Letter from an Unfaithful Wife - Posted Publicly


She Emailed Everyone She Knows! - This is something that my wife sent to me by email. She told me that she has sent this to other people she knows to humiliate me and I thought I'd share her words.

I know you love hearing me say, “I got fucked today!!!” I met up with G, got my belt back too that I had left there from the last time! He had a talented cock, as I mentioned to you. I went to his house and we didn't have a whole lot of preliminaries, just a little chat beforehand. He undressed first and I took my time but wasn't far behind him. I wore some sexy hose and kept those on the whole time. He liked the hose too. We took some photos to get warmed up. He was hard even before we really started and then he went down on me. That was quite enjoyable, and I think he loved to hear my feedback and how much I was enjoying it. After that he rode me and while I gather that he wasn't planning to cum quite when he did, I think he couldn’t help himself, feeling how tight and wet I was, one benefit of having a husband with a really small cock. He did manage to ask where I wanted him to cum. I told him inside me was fine since he was riding me bareback but to pull out a little so we could take a creampie photo for you. I knew that would be such a turn-on for my cuck. After all, you always have cleanup detail the one pleasure my cuck CAN give me. As it happened, I did my own cleanup this time, as you saw from the photos of his big, hard cock.

Today was great too. You’ll be reading the details of this cuck for the first time in this email which by the way is being sent to all my girlfriends and their husbands. I met up with S at the hotel as we agreed. We also took some photos.

He took his time getting me undressed since we’d both been waiting so long till we finally were able to meet up. He loved my big tits and played with them, marvelling over my nipples and areola and sucking and squeezing them. He had a nicely tanned body too, which was a turn-on as well. He was so hard right away and he had such a nice-sized cock, so much bigger and thicker than yours. I thought it was big, but he didn’t think it was. Believe me, it was nice and thick and meaty, as well as plenty long to reach all the way up to my womb. He was surprised when I told him how big he is compared to you pet, I think he liked the idea though. There is such a thing as too big for my tight pussy, but he had a great cock, really filled me up without hurting me. Thank you for giving me the freedom to fuck anyone I want to. It’s only now I realize what I was missing out on with you my little cuck.

He went down on me and I gave him some great feedback, telling him exactly what I liked and talking dirty to him. You’ve seen me go from quite timid to brazen when it comes to talking dirty. I enjoyed it too and came so good from his BIG cock. I ended up having an orgasm that was like a big wave at the beach. One big wave ran into another, then a second, and finally to a third. I think I’ve built up to these from getting used to the aftershocks from being fucked by real men as I was so unused because you couldn’t give me orgasms. I definitely seem to have multiples from time to time when I get fucked properly. He said jokingly over my yells, “Let me know when you cum.”

He rode me and rode me his cock just filled up that tight, slippery pussy of mine. You know how tight and wet I get after I cum, even tight enough to feel your little dick inside me. His cock felt sooo good right against my G-spot. He tried to hold off and not blow his load so fast. On one hand I knew he wanted to slow down, but he also couldn’t seem able to help himself and seemed torn between letting himself cum and holding back. We moved around so I was on top and that was fun too. I was able to pleasure myself riding him and came again. We had plans of him riding me doggy style but got sidetracked as I started to cum with him buried deep inside me. I sucked his rock-hard cock soaked in my pussy juices and we took some more photos—think you’ll enjoy these too!!! He then wanted me on my back, legs high and wide then he rode me again, but this time with serious plans that he’d waited long enough. I told him how much his cock was filling me up and how good he was giving it to me, so much better than my cuck husband. It really is the best I’ve had in quite some time. He came right at that moment when you rang my cell phone. He kept riding me while we spoke on the phone. I couldn’t believe the timing either. I sort of just heard music and hadn’t realized it was my phone, which was near by just in case you could call. He really was riding me to ecstasy. He rode me a little more while we chatted and I told you how good he was compared to you, he liked hearing me tell you how much better a lover he is than you, then he rolled off to catch his breath.

After that we chatted awhile about why I need to cuck you how you have a much smaller than average cock and that you have been impotent for so long now. I stroked his cock and took a photo or two of me licking his cummy dick. I thought we both were shattered, when he had planned to go take a shower. We started talking again about how ggod he’d fucked me. I told him he was the best I’d had in so long and how I happy I was to have chosen to cuckold you with him, while I lay in the bed to get warm. He pulled down the covers and started stroking my tits again and then pulled the covers down farther to tease my clit. He abandoned the idea of a shower just then and went down on me. I suggested he lie beside me and showed him how to stroke my clit—just above it, three fingers, circling motion. As he stroked me, I stroked his cock, which was the reason I wanted him to lie beside me. His cock was soft at first, but as I stroked him faster, it gauged for him where I was in my arousal. He got hard as I got closer and closer to the edge myself. He wasted no time in getting inside me, I pictured you coming in to the room and saying what a SLUT I was and that knocked me right over the edge!!. He made me gasp too as I felt how quickly I had tightened up again and how he was so ready and so quickly inside me. I wasn’t expecting this at all, but he rode me nice and hard like I like it. He banged me good!! When he came, it was loudly this time. No keeping him quiet!! Wow! It was so hot!!!

I hope you see now love why I’ll always need to cuckold you when I can get such great cock from men who know how to bang a woman and make her cum and cum like these two guys did, these forbidden fruits are mine all mine and I’m never giving them up!

End email.

After this I was able to see all the responses her friends sent as they used the 'reply-all' button and it drove me nuts. I can't stop reading their comments and their jokes about me. I hope you guys like what I have shared of her.

Little Cuck


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