a swinging party and have her suddenly realize how much she loves strange men pumping her holes full of seed and just sit and watch and finally be told by her to leave the room while she has a cock up her ass, cunt, and mouth.

Three years ago we went camping and bought her a vibrator. It had been her first and since then she's always wanted to have clitoral orgasms first and then vaginal orgasms (from me). Her first vibrator climax was with us driving down the highway past cars with a blanket over her lap - extremely exciting for both of us!

Two months ago I got brave (yes I'm rather shy like her) and went to a local sex store and bought her a 7" dildo. She got totally hooked on how much deeper it goes. Apparently the difference between 6" and 7" is great (yes 1 inch is a HUGE difference). What's funny is that a few years back she had a lesbian Asian female doctor that told her that she had a deep vagina/uterus. Anyway, her words were "I wish you were this big" and "can't you get an operation for enlargement?" When she said these things something inside of me snapped. I felt so deeply wounded and yet (at the same time) so erotically charged. Right after she said that, we had vaginal sex and I came harder then I've ever cum. Very confusing and yet powerful feelings. Since then I have been fixated on the very thought and possibility of her being with other men (more than one at a time).

My wife is incredibly orgasmic. She now has three waves of orgasms. First is from the vibrator, second is from the 7" dildo that "scratches that itch" that I can't seem to satisfy, and finally with me cumming inside of her. She also has a tendency towards exhibitionism but denies it (she gets really hot when we get naked and fuck in our back yard in the middle of the night or when we use to pull off the side of the road and fuck before we had our daughter or when we take pictures of her naked - her cunt is full of creamy cum oozing out even after 30 seconds of having the camera on her naked body). She isn't into black cock (nothing anti-black, just loves white) but she loves seeing big white cock in porn.

But I've been getting mixed signals. On the plus side when we fuck, she loves to suck the dildo as I fuck her, she also loves to suck me when I fuck her with the dildo, and for the last couple of weeks every couple of days (when we're not exhausted - we both work) I hold the dildo in her front end and pump her pussy full of 7" dildo, and I fuck her ass with 6 inches. I have also gotten her use to saying out loud "I need more than one cock" and "I need more than one man" or even the last couple of days she said "I want to fuck strangers". She cums very hard when I tell her to say these things. We also watch porn where a woman that looks like her is being fucked by more than one man. At first she wasn't into that. She always wanted one-on-one sex but now she gets off by watching women getting DP or gangbanged. It's incredible how wet she gets when seeing that.

Minus side is that we had a talk a few nights ago and I said that I thought it was hot when men look at her and I even told her that I wouldn't be mad at her if she sat on another man's lap. She said she didn't feel comfortable with that and that she always felt like she was doing something wrong. Today I told her she should stop wearing a bra to work and just show those beautiful breasts off to her boss and everyone she works with. She said that she would feel uncomfortable. But after I said those things to her she was soaked and she knew that I knew.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. Gotta love the internet and being anonymous. Glad I was able to say all of this and get it off my chest. Not sure I'm even looking for advice right now. I just like being able to speak what's in my mind and in my heart to a group of people that are into the same thing.



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