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I thought I would give all of you cuckold readers our story and how we got to where we are at. Up until about a year ago, I had no idea any one else had the same desires I had...to see my wife have sex with other men. Honestly, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, it just didn't seem normal, and definitely not cultural. And then about a year or two ago I started to read random stories here and then and finally found this blog.

In the last year, I have gained a great wealth of information from this blog. It is because of the many posts I have read and learned from that I want to share our story, to hopefully help someone else in a big or small way on their journey of cuckolding. I am far from an expert, but if you would have told me 5 years ago that my wife was on her way to becoming a hotwife, I would have told you you were nuts.

Before we met my wife and I did not grow up in the same town, in fact we didn't even grow up in the same state. Our lives were very different. I was a jock, class clown, and very permiscuous through my HS and college days. She was the nerdy, very religious/conservative type. I always had a girlfriend, she almost never had a boyfriend, in fact she only had had one boyfriend prior to us meeting, and he was the only boy she had ever kissed...but they never had sex. She was a virgin when I met her.

We finally meet and our paths eventually crossed and after a short courtship, we got married. I should add, when we met each other, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. She loved making out, playing, flirting, and teasing...but she met her match with me and we eventually had sex multiple times prior to getting married. Though she was a virgin, I knew the first time we made out that she knew what she wanted and what she was doing. After a few years of marriage, she eventually opened up to me and admitted that her and her boyfriend used to make out all the time, dry fucking, sucking nipples, etc. She eventually had an orgasm with him simply by dry humping and, in her own words, became addicting to cumming. Sh, though she never had sex, she was definitely not a newbie when it came to the build up...she just eventually caved in with me...and boy was it good!

First few years of marriage, prior to us getting married, I was the jealous type. In fact, her old boyfriend always seemed to be a "threat" to me...he wanted what I had...and it made me jealous! They still communicated on and off, but from a physical standpoint, she was mine. She eventually stopped talking to him but the thought of her with him and him wanting her, well, it wasn't a turn on, it was all jealousy. The first few years of our marriage, our sex life was so so. We still had sex quite a bit, but we had our first child right away. Our pre-marriage sex was so good, but we both admit now that our first few years of marriage sex was more than disappointing. We just didn't have the passion, lust, or dersire. Within 2 years of marriage, we now had 2 children. It was draining and our sex life wasn't anything special. When my wife became pregnant with our 3rd child, things started to get a little better, and eventually after she had our 3rd child, our sex life perked up. She seemed to cum all the time and very easily. It was in these first few years of marriage when my wife would say little things like, "when we have sex I sometimes think about things I shouldn't" but she wouldn't elaborate and she said it in such a way that I didn't feel comfortable asking. When we would have sex, we never did much for pillow talk, dirty talk, or tell each other our fantasies. In fact, it was hard for her to say "screw me" and she NEVER told me to "fuck me". I tried to get her to talk dirty, but she just wouldn't. She struggled between her morals and her desires, and for the time being, her morals were winning out...and least on the outside.

The first mention of anything cuckold like was in the first few years of marriage, I do not not recall ever thinking of my wife fucking another man. If I did have fantasies, I'm sure it was me with other women. And since she was pretty silent when we had sex, I had no idea what she was thinking other than stuff she didn't think she should be thinking. However, it all changed on one drive home. As I mentioned in the beginning, my wife and I grew up in different states - about 9 hours apart. We live near her family and so a few times a year we travel to visit my family. On one such occassion, while driving home about 7 years ago, we started talking about sex. I cannot remember specifically what we talked about until at one point she mentioned to me that the "thing she shouldn't be thinking about", was having sex with other people. I remember that statement as one of the "you'll always remember where you were at" events. When she said those words, I felt a jolt run through my body...it was a jolt of jealousy but instead of making me mad...it turned me on. I started getting hard instantly and precum started flowing out of me. She continued to tell me exactly what she meant, how often (almost every time), and how turned on it made her. She was telling me her deepest darkest secret and had no idea how I would respond...but in short order she could tell I liked it...a lot! That night, when we finally made it home, we fucked and fucked and fucked. We did do a little dirty talk, nothing too serious as we were just broaching this topic, but it was enought to take us both over the edge. This topic began to come up quite frequently but I never mentioned how HOT I thought it was, I just let her go with it. We would rold play because that is what she said she liked. She said she didn't think about other people, just scenarios...I was a virgin, delivery man, teacher, student, guy next store, HS lovers, bad boy, etc, etc...this was her fantasy world and I was just along for the ride...but things slowly started to change for me.

After our initial conversation about her secret fantasies, our sex life got very good. It started out slow, as she wasn't too sure if this was "right" to do. In fact, we were both conservative (religious) at this time and struggled with the thoughts and things we were taking about. But the reality was, we never stopped. We continued to fantasize with one another and role play almost every time we had sex. This went on for about 6 years with very few set backs. Things just continued to develop and proceed. Every time I would mention if she ever thought of someone specific, she would be pretty adament and say "no, it's always you"...but then one day she said, well actually I did fantazise about our next door neighbor a few times. And so for a while, he was always in our fantasy...or at least to some degree...sometimes we were a couple teaching others to have sex, and well, the next door neighbor wasn't getting fucked good enough and so my wife would take the teaching lessons a step further. This is what we did for about 6 years and then, and I cannot remember exactly what it was (probably all the scenarios we played out) but eventually my fantasy was ALWAYS my wife fucking someone else. I no longer thought of other women...ever. In fact I even stopped masturbating because I had no desire to see other woman or have sex with them. I was only turned on by my wife and her fantasies and watching her cum as she was in her own sex world.

It was very soon after this that I thought I would try and see if my wife would like a vibrator. I couldn't get enough of watching her orgasm all over me, but I simply couldn't please her as much as I thought she deserved. So I went out on a limb and bought her a little, pink insertable vibrator. When she opened it up...it was just too weird to her. It was too "porn like", "creepy" and I thought for sure she would never try it. But a few days later, when we were making out, I brought it out and started to use it on her. She eventually took it from me and tried it on herself, but for whatever reason, she said it didn't feel that good. We waited a few days and then she tried it again....WOW, it rocked her world. She had her most intense orgasm and I fell in love with watching her do that on herself. It was at this time that I started to tell her my fantasy of her fucking other guys. At first, she was silent about it, but over a course of a year she began to open up and our fantasies began to evolve in our minds and she would tell me who she was thinking about...sometimes when we had sex, other times after. But one thing she knew...I was turned on by the thought. It was in this time period that I wanted to try and see if she would use a dildo. So I spent my time researching realistic dildos and bought a pretty good size dildo as she said she wold like to fuck a big cock. At first she didn't like it much but eventually I got a more realistic feeling one and she loved it. In the last 2-3 years, she uses that cock and a vibrator almost every time we have sex....I can't get enough of watching her fuck that cock while she rubs her clit with the vibrator. In fact, she rarely cums when I fuck her now (which turns me on).

The thought of my wife fucking another guy became an obsession for me. We would often talk about it and she knew how much it turned me on. But she was also very adament that she would not do something like that and it was simply fantasy and I would have to be satisfied with watching her with the dildo. And I was! I too never thought her fucking another guy would be a reality. We eventually began to watch porn together from time to time. This was a HUGE turn on to her as she had never seen it before. She would be wet for days afterwards beause of the many images she would have in her mind. She loved watching all the new scenarios, and different people, etc. We also began to read erotic stories, sometimes together sometimes alone. It was at this time that she began to make herself cum when I wasn't around, though she never did it without me knowing. She knew it turned me on so I would encourage her to go read alone, watch porn, and enjoy herself. She was reluctant at first, but eventually would give in to her desires. Of course, she would always tell me about it and what she was thinking...and she was always thinking about someone else but me...which only fueled my fire. Our sex was good, erotic, sensual, dirty, naughty, etc...and we both loved it. I would mention from time to time about her being with someone else but again it was always, "it's just fantasy, I'd never do that". However, eventually she would tell me how she was at a store and she had a desire to flirt with this guy, or that this guy was hot, or that she was wondering how big his cock was. We of course would fuck like rabbits if she ever came home and talked like that.

Then she begins to open up. It was about 2 years ago, and 9 years into our marriage, that I finally was able to put a label on my fetish....I wanted my wife to be a HW. Somehow, while searching the internet, I came across this blog. I was hooked. I had no idea anyone else would think like this....but they did....and some had actually experienced for years their wife fucking other men. I was hooked. I began to devour the information on this site and from time to time would share it with my wife. She liked that it turned me on but always made sure I knew it was just fantasy. She would know when I had spent time reading a post or story because I was always horny and we would fuck that day. She would often ask me what I read and why it turned me on. It was at this stage that my wife started to open up a bit more to the idea. She began to say how she wanted to start flirting with me to turn me on. She would start to call me certain people who she was fantasizing about while we had sex. She just became more open to the idea of flirting. We talked often but I learned to let her lead or I led very lightly. She said how fun it would be to just make out with someone, to kiss, touch, play...but just leave it at that and then come back to me and let me have my way. This became a very common theme in our sex life. She loved the idea of flirting over text, coffee, etc. to drive me crazy. Of course, she was still adament that this would never happen, but she was much more open to talk about it and explore it from a distance. She even began to toy with the idea of "just going out on a friendly date" with someone, to flirt, and drive me crazy. She loved the idea of driving me crazy, and I loved the idea of her having her fun, whatever it was she wanted to do. But for several months it was just talk and fantasy.

This past year and we had taken our children to a park. They were playing in the pond and my wife and I were sitting at the edge. We weren't talking, just enjoying the day. My wife just recently started working a part time job and she would often come home telling me how she was flirting with this customer or that co-worker, or how she thought this guy was hot, etc. As we were sitting by the pond, out of the blue, my wife says, "so I was flirting with this co-worker...and was thinking maybe I should go on a date with him, I know he would say yes". AAAAAHHHH, I just about came in my pants right then and there. She was serious, and she was the one who mentioned it, not me. So of course that night we talked about it and she said she thought it would be fun, nothing physical, just good natured flirting to get me all turned on. Sure enough, her last shift she asked him if he wanted to go out sometime. I got a text that said, "he said yes!". Again, I almost came in my pants. So a few weeks went by and they exchanged numbers to text. However, the guy got cold feet and hardly even talked to her on text. But to me, that didn't matter. She had taken a BIG step and I now realized it was just finding the right guy, someone she felt comfortable talking to and getting to know. She was not adament but in a different direction...now she said she WANTED to go on a date, flirt, have fun, and drive me crazy.

The next several months this fantasy was up and down. She was scared, nervous, unsure, and even had lost a little confidence because the co-worker seemed to blow her off. I was disaapointed but knew from all the posts I had read here, that pushing the matter was no good, let her take the lead and do whatever whenever she is ready. At this point it seemed we took several steps back. Yes, we still talked about it and fantaziesed about it with one another. Sex was still great. One week she was all turned on and wanted to go on a date, the next week nothing was said. I just kept being silent and would share stories about cuckolding.

As I mentioned prior, we gre up in different states. Just last week my parents came up to visit us for a week. We live in a small house and so 2 extra people make it hard for us to have any privacy. Because my wife was a little sick prior to them coming, and because she was having her period, we went almost 3 weeks without having sex...which had never happened. After her period was over, she was extremely horny and talking dirty and wanted to get fucked something bad. She would send me texts about how she needed to get slammed and if I can't do it, then she'll go find someone else. Or, she would tell me how once my parents left we were going to have a night of drinking and naughty sex. We were loving our playful texts and thoughts of what we wanted to do. In one text I mentioned making a profile online and finding a guy she could text. She knew I was serious but I think she had some doubts. So I did, I made a profile post describing our situation and what we were looking for. Sure enough, we got several suitors, but only one seemed to have potential. The day my parents left we both knew we were going to have fun that night. In passing, I mentioned that I found a potential guy she might be interested in to text with later tonight. She wasn't very optomistic, like the vibrator gift and the dildo, but was l willing to hear what I had to say and to take a look at his profile. She wasn't all that interested but I knew she was just trying to "do the right thing" in her mind. That night, as we sat and had some drinks, she said she was interested in texting him but just not tonight, maybe another time. I said, "no problem, whatever you want to do" and we watched a movie. After the movie ended, she was a little tipsy now, she said she thought we should contact the guy just to be polite, to let him know we are interested but maybe later. I said, "here, you text him and let him know". She agreed but for whatever reason said, "welll...maybe we'll see if he has a little time, just to get to know him."

He responded immediately to her texts and they began to text back and forth. It was all very general at the start. Me?...I was shaking in the chair next to her. I couldn't control myself and she knew it. Finally she laid on the floor while I was rubbing her. And then it happened...they began to text back and forth all kinds of erotic, sexual stuff. He was talking about how he wanted to taste her pussy, she was saying how she would let him. She described how she would want a massage and he would say what he would do to her. It has HOT. I couldn't control myself. She was fully engaged with another guy on text. She was telling him how she wanted to make him hard, make him cum. He was telling her how he was playing with himself and how turning her on only made him harder. All of this went on for about 2 hours. Finaly she told him how much fun he was, he agreed, but that she needed to go fuck me but would like to talk to him again sometime. He agreed and said he was going to watch some massage porn and cum thinking of her. We went into the room and fucked until we both came so hard. The next day we just kept looking at each other and grining but we weren't really sure what to say. She finally said she can't believe she did that and said some of the things she said. I just let her know how hot I thought it was and that she can do whatever she wants. If she wants to stop, fine. If not, fine too. A few days went by and we both woke up extremely horny. About midday she came out of the house and said she had texted him again, just to say "hi". She said he said he had been thinking of her and was glad she messaged him. They agreed to talk later that night. My wife's plan was, once again, "just to get to know him better."

All day I was besides myself. I was in a state of sexual ephoriah all day. Finally, last night, she got in contact with him and once again started small talk. I was already so turned on I began to rub myself all over my wife. She continued to text with him and once again the texts got sexual. What she wanted, what he was going to do, how she loved turning two guys on and making them cum the same night, how he wanted to feel and taste her pussy juices, how she loved to make him hard...and on and on...in between texts, or during texts, I would either lick her pussy or fuck her as hard as I could. She just grinned and loved turning her husband on like this. At one point I had to go stand outside because I was dripping sweat. I couldn't get enough! I finally came and she continued to text him. Finally she began to use her vibrator and wanted me to read her the things she wrote. She came hard! She went back to texting as I rested but once again as I read some of the texts, I got hard again and she made me cum again. I was exhausted, she wanted more. She told me to go to sleep while she continued to "play" with him. She texted with him for another hour or so and finally called it a night. I woke up later and read the texts....they were HOT.

No, my wife isn't an official HOTWIFE in that she hasn't had sex with another else, BUT from where we were years ago, is beyond anything I could ever imagine. She was sexting with another guy, 11 years younger than her, while I was fucking her from behind. She was so wet and turned on. It was great. This morning, we just hugged and cuddled one another and gave each other that "you're so HOT, I love you look" all throughout breakfast. Who knows where this will go?

I hope you have enjoyed and, though long, maybe, just maybe, someone can learn something from this post. To all those who have never experienced even something as simple as this, I suggest you be patient, read a lot of the info on this site, but above all else, communicate with your wife, don't force anything, be patient (even if that means YEARS), and enjoy the journey and love your wife unconditionally.




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